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A board game about competitive restaurant owning. Use your chef's power, cook recipes, and lead your restaurant to gastronomical glory.
A board game about competitive restaurant owning. Use your chef's power, cook recipes, and lead your restaurant to gastronomical glory.
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2-Player Mode, 3 more KSE Action Cards, and a Shoutout from Dice Tower!

Posted by Gap Closer Games (Creator)

Kitchen Squad: 2-Player Mode 

You guys did it! Kitchen Squad (Rival Restaurant's 2-Player Mode) has officially been unlocked! We can't even tell you how excited we are about the way it turned out! 

When we were designing the 2-Player Mode, we knew 2 things: 

1) We wanted to maintain the original game's excitement.

2) We wanted to leverage the unique abilities of our chefs more because using your chef's power to gain an edge is one of the most fun aspects of playing Rival Restaurants. And with 12 chefs to choose from, each with his/her unique ability, we knew that chef powers needed to be featured even more prominently in our 2-Player Mode.

So, without getting too far into the details, here are the two main innovations for Kitchen Squad:

1)  You will have three chefs at your disposal instead of just one. 

Think of them as members of a tag team that you control. You can still only use one chef per day, but having three different chefs to choose from drastically changes the way that you strategize your moves. 

2)  You will also decide the movement for an NPC (non-plating chef). 

You can think of your NPC as a quasi-ally whose purpose is to 

  • disrupt your opponent 
  • help you make purchases (at an extra cost) 

The NPC's all have locational powers, meaning, their powers come into effect when another chef is in the same location as them. This means that in Kitchen Squad, you're not only trying to complete your own recipes... but you're also trying to make it as hard as possible for your opponent to complete theirs!

The full rules for the 2-Player Mode will be included in the final version of the rulebook (we're still working on them), but we wanted to give you a taste of what it will feel like to play. But believe us when we say that it is a blast and enjoyable in an entirely different way than the original game!

Social Media Achivements Have Been COMPLETED!

1,000 Facebook likes...

100 Facebook shares...

100 shares/retweets on Twitter...

100 fans on

50 comments on our Kickstarter page...

50 Instagram posts...

JOB. WELL. DONE. Thank you so much for helping to get the word out about Rival Restaurants all over social media! In the past two weeks, our game has blown up and all of us here at Gap Closer Games are so encouraged and thankful for each and every one of you. As our way of saying thanks (and because you earned it!), here are the last three of the six Kickstarter Exclusive Deluxe Action Cards!

Dice Tower Love!

Dice Tower is one of the biggest names in board games, and in case you missed it, Rival Restaurants was just named Tom Vasel's "Kickstarter Pick of the Week!" You can check out the recording of their live episode of "Crowdsurfing Live with Tom Vasel" here!

We also got a FOMO score of 4.3/5 making it an "Automatic Buy!" from Robert Geistlinger (Dice Tower contributor). See the FOMO preview here!

Thanks again everyone! And for all of you who have been asking about updates regarding the add-on, thank you for being so patient! We are justtt about done with the details for the add-on and should be making an announcement by tomorrow! So stay tuned! (And we may have a few more Stretch Goals in the works as well...) :) It won't be additional recipes or minis as some of you have been asking about, but we think you'll be excited about them all the same!

Always cooking,

Team Gap Closer


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    1. Wilson Chiong

      Love the "Dinner and a Show" action card! interaction game strong! ****smiles****

    2. Jonhy *backing Kingdom Rush* on

      Great mode 👌 it will be not rival restaurant but war restaurant 😁😁😁