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A board game about competitive restaurant owning. Use your chef's power, cook recipes, and lead your restaurant to gastronomical glory.
A board game about competitive restaurant owning. Use your chef's power, cook recipes, and lead your restaurant to gastronomical glory.
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iOS/Android Companion App UNLOCKED, Orccon 2019, and a new Stretch Goal!

Posted by Gap Closer Games (Creator)

6 more days!

That's all that remains until the Rival Restaurants Kickstarter is officially over! It's hard to believe that there's less than 1 week to go... where has the time gone?! Speaking of time...

Variable Timer Companion App UNLOCKED

The Rival Restaurants Companion App has been unlocked! We're still in the process of writing and developing the app, but here are some of the features we're planning to add:

  •  Variable Timer: Rival Restaurants comes with a 1-minute sand timer that's used during the most exciting phase of the game: Buy and Barter. With the companion app's variable timer, you'll be able to adjust that time to match your group's size and/or preferences. Some players prefer to have more time to get deeper into the trading aspect, while others want less time to crank the tension to the max! With the variable timer, you can try both.
  •  Audible Alarm: During the hustle and bustle of Buy and Barter, sometimes it's hard to keep track of when the sand timer is up. But with the companion app, everyone will hear an audible alarm signifying that the round is over.
  •  Links: The app will contain direct links to our How to play video, gameplay FAQ's, chef bios/backstories, and more.

What features would you like to see in the app?

We will be at Orccon (Strategicon) this weekend (Feb 15 - Feb 17) at LAX!

At the LAX Hilton Convention Hall. February 15 - February 17.
At the LAX Hilton Convention Hall. February 15 - February 17.

If you're in the LA area and want to try Rival Restaurants, please come play with us on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday! Tickets are available here.

New Stretch Goal: 6 Blank Recipe Cards (3 Basic and 3 Gourmet)

It's your turn to cook! With 6 blank recipe cards, you'll be able to add any dish you want to your game! 

Fancy some fusion? Craving some custom? Hankering for some homemade? Now you can! Here's a full list of the ingredients in case you're wondering what you can cook with:

Alien Goo and Secret Sauce should not be listed as ingredients in your recipes.
Alien Goo and Secret Sauce should not be listed as ingredients in your recipes.

We can't wait to see what you come up with!

- Team Gap Closer

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    1. Gap Closer Games Creator on

      @Julio: Yes! Creme fraiche or sour cream is considered "Milk" in our game. We did the same for our Fish Tacos recipe. Great minds think alike :). And your mom's green spaghetti sounds very interesting! What a great idea for a new recipe!

    2. Julio Cárdenas on

      I'm thinking of adding my mom's "green spaghetti" recipe, which is spaghetti with a celery/broccoli sauce. In the game, it would probably be: Noodles, 2 x Leafy Greens, Milk, Butter.

    3. Julio Cárdenas on

      If a dish calls for creme fraiche or sour cream, should we consider "Milk" as that?
      And if so, how about adding a little dollop of cream somewhere in the picture? Like you did with the bread and the crumbs box in the back.

    4. Gap Closer Games Creator on

      @Gustavo: We're including a quick start guide that's separate from the rule book but we'll see what we can do about the basic rules and setup.

      @Typhon: Love the idea but because of the way we designed the recipes/balancing, that might be harder to implement. Thanks for the suggestion though.

      @Johnny: We'll see what we can do about PDF's! But we agree, that would be pretty cool.

      @SharPharMade: We'll be playing a lot of games at Orccon but we don't plan on recording any of them because the surrounding environment is going to be really loud. We have an existing recording from a previous con though where we did a demo away from the crowds. I'll see if we can upload it somewhere for other to see. In the meantime, did you see FunHaus' playthrough on youtube? This might be exactly what you're looking for. Hope this helps!…

    5. Gap Closer Games Creator on

      @Ben: Awesome ideas! Especially the 50% time left sound toggle. We'll see what we can do.

    6. SharPharMade

      At the LAX Hilton Exhibit Show ... will there be a game, or some games, videotaped from the beginning to the end of the game, etc., and put on You Tube? I want to see it played, in real time, by people. Thank You!

    7. Johnny Lam on

      Awesome idea with the Blank Recipe Cards, I can't wait to play!

      I just wanted to check how will the cards be reused for each game or is it a once off? Would be amazing if we got PDF of the cards so that we could edit these as well!

    8. Typhon

      I agree. Put a little kitchen ambiance noise in the background when the app is counting down.

      Also, any possibility of custom ingredient cards? 1-2 blank cards in each category would let players add some fun/funny ingredients and even more possibilities for the custom recipe cards.

    9. Missing avatar

      Gustavo Sanchez Pierola on

      The app should have like the Basic rules at hand and the initial set up of the game. That's always handy.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ben on

      I really like the idea of the app. Coming from a guy that studies Computer Science in his master, here are the things I'd like to see from the app.

      1. Variable Timer. So you can adjust if you play with newer people for example (Already implemented, nice).
      2. The option to toggle a sound after 50% of the timer is over. Just a small signal so you know you're half way through because I'm sure you'll often lose track of the time.
      3. The option to select different Ring sounds when it's over. Personally, I'd love to hear the sound annoying sound of those kitchen timers (RING RING RING). So it definitely stops everyone from bartering.
      4. Like Jay mentioned, if there was an option to toggle for market and kitchen background noise. Would be great for the feeling.

      Anyway, just my few thoughts. Still love your project :)

    11. Evan Miller

      Easy. First I’d make is Loco Moco! Guess I’d have to go with flour to represent the gravy.

    12. Gap Closer Games Creator on

      @Stefano: Your suggestions are making us really hungry… they all sound so good! Thank you again for doing such amazing work with the translations. We really appreciate it.

    13. Gap Closer Games Creator on

      @Jae Kay: that is a great idea! We will definitely look into having background sounds to enhance the gaming experience.

    14. Stefano Lo Cascio on

      or with the same recipe: Tomato Bruschetta

    15. Stefano Lo Cascio on

      A typical dish for children in Italy:
      Pappa al Pomodoro: Bread, Tomato, Garlic, Onion

    16. Stefano Lo Cascio on

      Avocado Energizing Smoothies: Avocado, Peppers, Tropical Fruit, Carrot, Milk

    17. Stefano Lo Cascio on

      Baked Stuffed Peppers: Peppers, Leafy Greens, Garlic, Butter, Cheese, Pork

    18. Stefano Lo Cascio on

      Spaghetti with Ragù: Noodle, Tomato, Carrot, Onion, Beef, Pork

      Cheesecake with fruit and chocolate: Chocolate, Butter, Milk, Cheese, Flour, Tropical Fruit

    19. Jae Kay on

      Will the timer have background noise like kitchen/cooking sounds? Otherwise sounds really cool/useful, especially with everyone negotiating during buy and barter like in funhaus video