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Return to Norðlond with this detailed Norse-flavored setting for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG.
Return to Norðlond with this detailed Norse-flavored setting for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG.
600 backers pledged $26,030 to help bring this project to life.

Crushing it. Such wild hope, but there it is . . .

Posted by Douglas H. Cole (Creator)

It's been an amazing three days. Just incredible. Right now, we've got 312 actual backers, and another 261 (!!) "latent" backers who are following but not yet pledged.

That gives at least 573 folks who are interested, which could translate into as much as $19,800 . . . which puts us surprisingly close to the 128-page stretch goal.

That's good, because I'm not done, and here's the Table of Contents thus far

This is a no-art, no-formatting, no improved flow version of the book, and it's 100 pages long. That means with art it would grow to at least 115 pages. If we don't make the $20K stretch goal, trimming 3 pages would not be a big deal (editing and reflow might do that). 

If we do hit the 128 page stretch goal, adding 13 pages will also not be a big deal.

Keep spreading the word, and I'll try and bring more interesting things in the next few days. Previews of cover art, for example. Also more staff - I'm chatting with a potential editor, and as soon as we fund I'll start working with the artists, especially on the cartography and village/town imagery front.

Such an exciting time. This is on path to be my best Kickstarter ever . . . and of course it's the GURPS/Dungeon Fantasy RPG crowd. You guys stand and deliver when it comes to these projects, and I truly appreciate it!

The midpoint of the campaign is Thursday. Wonder where we'll be by then?

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    1. Missing avatar

      Anders on

      No, Douglas, it is *you* who consistently deliver high-quality products on time. That's the kind of dedication that pays off.

    2. Jason W on

      Keep up the good work, Doug!