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"Are You Mental?" is a crazy tabletop RPG about lunatic superheroes on absurdly awesome adventures! No prep, all your dice, $1 PDF!
"Are You Mental?" is a crazy casual, no-prep, tabletop RPG about lunatic superheroes on absurdly awesome adventures!
"Are You Mental?" is a crazy casual, no-prep, tabletop RPG about lunatic superheroes on absurdly awesome adventures!
234 backers pledged $5,463 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Greg (All Anime Must Die!)

      For future reference, if using USPS/Canadian post, you can track on Canadian Post with the customs form number.

    2. Robert Turk 7-time creator on

      @michael stokes - Yay! Canadian shipping always stresses me out because I have no way to track it! Hope you have fun playing the game!
      @Tristan Freckleton - Probably want to keep that job. Then you can afford to back more kickstarters :)
      @Mel Riffe - Awesome! Glad you are excited! Enjoy!

    3. michael stokes on

      Received mine in Toronto. That was very fast.

    4. Missing avatar

      Tristan Freckleton on

      my wife just texted me that it arrived! Darn you work and having to be responsible! I want to go home and be mental!

    5. Mel Riffe on

      *squee* I just got my AYM? tin! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy... :-D

    6. Robert Turk 7-time creator on

      @Jeff Koper - The black and white you should be able to easily print on a home printer by skipping the backsides of the cards to save on ink.

      Otherwise you can print at any print shop (I think Fed Ex Kinkos is the most popular one in the US but most office supply stores should also have print departments.) The card pages are centered so the front and back should line up properly if the printer keeps the images centered even if they have to shrink the page for specific margins.

      I suggest printing on a gloss card-stock, though the original print and play that we took to conventions was just regular paper in card sleeves.

      There is a permission to print statement on the rules sheets, character sheet, and all card pages. So print shops should not give you any grief on that end. Thanks and good luck!

    7. Jeff Koper on

      Are there any recommendations on who to use and how to get this print and play printed? I have never done that before.

    8. richard hayward on

      Hi I haven't had a email yet for are you Looney could you look into this for me please



    9. michael stokes on

      Out of curiosity, how is the project going?

    10. Missing avatar

      Darron McGlone on

      And also if I upgrade I'll need to take the appropriate survey for the new level I'll be at right?

    11. Missing avatar

      Darron McGlone on

      How do we upgrade our pledge?

    12. A KickIn Crowd on

      Congratulations! Glad to be part of a "mental" community!

    13. Allen Erb

      For the record: yes, I am. Right out of my gourd. So looking forward to this.

    14. Nicholas Hutchind on

      Ok, this is hilarious to me, considering the content of this game. My credit card got charged for the kickstarter and the description of the charge says "KICKSTARTER ARE YOU ME."

      I saw it and didn't know what it was. "Are you me?" What does that mean? That sounds mental. Ohhhhhh...

    15. Robert Turk 7-time creator on

      @Airk The success of risky actions is determined by the challenge deck. Right now that deck has 54 cards in it, and we might do some additional cards for it from the expansions. That said, I have never had a game where we made it all the way through any of the decks. If we come up with enough other challenges for additional booster decks, we will look into releasing those, but I don't think that deck is at risk of getting stale.

      Of more concern is the Deck of Very Bad Things, which is why each expansion is going to add about 9 cards to that deck too!

    16. Airk on

      Fully funded! Can't wait for this game!

      I do have a small concern, with actions having to be determined by the challenge deck, will there be add ons (in the future) to that deck so actions don't get stale?

    17. Robert Turk 7-time creator on

      One hour left!

    18. Robert Turk 7-time creator on

      We kinda jumped right over them today, but we also unlocked two more kickstarter exclusive Bad Things!

    19. Greg (All Anime Must Die!)

      Oh! Awesome, I hadn't realized the goal changed from 5500 to 5250! :D Added!

    20. Robert Turk 7-time creator on

      @Anime Sucks We just hit it, so go ahead and add $10 now in case someone cancels. But yes, if somone wants something after the fact, I will do my best to make it happen.

    21. Greg (All Anime Must Die!)

      If we happen to make the stretch goal right at the goal line, is there an option after the campaign to add the 10 bucks for the cards?

    22. Robert Turk 7-time creator on

      Or in the case of PDF's, simply pledge at the $10 level and you are assured to get everything in full color.

    23. Robert Turk 7-time creator on

      @Diane In light of this morning's pledges, allow me to add an amendment to my answer. We are only $198 away from unlocking the "Are You Looney?" expansion, so it is looking MUCH better that you will be able to chose which expansion you want when the dust settles in the end.

      We will send out a survey in a few weeks, to gather mailing addresses, work out custom art and cards, and make sure people are getting the unlocked expansions they wanted. So, you can pledge for a level that includes the zombie expansion now, and then just tell us in the survey that you want the other one. Or you can add $15 to your pledge and when we get to the survey's we will ask you what you wanted to spend that on.


    24. Robert Turk 7-time creator on

      @Diana We will be creating Are You Zombies in the same time frame as this project as we have raised enough money to do so. We plan on making Are You Looney, but that will be when we have the time and money to do so. With our current schedule, that is probably a year or two away before the other expansions could be realized, and perhaps even another kickstarter to fund them. We will send our backers the beta pdf of those expansions when we get to that stage, but there is no timetable yet for when that will happen and if it will ever go further than a beta.

    25. Missing avatar

      Diana Susca on


      I was wondering, if you're creating the expansions anyway, is there an option to get the 'Are you Loony?' instead of the zombies one?

    26. Robert Turk 7-time creator on

      Q&A is about to start! To join:
      Log to be posted at:

    27. Robert Turk 7-time creator on

      Sweaty con goers, rat with a squeaker, dented can of green beans, and a $1 cheeseburger?

    28. Robert Turk 7-time creator on

      We hit the 4k mark on Sunday, so the spinach dip recipe is coming! I just realized that I don't have pictures of the finished dish, which seems kinda important, so I am going to make it tomorrow night and post it on Wednesday. Thanks!

    29. Robert Turk 7-time creator on

      Sorry I have been quiet here for 2 days. Pulled something in my back helping at my kids school and have been stuck in bed on pain killers unable to move much. Hopefully I will be up and about tomorrow.

      In the meantime I have been browsing kickstarter on my phone and found this interesting darker rpg. They are sooo close to their goal. Maybe you could check them out:

    30. Luke D on

      I know we hit the goal for today already, but I figured I'd add on $10 more for good measure(and an additional card).

    31. Robert Turk 7-time creator on

      Wow folks! Looks like we got this one. Good job!

    32. Greenfire Games on

      Just upped my pledge from $10 to $42 for a physical game and some funky dice. Can't wait to have this game at my store.

    33. Robert Turk 7-time creator on

      @Joshua Got it! Thank you. And also thank you Forrest, Scott, Andy, John, Tristan, Michelle and anyone else I might have missed because I am on my phone atm. You all were already awesome, now you are super insane awesome! Share on social media too and lets get some new blood! (We have posts up on rpg geek and several places on reddit if you want to like and bump those for visibility)

    34. Missing avatar

      Michelle VanSetten

      I added just a slight bit...come on people, everyone add some!

    35. Joshua Lewis on

      Up'ed my pledge to help the cause!

    36. Missing avatar

      Tristan Freckleton on

      I'm always up for spinach dip!

    37. Robert Turk 7-time creator on

      @Tristan Freckleton You are in good company, my friend. I had pondered giving away my top secret spinach dip recipe, but I was told that it was much too precious. Thankfully something awesome happened in history that I was able to use as a silly card! Maybe the spinach dip will be the stretch goal for us reaching 4k...

    38. Missing avatar

      Tristan Freckleton on

      I guess I really must be mental, as the mere prospect of a bonus card was enough to get me to upgrade my level. Go figure...

    39. Luke D on

      I know I'm getting the physical game, but I still want to print it out when it's available. That way I'll have it all set up for when I have my gamers club meeting later that week. :)

    40. Robert Turk 7-time creator on

      @Luke You are getting the physical copies, so you don't need to print anything out.

      However, right now the rules clock in at 8 pages (Though that may change in formatting) the character sheet and cgen aids add another full page, and the cards at 8 cards to a page for 14 more pages (double that if you are printing card backs as well).

      So your final printed page count is: 23 or 37 for the base game.

      The expansions each add 54 cards to the game, plus 2 pages of rules (at least, I hope we can do it in two.) So that is 9 to 16 pages for the expansions.

    41. Luke D on

      A semi-serious question: For the base game, how many pages will there be to print? 100+ cards and whatever other literature is included like rules and such? My library charges to print things out, so I want to know how much I need to bring with me. :)

    42. Robert Turk 7-time creator on

      @Anime Sucks - Not directly, though there are cards in the challenge deck that instruct you to roll the lowest number on the smallest dice, or to stack your dice in a tower (which can be easier if you have different sizes)

    43. Greg (All Anime Must Die!)

      Are there any goal requirements based on the size of the dice?

    44. Luke D on

      Updated my pledge to get some more dice. I guess you can never have enough...Unless, you know, you end up having so many that you can't actually take them anywhere for fear of hurting yourself carrying them, running out of places to put them all, and then having your foot impaled by D4s every step.

      THEN I guess you'd have too many dice.

    45. Luke D on

      @ Robert Turk Why do you think I'm in the asylum in the first place? ;)

    46. Robert Turk 7-time creator on

      I know someone earlier was asking for an "Are You Goblins?" variation, and while we may do something like that down the road, we have not been able to really flesh out a solid idea yet to offer it as a stretch goal on this kickstarter.

      That said, I just noticed this Goblin rpg that has only one day left on their kickstarter. I pledged for a copy, so maybe you want to check them out too!

    47. Robert Turk 7-time creator on

      @Luke I really want to get there too! But uhm... perhaps not for the same reasons as you. Have you spoken to a professional about this urge of yours? :)

    48. Luke D on

      I REALLY want the 'Are You Looney?' add-on...It's always been a dream of mine since I was a little boy to hit someone with a hammer and then blow them up...WITHOUT going to prison afterwards.

    49. Robert Turk 7-time creator on

      @Adam Yeah, I think shipping to the UK runs around $36. That is more than the game!

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