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Please help us fund our album and its release !
Please help us fund our album and its release !
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On Vinyl

Also, just found out that at 53 minutes running time, gesture is = a double album.  The material won't all fit on a single record (unless we shave off the final song on the record, which would be a shame).  To give you guys and idea... The cost to do a double album would be more than twice what we have raised on here so far :) 

Thank you very much friends.  Wishing you well and thanks again so much.  We are truly really humbled by your support.

1 Day Left // "Gold" // gesture is

Hey !

Thank you again so much for your generous support.  This will probably be our last update to you as we only have 1 more day to go with the campaign (and we're playing a festival tomorrow out in the desert).

We are still 70 percent away from reaching our goal... Please keep helping us spread the word to your friends and family.  Anything really helps us to make it to the goal in these final hours.  It is a big leap, but we hope we can make it.  

Our new song, "Gold" on the album just went up online if you'd like to hear it.  Filter Magazine premiered it --  You can listen to it here.  

Thank you so much.  We really hope we can get this record out and do vinyl, pay for a radio pr campaign, help pay for the cds and promotion, etc.  We are about to leave to go on the road for the entire month of October.  Our goal on here is much less than we'll need to put out this album... and we are far from the goal (which means we'll not get any of your pre-orders or your generous support that we've received so far if we don't reach our goal in this final stretch).  Please help spread the word to family and friends in this final hour.

Thank you so much.  We really appreciate it. 

5 more days

Thanks again so much for your support.  We are only 5 days away and only at about 1/5th of the goal -- if you guys could spread the word to your friends and family, it would mean so much for us.  As you probably know, if we don't reach our goal... we don't get any of the money and can't fill your pre-orders, etc.

Thanks again so very much.

Thanks dotcomrades!

Thanks for your help, folks who have donated!

Please help us spread the word now.  We aren't even 1/5 of the way to our goal yet and we only have 11 days left!  We have updated the "rewards" on the right column to add new things and we lowered prices on other things.

If we don't reach our goal, none of you will be charged... but also, we won't be able to print the vinyl you ordered, pay for the shirts to get made, do any kind of radio campaign for the album, go to as many far out cities as we want on tour, etc. etc. 

Thanks for the support and please help us spread the word!