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Pathfinder compatible sourcebook for players and GMs that reflects adventuring in a setting similar to the golden age of piracy
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More...How is this pirate sourcebook different?

Posted by Erik Bauer (Creator)

Yesterday I shared with you a new race that is introduced in the Pirate Encyclopedia, the Hekona.  The super interesting and intelligent Hekona are just one of three new races introduced in the Pirate Encyclopedia.

Now I will introduce you to one of the eighteen (yep, you read that right - 18) new class options introduced in the Pirate Encyclopedia.  Just like with yesterday's Hekona introduction...the specific statistics of this new class option will be published in a second update for "backers eyes only".  Meet your new shipboard paladin...or as I call him:


Much like the cavalier, the traditional paladin doesn't match well with a nautical adventure. However, not all paladins fight evil the same way. Rather than spearheading the charge, some choose to support their fellow soldiers. These paladins are still holy warriors, but they protect their compatriots as fellow defenders of the faith. These paladins take up saw and hammer, rather sword and shield. While most common on the waves, carpenter-surgeons can also be found amongst armies that employ siege engines. Their skill at healing men and weapons, wood, and vehicles makes them a welcome addition to any group.

As suggested by the name, carpenter-surgeons fulfill both those roles on ships.

While all paladins are bound to defend the weak and do battle with evil, not all choose to ride against the darkness with sword in hand. Some holy warriors instead aid their allies in the good fight by making sure they are able to continue fighting. Those who sail the seas are no less warriors than any other, and given the unique perils faced by both military men and those who ship supplies to them, some paladins feel it is their duty to protect crew and ship as well as commander and troops.

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