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A board game about competitive restaurant owning. Use your chef's power, cook recipes, and lead your restaurant to gastronomical glory.
A board game about competitive restaurant owning. Use your chef's power, cook recipes, and lead your restaurant to gastronomical glory.
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Final Chef UNLOCKED! + 2 Kickstarter Deluxe EXCLUSIVE Action Cards UNLOCKED!

Posted by Gap Closer Games (Creator)

Nice to MEAT you!

Congrats Rival Restaurants crew! All 12 chefs are now un-locked and loaded! Here's the newest member of Rival Restaurants: Biff Brobeque!

Biff's power is "Bro-tein Style." Basically, he never has to use vegetables in his recipes--he can use meat instead! And whenever he has two or more meats in his recipe, he gets paid! Biff's power is protein-packed... so just don't ask him to make you a salad.

If sharing is caring, then you must care a lot!

Can we just stop for a minute and say wow. It only took one day for all of you awesome backers to unlock the first Social Media Achievement

We asked our KS community to leave 50 comments with their favorite food… and you did so in gloriously diverse fashion! We learned about Hortobagyi palacsinta (Hungarian stuffed crepes), Moqueca (a Brazilian fish stew), Khao Soi (a Southeast Asian curry/noodle/soup dish), and so much more!  Well. Done. Thanks to all of you, we unlocked the first Kickstarter Deluxe EXCLUSIVE Action Card!

 Fake Sale takes all the joy that shoppers feel when something's half off and quickly turns it into a double serving of devastation. Play this card on your opponents to find out why we call it RIVAL Restaurants.

But you didn't just reach one Social Media Achievement... you reached TWO! No less than 100 of you went out and shared our KS page with your friends and family on Facebook! Thank you so much. It really means a lot to us and we appreciate each and every one of you. To say thanks (and because you earned it), here's the second Kickstarter Deluxe EXCLUSIVE Action Card!

Sous Chef is a really fun concept we came up with because we wanted to maximize our chefs' amazing abilities. And what's more fun than wielding your chef's unique power? How about switching out your chef mid-game! When you play Sous Chef, you must turn in your current chef and pick a new one as a replacement. Wait until you see everyone's face when you play this Kickstarter Deluxe Exclusive!

Okay, I think that's enough for one update. Let's see what's next!

Lastly, you all did such a great job with the first two Social Media Challenges that we want to highlight one that needs a boost. The Instagram “I’m A Backer” challenge! Be sure to save the “I’m A Backer” image below and post it on your IG with #rivalrestaurants. (Your account needs to be set to public so that we can see the post/hashtag. Or, you can tag us @gapclosergames so that we see it.)

Thanks everyone! Here's to unlocking some more Stretch Goals and Social Media Achievements!

- Team Gap Closer


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    1. Sarah on

      Could always make a KS only social media account. I see a lot of people do that to RT contests and such.

    2. Jonhy *backing Kingdom Rush* on

      @melody: yes, some people don’t use it but it is a good way to make some advertising for the game and have some new backer. If you take deluxe, you will receive this Sg exclusif, so no problem.

    3. Missing avatar

      Melody on

      Some folks do not use social media for privacy reasons. This is a bit frustrating to be left out of these rewards.

    4. Luis

      I love meat. I hate vegetables. Bro is my bro.