The Citadel at Norðvorn

by Douglas H. Cole

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    1. Rob Kamm

      Well don't leave us in the cold! What are the relevant positions on the oxford comma and period spacing?

    2. Douglas H. Cole 7-time creator on

      I believe the Oxford comma adds a great deal of clarity, and I use it. So I'd not want my editor to take a contrary view, as that would likely create friction. She agrees. She indicated she was glad I used one space after a period, which I had to retrain myself to do writing for Pyramid (thanks Steven, Sean, and Jason!). I learned on an honest-to-goodness IBM Selectric back in 9th or 10th grade, and "period-space-space" was hard as heck to un-learn.

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      Michael Monn on

      Finally, someone who has sense to only use one space after a period. I keep telling my students about this but sometimes things are just ingrained into our society.

    4. Douglas H. Cole 7-time creator on

      I think one space after a period has a rough time lasting past an encounter with a layout program. Two spaces really mucks up how programs like Adobe make your text flow.

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      Andrew on

      I am with you on both fronts. It took a long time to retrain away from period-space-space, but now I regular beat that drum with fellow teachers. It's not that it's so egregious to use two spaces after a period, but it's outrageous to *teach* children to do it that way. (And nearly criminal to tell them that one space is wrong, which I've found more than once.)

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      Andrew on

      Also, welcome Emily!

    7. Che Webster

      Welcome, Emily! And glad to hear that we agree on the Oxford Comma and spaces after a full-stop (which is, of course, the proper name for what Americans term a “period”).

    8. Emily Blain on

      Hello all! I'm very excited to be on board and to see that so many people have the right views about the Oxford Comma and spacing! ;)

      I agree with Andrew--two spaces isn't WRONG, but it's unnecessary now. Saving a space means saving paper (and saving money) which is always good!

    9. Rob Kamm

      Phew! We're all on the same page for the oxford comma. Now if only I could persuade the J-school grads at work to change the style guide appropriately.

      I learned on a manual typewriter (the kind with arms that locked into each other if you typed too fast). I was awed when my mom got a Selectric. It was so high tech! So, the two-spaces thing was something to unlearn once proportional typesetting became the standard in word processors. Miracles of the modern age.