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The 2nd product in the Gaming Paper Megadungeon line. 25 pages of amazing preprinted map. Together they make a 3.5' x 4.5' giant map.
436 backers pledged $13,805 to help bring this project to life.

Lost Catacomb Megadungeon 2 PDFs AWAY!

Posted by Erik Bauer (Creator)

By now everyone should have the Megadungeon 2 PDF!

Thank you so much for the support!

Let us know what you think.



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    1. PorgCollector on

      I, too, am afraid that I did not receive my copy of the PDF either. Any updates would be much appreciated. :)

    2. Thomas Lyons on

      I did not get my PDF.

    3. Thomas Grable on

      I did not get mine, either.

    4. Jeffrey Johnson on

      I'm afraid I didn't get mine.

    5. Erik Bauer 15-time creator on

      @Bruce, Chris is correct about the overall size of the file. Our layout guy called it reduced because the original print files are made to be printed with several sheets printed on very large sheet of paper and cut to 8.5x11. So, he named it reduced...has caused some confusion. It is all still full size and full resolution, just not set up for large scale printing.

    6. Missing avatar

      Chris Johnstone on

      @Bruce, MD1 was colossal, the difference in file size is most likely represented by the difference in full map size. MD1 is a 7ft x 9ft map with everything. I beleive MD2 ended up roughly 4ft x 6ft.

    7. Bruce Gray


      "Mega Dungeon 2 - reduced"?

      MD1 was about 307,528 size.
      MD2 is about 170,690....

      Is this sort of correct or is there going to be a non-reduced copy?

      PS - I did enjoy both very much. They sort of remind me of the old "Dungeon Crawl" days.
      Thanks for all your work, guys.


    8. PG on

      Hi Erik,

      The PDF download link I received is called Mega Dungeon 2 - reduced.pdf

      Where can I find the other/remaining PDF's I pledged (international Special pledge) for ? In total I should have: Megadungeon 1 and 2, Citadel of Pain, All Stars Take on the Megadungeon, Pirate Encyclopedia, and Fractured Phylactery all as PDFs only.

      If not all documents are ready yet for sharing - what's the expected date for delivery in September of remaining onces (if known) ?


      Boardgame Monkeys Founder.

    9. Santiago Mendez on

      I never received mine either.

    10. Aurelien Dhermy on

      I didn't received mine neither

    11. Steven Tyler Bray on

      I love Kickstarters that ship on time! :D

    12. ldjessee on

      Quick scan. Nice!
      Some questions: Are the original art done in B&W? Any plans on a pure digital, color edition? How about a page or two of the furniture that was added? I mean, I could print a copy, cut out the furniture and paste where I like it (or do it all digitally), but any plans to release the furniture/'decorations' from the furnished version?

      Now I wish there was a little web app to let me slide these around so I can design my own dungeon (but without printing them all out). Would be great for Virtual tables...

    13. Missing avatar

      Chris Johnstone on

      Sadly I do not have the PDF for MegaDungeon 2 at this time. I did check all folders including Spam. Sorry to be a pain.

    14. ldjessee on

      Wow, that is a big file. I will take a look!
      Nice booth at GenCon, btw!

    15. Missing avatar

      Christopher Brandon

      Sorry again, I checked my spam folder and there it was, thanks!

    16. Missing avatar

      Christopher Brandon

      Sorry did not get the PDF, can you resend please? looking forward to it, thank you!

    17. Scott "Grizzix" LeBlanc on

      WOOHOO!!! Thanks for all your hard work guys. Looking forward to using it. :)