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Gaming mats designed especially for table top roleplaying games; available as physical printed vinyl mats, digital images or both.
Gaming mats designed especially for table top roleplaying games; available as physical printed vinyl mats, digital images or both.
Gaming mats designed especially for table top roleplaying games; available as physical printed vinyl mats, digital images or both.
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    1. Joost Boomkamp on

      Thanks for this great product. I'd appreciate it if you'd stop using this channel to spam your other kickstarters though. I don't want to unsubscribe from notifications regarding this kickstarter, in case you send actual updates regarding this kickstarter, but so far all I'm getting is spam for more mats. Please consider your clients.

    2. Michael D. Kardzhilov on

      @BattleMats When will the tiles be downloadable though Gaming Now that all the tiles are out i don't wanna download them using DriveThruRPG :c

    3. Darren Howden on

      Just wanted to say thanks for a great Kickstarter. Great mats that I've used loads for my group.

    4. Missing avatar

      IgwanaRob on

      @BattleMats - got it, thanks again!

    5. BattleMats 3-time creator on

      @Angela Paxton - Hi, they were picked up by the shipping company on Thurdaday last week (18th), I'll email you a tracking number.

    6. Missing avatar

      Angela Paxton on

      How can I tell when my physical battle mats are going to be shipped out?

    7. BattleMats 3-time creator on

      @IgwanaRob - Code sent via email.


    8. Missing avatar

      IgwanaRob on

      Just got the link for Collection VI, but looking through my emails, I never received a link for Collection IV for DriveThruRPG

    9. Kurt Stoffer

      Man these battlemats turned out GREAT !!!! Very Happy with the end product. GREAT JOB !!! and Thank you again.

    10. Steve S.D.

      Just received my mats today, and they look amazing! I'm so happy with my purchase, and the note included made my year. Definitely going to follow along on your journey, best of luck, and see you again!

    11. BattleMats 3-time creator on

      @Michael D. Kardzhilov - Looks like it's got a bit messed up moving the hosting for the site. I need to re-create the downloadable content on Gaming Books (it's currently not there).

      I'll send out an update when it's ready and make sure the same codes work as before.


    12. Michael Sudeyko Rodo on

      Awesome! Thanks a bunch! Extremely prompt especially for a Saturday!

    13. Michael D. Kardzhilov on

      For some reason i cant use the website, every time i try to log in using the email and password i thought i used i get told its wrong or that i need to fill in CAPTCHA (but there is no CAPTCHA that shows up..) I tried to reset my password but the same problem there, i fill in email and it tells me wrong CAPTCHA even tho there is no CAPTCHA ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    14. BattleMats 3-time creator on

      @Robert Ackling - Hi, you should have a few more collections.

      I've emailed you the links (KS registered email).

    15. Robert Ackling on

      Hail BattleMats!

      As a KS supporter I have received one message via for a link to the RPG Encounter Mats Collection IV [BUNDLE] (Stretch Goal Collection IV).

      Is this the only link we will be receiving for DriveThruRPG, or have I missed others (collections I, II, III, +)?

      I have noticed that getting into contact with you outside this forum is difficult at best. site is not loading.

      Thanks for the support!

    16. MrPlucky

      My complete Town Works arrived today :) Perfectly printed and safely delivered.

    17. BattleMats 3-time creator on

      @Erik Berglund - The Staedtler-Lumocolor-Non-permanent are the ones I use, alongside a chalk marker for bright white lines.

      Always give any new marker a test first before using on a large area of a mat and follow the Mat Care Guide in case clean up is needed.


    18. Missing avatar

      Erik Berglund on

      Any recommendation on wet erasable markers? I use the Staedtler-Lumocolor-Non-permanent markers on Flagstone and Grass mats making drawing a bit difficult to see at times. Any ideas?

    19. BattleMats 3-time creator on

      @GrogGut - I think we've mainly caught any possible double sends, but it's always prone to human error.

      Thanks for letting us know and enjoy the extra mats.


    20. GrogGut on

      I just received my order this morning (after a weeks holiday)
      Cheers for that
      But I also recieved my order about 5 weeks ago!
      So now I have 2 :\
      Not a complaint but you might wanna double check your shipping list, just incase this is gonna happen again

    21. BattleMats 3-time creator on

      @James Martin Stangoe - New code sent out.

      @Les Nagy - Just DrivethruRPG for the moment, the plan is to get it on our site too when I get chance.

    22. James Martin Stangoe on

      hi guy's, i partly downloaded the 3rd collection of mats last week on drive thru and have just try'ed to get the rest to day to be told that my code no longer works

    23. Les on

      Hi, has collection III been made available through the battlemats store? I only saw it on drivethrurpg.

    24. BattleMats 3-time creator on

      @Doug Winters - Long term, it's likely to be just the most popular that we put up on the web shop. This is mainly due to the number of designs, sizes and options we've got coming in at over 1,000 unique products!

      That being said, I'll be looking at maybe putting in an option where all designs and options are available with a couple of weeks lead time.

      Also, for the duration of the Kickstarter fulfilment, there is a pre-order store on backer kit (button in the header here) where mats can still be purchased (and at the Kickstarter rate).

    25. Doug Winters on

      My physical mats arrived this week. I just wanted to say they are great and I am really happy with the way they turned out. Will all of the designs from this KS eventually be available on the web shop? I would be interested in buying some of the other designs.

    26. Slicker 8. on

      Got mine in Vancouver BC Canada. Awesome. Better than I would have hoped. Great Kickstarter. Thanks BattleMats.

    27. Martin Henkel on

      Today I received my mats (in Germany). Love them �

    28. Missing avatar

      IgwanaRob on

      Got it, makes sense. Good thing I resisted the urge to download a few while at work :p

    29. BattleMats 3-time creator on

      @IgwanaRob - At the moment, yes, they're limited on to 1 download each, this is because the storage has a cost per download.

      The DriveThruRPG downloads are unlimited though.

      Also, I'm looking at other storage options to be able to lift the cap on



    30. Missing avatar

      IgwanaRob on

      Are the downloads via the website limited to 1 download each?

    31. Rob Giles

      @Battlemats. Just received mine in Oz. Nice work. They look great.

    32. BattleMats 3-time creator on

      @Ashley Wright - I've generally used Staedtler Lumocolor Non Permanent (

      Not used the colourful stationary island chalk markers, but I've used the white one and that wiped off after a few hours just fine.

      I'd do a small area test first just to be sure though.


    33. Missing avatar

      Ashley Wright on

      Oops sorry wrong one - that one says waterproof. How about these ones?

      Thanks, Ash

    34. Missing avatar

      Ashley Wright on

      Oops sorry wrong one - that one says waterproof. How about these ones?

      Thanks, Ash

    35. Missing avatar

      Ashley Wright on

      Hey - I received my mat and it got a lot of positive comments from my gaming group as soon as they saw it. It has a really nice premium feel to it and it lays nice and flat.

      There is one problem however - I tried several 'wet erase' pens on it but none would wipe off very easily at all after only having the mark on it for 2 hours. I ended up having to use nail varnish as recommended. Could you please recommend a specific pen I could get that is available in the UK? I really want to use this mat but no one will want to draw on it if we are scared it's not going to come off.




    36. BattleMats 3-time creator on

      @Ed Silver - Hi Ed, replied in the message section.



    37. Ed Silver

      Hey guys, just got mine and it looks great. You sent me the wrong size though. I ordered 24x36 and you sent 24x24. Just sent a DM.

    38. Sven-Tõnis Puskar on

      Got my mat. Looks good. Will probably buy more.

    39. Sean Wheeler

      Just got mine and it is awesome, thank you so much. RPG nights are going to be much better now than a plan old marked white mat.

    40. BattleMats 3-time creator on

      @Rotem Cohen - Hi, yes it's a non-permanent pen (wet-erase) you're after.

      I'd suggest trying a small sample test mark with any new pen first too.


    41. Missing avatar

      Rotem Cohen on

      Just got my mat. So happy.
      When you wrote wet marker, did you mean wet erase marker?

    42. Missing avatar

      Chris Barrick

      Received my mats today, absolutely over the moon with them, I went for no grid lines so I can double them up for my background whilst taking pictures of my miniatures, perfect. Are you on Instagram @battlemats?

    43. BattleMats 3-time creator on

      @James Martin Stangoe - Sent you a message on Kickstarter with your code.


    44. James Martin Stangoe on

      hi guys, i have not received a code for the the second batch of maps,

    45. BattleMats 3-time creator on

      @Thomas Adams - Sent you a message on Kickstarter with your codes.


    46. Missing avatar

      Thomas Adams on

      I can't seem to find the e-mail with the codes for downloading from the new site. Is there any way to get that e-mail resent or a new code issued? Thanks!

    47. BattleMats 3-time creator on

      @Michael D. Kardzhilov - Thanks, I've corrected those three, Dark Clearing had a space in the URL, I've edited the 48x24 Coral Bay to point at the right zip nad renamed the typo Highlands.

      If the links don't automatically pick up the changes in your download section, you can use your code to 're-order' and it'll definatley pick up the changes.


    48. Michael D. Kardzhilov on

      Some problems with the new download solution(for me at least).
      Dark Clearing 24x24 Gives an "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below." error so i can't download it
      And Coral Bay 48x48 and 48x24 both link to the 48x48 file.
      And Highlands 48x24 is listed twice but one of them is 48x48 so it's just a typo

    49. Michael D. Kardzhilov on

      Any chance we could also get zip's that are just "all maps biggest/highest res in X format" or "all maps all sizes in X format" Since the earlier stated 70gb was fine to work with, but the over 300 that has now been mentioned is just too much. But it is still 98 designs in total so it would be nice not to have to download one or 10 at a time.

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