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Pathfinder compatible sourcebook for players and GMs that reflects adventuring in a setting similar to the golden age of piracy
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If you love pirates - consider backing Razor Coast

Posted by Erik Bauer (Creator)

My friend Lou Agresta and the folks at Frog God Games are Kickstarting an enormous pirate adventure.  350 pages printed and bound in the USA textbook style (think tough).  This is good stuff.  Please take a look.


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    1. Craig Johnston on

      Yes Imban, it does mean that he can put up updates about things like this. Just because you're backing it doesn't mean that others aren't and would be grateful for the heads up. Just because you have your alerts set to e-mail you about backer updates also doesn't mean that the rest if us do either. I check Kickstarter daily for any new updates and so have no need for e-mail alerts. Also, threatening to report someone for probably one of the most unobtrusive "please consider backing this" posts is just plain rude and shows a level of disrespect far in excess of anything that you think Erik has done by providing us with this information.
      And before you start whinging at me, know that I am one of the original pre-order era of Razor Coast and so have known that the Razor Coast Kickstarter was coming before you likely did. And I don't begrudge Erik in the slightest for using the Kickstarter system in this manner. I've seen other Kickstarters do way more and way tackier posts about backing other projects.

    2. Imban

      Hey, while there's no "this is an awful and spammy backer update, report to Kickstarter" button, the fact you can e-mail updates to all your backers forever in case there are actually updates about your product doesn't mean you should use it to spam up everyone's e-mail half a year down the line about projects that a lot of us are probably already backing or considering backing.