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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Sat, May 11 2019 10:00 PM UTC +00:00.

pledged of £8,000pledged of £8,000 goal
21days to go

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Sat, May 11 2019 10:00 PM UTC +00:00.


Adventure on 2 modular Battle Map Books which create an evolving endless dungeon.

Inspire a new campaign of adventures on this adaptable and portable two book dungeon set which will evolve with your adventure. Risk everything or play it safe as you negotiate deadly traps, endless mazes of corridors and epic great halls all designed to keep your party inspired and rolling through our devilishly difficult dungeon designs! 

No more hastily drawing dungeons or spending hours preparing maps for games. Just open & roll for initiative!

The Dungeon Books of Battle Mats are a pair of modular Battle Map Books that combine to give you up to an epic 2’x2’ encounter battle mat while still fitting in your bag and on your bookshelf alongside your rule books. Modular designs line up seamlessly to allow you to form a dungeon for any encounter! Hundreds of combinations, size and shape options, all wipe clean and fully customisable for your adventure.

Reviews of our existing Battle Map Books:

"THE Must-Have for DMs/GMs" - GEEKDAD

"Shut up and Take My Money" - Coaching For Geeks

Our Kickstarter Adventure Continues!

We are raising funds to launch the newest addition to our range of award winning Battle Mat Books.

Another innovative first from the publishers who brought you 2018’s Big Book of Battle Mats (2018 UK Games Expo Award Winner), 2018’s Giant Book of Battle Mats, 2019’s Big Book of Sci-Fi Battle Mats and 2019’s Giant Book of Sci-Fi Battle Mats. 

The Dungeon is a stand alone system which is also fully compatible with our existing Books of Battle Mats. 

Attention Adventurers! An Endless Dungeon awaits!

The Dungeon is a fully modular & complementary pair of Battle Map Books designed to enable you to create a vast number of dungeon battle maps by using different page combinations in the books individually or side by side.     

Fully Laminated throughout and thus wipe clean, every page except the front & back covers is a map so you get the maximum dungeon out of the books!

Two Books Laid Out as a 24" x 24" Square
Two Books Laid Out as a 24" x 24" Square

Endless map options, completely flat and fits in a bag or on a bookshelf. Loke BattleMats books boast the 360° spine so the books will open and lie dead flat or fold in half along the spine. It also means the books line up flush, level and flat so it plays just like one large map. Our wire bound format is the closest you can get to a traditional tabletop RPG battle mat with all the advantages of a book as well. 

Just Open & Roll! 

Two Books Laid Out for a 12" x 48" Spread
Two Books Laid Out for a 12" x 48" Spread

The Dungeon, a Modular Book of Battle Mats set, features - 

  • Two Books presented as a set.
  • Each book is 32 map pages (this may increase via stretch goals).
  • Linked designs & standard entry/exit points throughout to allow play across multiple pages and books seamlessly.

Your dungeon adventure begins here!

Two Books in a 'Z' Layout
Two Books in a 'Z' Layout

The books shown in the video and the photographs are prototypes, you can expect the finished books to have even more designs and combinations. 

These are the planned themes, with each one consisting of four complimentary pages across the two books with each book having unique pages. 

These themes are possible additions to the books if Stretch Goals are met.

Also, the finished books will have cover art provided by James Gray.  

We will also be offering all of the designs from the books as a stand alone digital product, available on its own via the Digital Dungeon pledge and included with each physical book pledge level at no extra cost.

This 'Digital Dungeon Tile Set' collection will consist of sixty 12x12 tiles that can be used to build large dungeon complexes, delivered as VTT optimised, and print ready files as a DriveThruRPG title.

This digital collection will also include an adventure module for Dungeon & Dragons 5th Edition that will be set within the designs of the Dungeon books, delivered as a pdf. 

Please note that shipping for any physical goods will be charged after the Kickstarter ends and at a set rate for your location regardless of how many items you are receiving. Please see the shipping section further down this page for details.

Please note that the retailer pledge level does not use flat shipping rates, please contact us for a shipping quote on this pledge level.

If the initial funding goal is reached we will begin unlocking Stretch goals. 

Please note that any pages added to the physical books will also add matching tiles to the Digital Dungeon.  

Each unlocked social stretch will add more content (approx 2 pages) to the digital adventure module (pdf), if all social stretch goals are unlocked we'll also add a dungeon random generation document (pdf) to the Digital Dungeon Tile Set.

600 FB Page likes for the Loke BattleMats Facebook Page

100 FB shares - Please share the link to this Kickstarter from our FB Page with your friends and on any groups where you think it may be of interest!

2k Twitter followers - Follow us on twitter!

100 Twitter retweets - Please retweet our pinned tweet to spread the word!

2k Instagram followers - Follow us on Instagram! 

Most creative use of social media Award - Show us how you have got the word out in new and interesting ways and for the most innovative backer promo out there we will GIFT you a FREE Triple The Dungeon (so 6 books) reward worth £75 with free postage worldwide!!! FB Messenger, discord, whatever you can think of. The only rule is NO SPAMMING groups or individuals! If you would like to be considered for this award just make yourself known to us on the comments section!

Please use the links provided. We will generate bespoke links for these goals so we can track how we are getting on!

We will be making our existing library of RPG Battle Map Books available to add on to your Kickstarter order. You'll be able to confirm your selections in the pledge manager after the KickStarter has funded.

Don't worry, adding extra products won't increase your shipping cost past the flat rate, we've got that covered!

Our existing books can also be combined with the books from the Dungeon Set, for example above is our Giant Book of Battle Mats with both Dungeon books.

To add an extra item, you can simply add the extra funds to your Kickstarter pledge.

You will be able to select which optional buys to add on after the Kickstarter.

Free Digital Maps

To let you get a feel for our work we've made these Digital Battle Maps available for free, just click on the image to get a copy from DriveThruRPG (With 300DPI/VTT versions). 

 The first free sample is Evening Ruins, a 24" x 24" battle map that uses one of the flagstone textures from the books. 

Evening Ruins 24" x 24" Battle Map
Evening Ruins 24" x 24" Battle Map

The second sample is a page from the library theme pages out of the book itself.

Library Theme - Page 1 (12" x 12")
Library Theme - Page 1 (12" x 12")

 We will charge shipping after the Kickstarter via our pledge manager (Backerkit).

This flat rate will also cover any add-on items you select. By charging shipping once only at a flat rate we also hope this makes the cost transparent and easy to calculate.

(retail orders international shipping P.O.A.)

Our shipping rates will be -  

  • UK £4
  • USA £10.00
  • Canada £13
  • Middle East £18
  • AE £12
  • Africa & Asia £20
  • Central/South America £20
  • Japan £12
  • Australia £18
  • NZ £20
  • Far East £16
  • Austria £9
  • Belgium £11
  • Bulgaria £12
  • Croatia £13
  • Cyprus £12
  • Czech Republic £11
  • Denmark £11
  • Estonia £13
  • Finland £14
  • France £9
  • Germany £11
  • Greece £13
  • Hungary £12
  • Iceland £23
  • Ireland £14
  • Italy £14
  • Latvia £14
  • Lithuania £11
  • Luxembourg £12
  • Malta £13
  • Netherlands £13
  • Norway £15
  • Poland £11
  • Portugal  £13
  • Romania £13
  • Slovak Republic £14
  • Slovenia £12
  • Spain £12
  • Sweden  £11
  • Switzerland £15
  • Rest of Europe £15

If you are not listed here we are posting worldwide so just ask and we will get you a price.

 All backers receiving digital rewards will receive a combination of:

  • Full size high resolution image files (1:1, 300DPI, .jpg format) for large format printers.
  • Smaller images (72 DPI, <10mb, .jpg format) for use in virtual Table Top applications.
  • Full colour and BW versions of the adventure module (.pdf format).

Please note that these digital files are for personal use only, commercial usage or printing for re-sale is not allowed.

All digital rewards will be fulfilled by DriveThruRPG.

Our publisher page on DriveThruRPG can be found here

We will be developing and publishing FAQ to help you through the process, however if there is something you're not sure about please ask us in the comments section! We are more than happy to answer anything and we will use your questions to update our FAQ to help others as well! 

We are Matt Henderson (designer & production director) and Tam Henderson (everything else). We started designing and printing our own tabletop battle mats 4 years ago and since then we have developed an award winning range of Wargaming/RPG battle mats and accessories in a range of materials.

We published our first Battle Map Book in April 2018, and have since published additional fantasy and science fiction volumes. After this we will be designing two modern day, post apocalyptic and cyberpunk themed encounter map books, and we have two additional fantasy volumes ready to release towards the end of the year.

This is our 5th Kickstarter for a gaming accessory and our second focused on Battle Mat Books.

Our Collabotators 

James Gray, (aka quigonjim), is an illustrator and artist who will be producing the cover art for each of the Dungeon books. Former clients and books include the anthologies Zombies, Robots and Westerns for Accent UK Comics, the Kickstarter backed Amnesia Agents with Jason Cobley and the upcoming Brawler anthology, card art for Oligarchy from Entropic Games and poster and T-Shirt designs for the band Dead Man's Whiskey. He also has a substantial back catalogue of Superbike and MotoGP artworks.   

John (JC) is co-authoring the adventure module along with Matt.

And finally thanks to the Brighton Dice Saloon, our FLGS,  for hosting our video & photo shoot. You can find out more about them here.

Risks and challenges

We have identified the following risks, and I outline here how we are managing them:

- Getting the price right
It sounds basic but when costing a project there are a lot of things to remember, and they all add to the cost! We have used our experience from 4 successful Kickstarters and having our range in retail & distribution to price our books. We are able to offer our backers a good deal for coming on board early, however we have ensured all the hidden costs, as well as the basics like printing and transport, are covered in our price.

- Delay
The first delay risk is what we term “mission slip”! I.e. that the project expands into new areas which add time to deliver. We have a very clear vision of the product we want to deliver, and again we can call on our experience to ensure we deliver it in a timely manner! For example the designs, while they will evolve based on feedback and new designs hopefully added, are very much underway and a long way down the road already.

- Product quality
The main risks for producing a book to replace & improve on a standard RPG battle mat is that you end up with a product which has all the disadvantages of both. To avoid this we believe the book must lay flat and must line up next to another book to allow the adventure to flow. We have been designing and producing Battle Map Books since 2018, and we have the experience of our existing, award winning range to testify we know how to make a good battle mat book! Light and portable as well as flat, easy to use (lays flat when opened, just open & roll!) you can back with confidence that we produce the highest quality products.

- Print quality
By using our existing printers we know exactly what we are getting, and we can produce any of our existing library as an example of the high quality of their work. We know what is required of our designs in order to produce a work of art, and our printers can deliver it with us 😊

- Fulfilment issues
Shipping thousands of products worldwide can be a daunting prospect, and it is the area which can easily grind a project to a halt. We will be using a fulfilment expert – GamesQuest – who are best placed to ship our products in a timely manner. They are experts in their field and able to offer fast effective service so your books will be with you as planned! This also covers risks from Brexit as GamesQuest have contingency plans in place.

- We don’t fund
This is the worst case scenario. That we don’t attract enough funding to move forwards. In order to attract backers we will promote this kickstarter heavily prior to launch and throughout its live run. We have a (rather modest) advertising budget for social media and we will be calling on our network of media contacts and online influencers to help us spread the word. We have also added a number of social media goals all aimed at getting word out there far and wide. We prefer to spread the word through the RPG community as opposed to online advertising as it allows us to keep our costs reasonable and deliver more product for the money. This is the approach which has seen us successfully fund 4 previous Kickstarters.

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    • One copy of The Dungeon (two Books presented as a set)
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    • All Unlocked Physical Stretch Goals
    • D&D5e Adventure module set in The Dungeon (PDF)
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