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Pick up & play tabletop RPG of unrelenting, haunted house horror! Will you alone survive? Available now!
Pick up & play tabletop RPG of unrelenting, haunted house horror! Will you alone survive? Available now!
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Purgatory House: Book Breakdown

Posted by Robert Turk (Creator)

Day 3 is upon us and we are currently at 22% funded! This is great!

There have been some questions about the reward levels and the differences between the base book and the Limited-Edition, so I will try and set that straight. First and foremost, every physical book is going to be a hardback! There are no paperback reward levels for this kickstarter.

Why are we doing hardback, when a paperback is absolutely cheaper to produce? 

Because we want to make a book that will last! RPG books get used a lot. You don't just flip from page to page, in order, and read it through once. You have to flip back and forth every time you play. There is no point to us making a book that will fall apart after a few uses.

So if everyone gets a hardback book, why are there different pledge levels?

Everyone at $30 and up does indeed get the hardback book, printed in the US, and shipped to US addresses for free. But Kickstarter is a special sort of beast, and one of the things that makes these projects so exciting is the opportunity for exclusive rewards that you can't get anywhere else once the project is done and the book releases. For that extra special reward, we have created the Limited Edition. 

What is different about the Limited-Edition and why is it more expensive?

There will only be 250 of these Limited Edition books made! They will be numbered and hand signed by the creator. They will have a really cool Glow-in-the-Dark Cover and a ribbon bookmark sewn into the spine! That alone is worth it for a serious collector, but we wanted to make sure the Limited-Edition backers are getting a real bang for their buck.

Every Limited-Edition book will include six custom joker cards. To play Purgatory House, you need a Joker for each player (not including the Dealer.) With only two packs of cards, this means if you have more than 4 players, you will need to find some extra jokers. Jokers go in the deck face up, so it doesn't matter if their backs don't match the rest, but we wanted to make it easy with the Limited-Edition, so we are including 6.

The Limited-Edition books also get three "Haunted House" postcards. On the front, these will be reproduction photos of old and quite possibly "haunted" houses. On the back, these cards will act like classic GM screens/play aids, and have the major charts and mechanics for the game so that you don't have to constantly flip back to those pages.

Lastly, after talking to my artists, we have decided to include a signed 5x7 art print by the artist of your choice. We had talked about having the artists sign each book as well, but that is a LOT of shipping back and forth, and comes with a greater risk of damaging the books. The artists will all happily sign your book if you bring it to them at a convention, so no worries there, but an art print is something nice and unique that you can display with pride and it doesn't cost us another arm and leg to ship.

So what does the $150 level get?

At $150 levels you get everything above, but you also get two decks of cards from a defunct casino (it didn't burn down, I checked, but it did crush a lot of dreams) so you don't even have to hunt for cards to play the game. You also get all three art prints, so you don't have to pick just one.

But most importantly, you get to name and help design one of the pre-generated characters in the game! Obviously, you have to work with us to make sure the character is balanced and thematic (Sorry, no Boaty McBoatfaces...) but you get to put your own direct influence on the book and everyone who ever buys a copy will be able to chose your character to play!

I will be heading out of town tomorrow morning for the Imaginarium Convention in Kentucky, where I will be passing out flyers for Purgatory House, talking about running kickstarters, telling stories, and selling my other books. You probably won't hear from me until I get back, but thank you so much for your support thus far. Keep sharing and keep telling your friends! We are doing great!

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