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The 2nd product in the Gaming Paper Megadungeon line. 25 pages of amazing preprinted map. Together they make a 3.5' x 4.5' giant map.
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I left the key to the kingdom in my other pants!

Posted by Erik Bauer (Creator)

So, I sent you all the Megadungeon 2.  There have been some hiccups and we have been handling them as they pop up.  If you had a problem downloading let me know.  A couple of questions to answer:

If I lose access to the map is it gone forever?!  Nah.  Drop me a line.  I will send it to you again.  That being said - I recommend you back it up locally or store it somewhere on the cloud for safekeeping.

The Megadungeon 2 said reduced in the file name!  Is it of lower quality?  Nah.  My layout guy named it that because the print version is set up to be printed on big sheets of paper and then cut into small sheets of paper.  So when it it one map page per page he considered it reduced.  Quality is the very highest possible and it is in no way reduced.

Now!  On to my oversight (oops).  The Megadungeon 1 was released without a key page (an overview of the map showing the page numbers).  We corrected this.  Now I made the same mistake AGAIN with the Megadungeon 2!  So, here is your download link for the key page:

Finally, while you are downloading.  Download this too!  It is a sneak peek (aka steam peek) into a world on which are are working.  Orbis is a Pathfinder compatible Steam Punk world.  This download gives you an overview of the world and some of the rules for modifying equipment.  It also has a pretty cool map!  Please let me know what you think.  This very well could be our next kickstarter (unless Chris West calls and wants to do another megadungeon).

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support!


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