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Cross-platform game around building cool robots. Collect items, form guilds, and create the strongest party in the world of Panzer Pets

Cross-platform game around building cool robots. Collect items, form guilds, and create the strongest party in the world of Panzer Pets Read more
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About this project

Panzer Pets: Building robots and use them to explore the world and defeat your enemies!

There are three things each gamer likes, collecting stuff, customizing characters and leveling up! That, in combination with our favorite pets, robots, makes Panzer Pets an incredible game.

This is what Panzer Pets is all about, collect items for your robots, build the strongest party in the game and level up to unlock even more amazing items.

The game play is based around three key components: Exploration, Collecting and Battling. You will be able to play the single player campaigns, but Panzer Pets also offers extensive multiplayer functionality. The single player part includes a quest line and campaign that takes you all over the game world, while the multiplayer part features PVP arenas, real-time interaction and Guild features among others blend seamlessly into the experience. 

As a player you inhabit a settlement in the world of Panzer Pets. The environment is a post-apocalyptic setting where the hostile robots have taken over our cities and we live in out in the wilderness. 

Not all robots are hostile, you are able to collect and trade robot parts, with which you can assemble your own robotic pets. The robots are used to explore the vast in-game world and battle with groups of hostile robots to become more powerful over time. This makes Panzer Pets a hybrid of the highly successful and addictive Trading Card Game (TCG) genre, and the mainstream and popular Role-Playing Game (RPG) genre.

Panzer Pets is free-to-play. We will use soft monetization, meaning that the game is not crippled in any way for non-paying users and everyone is free to enjoy the full experience Panzer Pets has to offer.

Game Features

Panzer Pets is a unique game with many distinct features, such as:

  • An exciting blend of the Trading Card Game and Role Playing Game genres, packed into a true MMO environment
  • Exciting tactical gameplay, configure robots in any way you like and bring them to battle
  • Dozens of visually appealing robots which can be tailored to your needs with hundreds of robot parts, rendered and animated in full 3D
  • Truly social gameplay: meet other people and trade, form guilds and build your guild house directly into the game world for all to see
  • Randomly generated zones for endless replayabilty; you never know what challenge awaits you
  • Embark on epic quests that will take you all over the world
  • Battle online against your friends and enemies to see who has the most powerful robots and take part in championships
  • Server-based game logic makes fraud and cheating a thing of the past
  • Cross-platform game, share your credits, progress and robots over mobile and PC browser
  • Unlock unique features on all different platforms

Who We Are

We are Gamundo, a game company founded by independent industry veterans. Panzer Pets really is a dream project for us. About a year ago, we got together to discuss various game concepts we wanted to develop. When the early concept of Panzer Pets came up, we just knew that it was going to be a kick-ass game.

We spent many months of our own time on this project without getting any pay to see how far we could get, but are now at the point that we need help. Everyone in the team wants nothing more than to work on Panzer Pets fulltime. But without money, the cold, harsh reality just doesn't allow us to do that. Your pledge will allow us to finish our dream project. 

What We Have Finished

The development of an MMO is always ambitious. Fortunately, we have the experience in house to live up to our promises. In fact, a large chunk of Panzer Pets is already completed.

The core of our server, or back-end as it is called, is already finished. This means that you can register accounts, see other players, chat and trade, earn items and configure your robots to battle with other players. The underlying architecture is also up and running; we can dynamically activate game and database servers on demand without the players noticing a thing.

Our back-end isn't just some shabby piece of technology; it really is a work of art. Five highly experienced programmers have spent the better part of the past three years to put this thing together. In its original form, it was used to run the virtual world 'Club Galactik', and it was later modified and expanded on to run an undisclosed Activision project based on their Guitar Hero franchise. For the last year, our developers have worked hard to expand our engine further, and now it is ready to support everything Panzer Pets needs.

What We Need

The game client, or front-end which presents all this data to you as a player, has also come a long way, but needs a lot of work. Player-configured robots, animations and environments are being rendered correctly, but many parts of the game have not been implemented yet. We also need an interface for the game and bring the world to life with sound and music.

In addition, we need many, many robot parts with a distinct visual appearance. Most of the items you find in Panzer Pets will be a valid choice to use on your robots (rather than being rendered obsolete as you progress in the game). We don’t want to cut corners by duplicating the appearance of items, as the unique way you configure your robots should set you apart from the other players.

Why Kickstarter?

When we developed Club Galactik and Hero World, we were bound to the whims of our investors and other third parties. This prevented us from creating a truly innovative experience, as investors and clients typically want to play safe and tend to aim at copying something which has been successful in the past.

That’s where YOU come in. If Panzer Pets really has the appeal to gamers which we think it has, why not reach out to the gaming community, we thought. We have amazing ideas, but many features are not yet set in stone. If gamers fund our project and receive influence in shaping the final product, it is a win-win situation and the quality of the game will certainly benefit.

Why Back Us?

We believe that Panzer Pets’ unique blend of different game genres is something that gamers have just been waiting to get their hands on. After all, who doesn’t want a few cute robot pets to do their bidding?

In return for your pledge, we’ll provide you with many cool Panzer Pets trinkets and in-game privileges.

Everyone who donates will receive at least one full set of unique robot parts to play with as well as exclusive VIP status in the game, which makes you stand out in the game and gives you access to exclusive content. 

Pledges of $25 and higher also get a cute mini-pet to follow you around in-game. It goes all the way up to special guild privileges and even a special guild house with a unique appearance, layout and furniture items for you and all your guild mates to enjoy.

But that’s not all! We have a special collection of high-quality action figures which you can paint with your favourite Panzer Pets colour schemes, available from pledges of $25 and up. Higher pledges will even receive state-of-the-art 3D printed Panzer Pets figurines that will surely be an eye-catcher on any desk or shelf.

Last but not least, every pledge over $50 will grant you access to our development forum and early testing of the game. Here you can collaborate with the designers and influence the direction of the game, in particular regarding the details of battle system and the guild features. Panzer Pet’s development will not end at launch; it is a true MMO and we will continue adding features and functionality for years to come. Now THAT’s a return on investment!

Where do excess funds go to?

With our minimum target of 85k, we will be able to release Panzer Pets for iOS, Android, PC and Mac with a basic set of feature. We will be able to offer a core selection of robots and parts, a simple battle mechanic a small world consisting of three towns, six dungeon themes, and basic multiplayer functionality.

If we raise 100k or more, we will be able to add basic Guild functionality to the game and expand the game world to include an additional town and an extra two dungeon themes. We will be able to update the battles with more complex mechanics, implement a deeper crafting system and create much more robot parts and abilities.

When we reach 120k, we can enable players to furnish their guild houses. EVERYONE that pledged will receive some unique furniture items for their guild house. We will also bring up the amount of towns to five, and the total amount of dungeon themes to twelve. The wilderness will become more diverse too, crossing various terrains such as deserts, mountains, abandoned cities and jungles.

If we make it to 180k, we will try to add Mounts to the game at release. These are special robots which your character can ride into battle. They can be configured and participate in battle just like other robots, but they have unique traits and skills. If we reach this target, EVERYONE that pledged will receive a special robot core which can be used to construct a unique robot that can be mounted and ridden on.

Any money beyond this point will go to adding even more features. Think of features such as guild quests, multiplayer dungeons, new tournament systems, additional crafting systems, player-owned shops and guild-controlled settlements. We'll work very closely with our backers to determine which features are popular and should be implemented first.

The World of Panzer Pets


The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting; a catastrophe, which already has been forgotten, has destroyed most of the civilization at some point in the past. Nowadays, the world is no longer in a dark and grim aftermath; instead it is a place of adventure and new opportunities. The remaining humans struggled for survival, but by the time the game takes place they have built settlements which are more or less sustainable.

Game World

Panzer Pets features a large game world, which is divided in various zones, each with a unique appearance and content.

You can use you virtual persona, also known as an avatar or character, to walk around and explore these zones. While on their journey through these zones you can interact with points of interests, such as Non-Player Characters (NPCs), items, machines and so on. Zones can be towns, wilderness and abandoned complexes, each containing specific functionality and items.

Sometimes zones are inaccessible at first and it is required that you and your robots have reached a certain level or you must have completed a quest or task to gain access.

World Map

Early in the game, you receive a map. Initially most of this map is still blank. As you explore the world, new zones that come available to you and will be revealed on the map. You can click on any of these zones to instantly travel there. Some zones, such as interior locations, will not appear on the map individually. You can access these by traveling to the zone which contains these locations, such as the town which contains the shop you want to visit.


In towns you can visit shops and meet various non-player characters (NPCs), which may give you quests, hints or other pieces of information.

The first town that is accessible to you will be your home town; here you will find your private space in the form of a garage (see the Garage chapter for details). In your garage you can construct and upgrade your robots and manage all the robot components and other items you have found on your travels.

After you completed the first steps in the game, you’ll unlock towns which are designated as multiplayer zones. Here you can see, chat, trade and interact with other players. Such towns will also contain arenas where players can battle each other in the multiplayer variant of the game (see Arenas).


Outside of the towns you will enter the wilderness; here you can battle with hostile robots and find new robot parts. Collected parts will end up in your inventory and will be available next time you want to customize your robots.

Wilderness zones are linked together, completing one wilderness zone (done by winning a battle with the hostile robots defending it) will unlock the adjacent zones, allowing players to explore more and more of the game world.


After the world fell into disarray, mankind abandoned its existing buildings and cities because survival here became impossible due to lack of food. Robots did not require food and independent robots soon took over what man left behind, constructing their lairs in abandoned facilities, sewers, scrapyards, etc.

Since hardly anyone dared to venture inside such areas, they often contain many pieces of still-functional technology and thus make a prime target for adventurous individuals and entering these dungeons can be very rewarding.

Dungeons are special repayable dynamic instances (meaning each time the player enters the complex; he will see a different copy of the dungeon). They are occasionally found on the world map and consist of a maze of various rooms, which are randomly pieced together, making the layout different every time you play. Rooms are as big as one game screen, and may have doors or passages to the north, east, south and west, which allow you to move to a new room.

The objective may vary per dungeon, but may include locating a treasure or defeating a large enemy robot. However, due to the random nature of the dungeon, you do not know in which room the objective is located. You must navigate through the rooms in the dungeon to find out and may encounter challenges on the way, such as attacks by hostile robots which happen to be in the room you chose to enter.

Dungeons may be replayed as many times you like. Their unpredictable nature ensures great replay value as you continuously encounter new challenges and have the chance to gain many interesting rewards.

Your Character


Being a scavenger focused on building robots to defend yourself and your town you realize you are more talented than most when it comes to building robots. You also have seen that the world outside the safety of your town holds many secrets. After you have completed the instructional quests, your character becomes curious and driven by the urge to explore.


You can customize your character by changing the facial appearance and equip it with clothing items. Most clothing items which you can purchase with soft currency are purely decorative, but some clothing items may give a global bonus to all your robots.

When you start playing Panzer Pets you create your in game character. There are some choices you make which are permanent:

  • Gender
  • Skin color
  • Face and body shape

The rest of the appearance of your character can be changed during the game.

  • Hairstyle
  • Hair color
  • Headwear (Headphones, caps etc.)
  • Appearance ornaments
  • Torso
  • Gloves
  • Legs
  • Shoes

In addition to the appearance of your avatar, you can also have mini-pets, which follow your character around.

Your Robots

Your mission in Panzer Pets is to construct the most powerful team of robots. When you begin playing, you may choose one starter robot to begin with. This robot is pre-configured, although you can easily reconfigure the robot later as you find or buy additional robot components.

Every robot’s most important component is their Core, which is their uniquely-shaped head which contains their processing units. The Core determines some unique traits of the robot and the weapons and parts you may attach to it. It also determines the robot’s stats, such as melee weapon proficiency, its toughness and the amount of energy a robot has available. There are many different cores, each with its own appearance and capabilities. 

Experience and Level

The Core of each robot accumulates experience for each battle it wins. When enough experience has been obtained, it will gain a level.

The robot’s level in combination with its core type will determine its base stats. These stats can further be improved by adding components to a robot. More the more advanced or rare a component is, the better the stats it will afford to the robot it is equipped on.

Most components have a level requirement and high-level components cannot be equipped on low-level cores, thus it is essential to use your robots often and increase their level.


At certain levels, a core may ‘transform’ which changes the appearance of the core and possibly adds extra slots for components. These transformations are simply called Upgrades.

Constructing your Robot

In your garage you can construct new robots or modify existing ones. This is also the place to setup your team/party.

You can have a maximum of [4] robots in your team, who will accompany your character at any given time. You may own much more than these and you can add or remove robots from your team as you please.

You may modify existing robots in your garage as well. Robots are based around a core, which you may outfit with robot components. Each core has a predefined amount of slots in which components can be placed, such as an armor slot and slots for weapons.

You complete your robot by dragging components from your inventory in these slots. It is not required to fill all the slots to complete your robot. Unfilled slots will use ‘standard’ components which have relatively poor stats.


All robots have stats (Melee and Ranged attack proficiency, speed, total hit points, resistances, total energy) which determine their strengths and weaknesses in combat. Most of the base stats are determined by the robot’s Core, with components providing a bonus or malus to the total of the stat. As your robot’s core increases in level, it can equip components which will have an increasingly powerful positive effect on the stats.


Robots have abilities which are used in battles. The abilities they are determined by the type and level of their core and the weapons they have equipped. Weapon abilities usually generate damage (either through direct damage or a damage-over-time effect), but core abilities are often more special and may have different effects entirely, such as increasing the chance to dodge incoming attacks, boosting the attack power of another robot, repairing damage, slowing down opponents, etc.


Battles are the core mechanic of the game. While the towns are relatively safe, the wilderness outside of the town is a different matter. You may come under attack by uncontrolled robots which are protective of their scrapheaps and complexes.

While we have the fundamentals of the battle mechanic working, we are still exploring the scope of the system. How far we will go, will depend on the amount of funds we will raise, and the interest of the community. We plan to work very closely with our supporters to make sure the battles are as interesting as could possibly be.

Basic Mechanics

Initially, your party of 4 robots can battle against a party of up to 4 computer controlled enemies (Player Versus Environment or PVE). Once we are able to get Mounts into the game, we will increase this number to 5.

Your team of robots fights in a turn based manner; Robots may use one of their abilities (chosen by the player) per turn and then pass the turn to another robot. The robot’s abilities and performance depend on its configuration, stats and level (of both the robots and the item from which the ability is gained).

The order in which robots take turns is based on their speed stat and the last ability they used. It is possible that fast robots using speedy attacks will be able to act more often than slower robots.

Attacks come in different flavors. There are two types of attack, melee and ranged, each having a stat and various traits and abilities increasing their effectiveness. There are currently 5 damage types and corresponding resistances, which influence how much damage is inflicted on the target. The damage type dealt is determined by the category the weapon falls into. For example, Ion Cannons deal electromagnetic damage while Axes deal kinetic damage. Some weapon types are hybrids, such as the Acid Grenade Launcher, which deals Explosive and Corrosion damage.

Some attacks inflict conditions on the target, such as setting them on fire or stunning them. Some attacks can hit multiple targets. And in addition to offensive attack abilities, there are a lot of non-attack abilities too, which can buff or debuff robots or remove conditions and even prevent or repair damage.

Robots are shut down when they have 0 total hit points remaining. The battle ends when one side has no more robots remaining. When a robot is still active after the battle, it will be rewarded with experience points. Robots which have been disabled have to be repaired in your garage.

Additional Mechanics

While the current basic battle system is already quite interesting, we believe we should add some additional depth. At the moment, we are experimenting with a system which allows battles to take place directly in the game world, have players move their robots during battles and make terrain elevation and obstacles important in a tactical sense.

The way this works is best compared to a streamlined version of UFO: Enemy Unknown or the original Fallout, but with our game, battle scenes are randomly generated just like our dungeons.

Partially based on your feedback, we will choose how to proceed. Everyone sponsoring us with $50 or more will get full access to our development forums and will be able to participate in early test events, directly influencing the final product.

Battle Design Objectives

With our battles, we strive to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Skill over Gear. A clever player with common robot parts should have a good chance to win from a poor player with rare robot parts
  • Depth over Complexity. The battles should have a lot of depth so players have the freedom to make smart tactical decisions, but the mechanics should not be needlessly complex for the sake of complexity.
  • Plan once, play quick. The battles themselves should play relatively quickly. Players should spend most time offline, thinking how to configure their robots optimally.
  • Variety. The battles should provide enough variation in strategy so they do not get repetitive. Randomly generated dungeons and encounters should help with this.
  • Multiple paths to the goal. We do not want to force players into cookie-cutter builds that perform well, and have the rest be obsolete. Smart players should be coming up with multiple approaches to deal with a specific encounter.

Your Garage

Your garage is a central place in the game. You can create, modify and repair your robots here. You may also change the appearance of your character with clothes you have found or bought during your travels.

Robot Overview

When not out exploring the world, robots remain behind in your garage. You can see a list of all the robots you assembled in the Robot Overview screen. Assembled robots take up a Slot in the robot overview and there is a limit on the amount of robots which you can have assembled at any given time, although this limit increases as you gain levels and upgrade your garage.


Robots which suffer damage have to be repaired. You can do so at the Garage, by clicking on the repair button in the Robot Overview screen. The repair process takes real time to complete (and will continue even if the player is logged out), based on the robot’s level and the size of your garage.

Avatar Creator

Your main character is customizable with clothing items. You can dress up your character with new clothing (found as loot or purchased in shops or the Item Mall) while in the Garage.


You will soon own much more clothing and items than you can equip at once. Anything you will find during your travels will end up in your inventory. There is a limit on the amount of items you can carry in your inventory, which increases as your character gains levels or when you spend hard currency to increase inventory size.

In addition, you may put items in storage in your garage. The amount of items you can store depends mainly on the size of your garage. You can purchase additional storage space for hard currency.


In towns, you may encounter Arenas where you can let your robots battle those of other real players. Arenas give access to the multiplayer (1 vs. 1) variant of the battle game.

Rewards and Rank

Arenas pay handsome rewards to victorious players. As you win matches, your rank increases and you’re automatically pitted against stronger opponents. But when rounds are lost or when you do not log in for extended periods of time, your rank deteriorates.

A high rank may grant you access to exclusive content, such as special shops or quests. The highest-ranking players will also appear on in-game leaderboards, giving them publicity and prestige amongst players.


With periodic updates, new, challenging and exciting fresh content will be added to the game on a regular basis to keep up with player demands and interests. We will listen closely to our community to determine the content and features of new updates.

The game will see regular expansions which add more items, robot cores and components, areas, complexes and quests to the game. This way, players will never run out of things to collect; the game will never end.

In addition, the game will feature periodic larger updates, which should introduce completely new gameplay mechanics such as additional depth to the battle mechanic, new ways of crafting, more things to do at your workshop, more multiplayer mechanics (such as multiplayer dungeons) and more ways to interact with other players.

Content for Veterans

A significant amount of new content is aimed at veteran players, who will already have played through the main storyline and obtained relatively strong robots. Without fresh content and new challenges, these players might grow bored over time.

Content for veterans includes adding new robots, complexes, quests and boss encounters. This content follows the template of existing content and is thus relatively quick to produce in great amounts.

Content for Guilds

As our community is very important to us and Guilds are one of the pillars on which our community is based, we plan to design and release exciting new game mechanics for them. This includes Guild ownership of towns and other areas of the map and adding large-scale quests which involve many players simultaneously. 


  • When you enter your Garage, you configure your robots. Robots consist of a Core, which determines their basic stats, resistances and traits. The Core is your robot’s head. You can add a torso, two arms and a set of legs. These modify your stats and resistances and give your robots abilities to use in battle. As your robot becomes stronger, you may gain additional slots for components, such as backpacks and shoulder pods.

    Last updated:
  • You can have an unlimited amount of robots and components, but only a few of them can be active at a given time. At the moment, we plan to let you take 4 robots with you when you go out to explore the world.

    Last updated:
  • You will gain experience by battling, completing quests and fighting your way through dungeons. This experience accumulates in the robot’s core. As your core levels up, you can equip your robot with higher level components.

    Last updated:
  • No, you should be able to customize your robots in any way you like. You’ll be able to use the crafting system to level up your components so they remain a valid choice.

    Last updated:
  • NO! We want to make Panzer Pets available to all players, so charging a subscription is not an option. Revenue is generated through micro transactions, but the items and privileges we sell will not be game-breaking and will not put free players at a disadvantage. Everything can be achieved by playing the free version of the game.

    Last updated:
  • You can craft new robot parts, clothing for your avatar, furniture items, power-ups and use the crafting system to level up robot parts.

    Last updated:
  • The campaign is still under development and it is hard to put out a figure at this stage, but we will try to keep even the hardcore players busy quite a while.

    Last updated:
  • There are many different types of dungeons. They consist of a series of rooms, but their layout is random, meaning you don’t know what to expect. In each room you may encounter triggers, ambushes by hostile robots, or find items. Somewhere within the depths of the dungeon awaits a large treasure, or a giant evil robot for you to defeat.

    Last updated:
  • Not at release, but we’re working on that!

    Last updated:
  • You can meet other players in the various towns of the game and in other shared spaces, such as shops, arenas and guild houses. You can become friends with them, chat, trade, duel and join up in a guild.

    Last updated:
  • Absolutely, you can challenge players you meet, or participate in competitions in the Arenas.

    Last updated:
  • In Panzer Pets, guilds can own a guild house. This guild house becomes part of the game’s environment, meaning anyone can see and enter it. Guild members work together to improve the guild house, they can expand its layout and decorate it with unique furniture.

    Last updated:
  • We want to add guild quests, guild-owned settlements including shops, and guild-vs-guild PVP. We will also listen closely to the community and implement features that are in popular demand.

    Last updated:
  • Not at release, as our artists will be very busy making robot parts. But it is a feature we really want to have in there, so expect this in one of the updates! For now, you can decide in which town your Garage is located, which determines its appearance.

    Last updated:
  • We hope to release smaller packs of content every month and real features every three months.

    Last updated:
  • All your account info and game progress will be stored on a central server. Other Panzer Pets games should make use of the same database, making your progress and accumulated robots accessible in other Panzer Pets games. You shouldn't have to start from scratch if we would ever release a sequel or other game in the Panzer Pets franchise.

    Last updated:
  • MMOs like Panzer Pets have a lifetime of many, many years. Panzer Pets is a dream project for us, we don't plan to abandon it any time soon.

    Last updated:
  • The development forum will be made available once Kickstarter’s fundraising has ended and Panzer Pets reached its target.

    Last updated:

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    All above awards + you can name one of the game towns (restrictions apply) AND a trip to Amsterdam for a get together with our game design team and for some nice surprises! (from Europe or USA)

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    Kickstarter is not a store.

    It's a way to bring creative projects to life.

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