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Return to Norðlond with this detailed Norse-flavored setting for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG.
Return to Norðlond with this detailed Norse-flavored setting for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG.
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Fantastic Dungeon Grappling Bookmarks

Posted by Douglas H. Cole (Creator)

I think the miniatures will exceed my ability to produce them in this effort. If Citadel funds and does well, and the next two projects (call 'em Rosgarth and Forest's End, for now) do well, I can promise a Norðlond Bestiary, and figures will be a part of that project.

Bookmarks, on the other hand . . . those look very doable.

Here's my preliminary design

I'll print these in UV High Gloss, for maximum re-writability with Dry-erase markers. 

They'll be offered as singles and bundles.

  •  $3: One bookmark
  •  $10: 5 bookmarks
  •  $15: 10 bookmarks
  •  $35: 25 bookmarks

Orders in the USA will simply be included in your packaging, which I'll do myself. Outside the USA, I'll print in the UK and have them delivered to my fulfillment house (Kixto), where they'll also be included in your orders. Hopefully that won't complicated shipping or VAT or customs . . . but because I have no visibility to that, I can't predict or help there.

But look for the FDG add-ons very soon!


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    1. Douglas H. Cole 6-time creator on

      Found something out about bookmarks that perversely makes "cardboard heroes" type products more doable. I need to finish the darn book before I distract myself with this sort of thing, but it's way, way higher on my mind now than it was three days ago.

    2. Douglas H. Cole 6-time creator on

      Much as SJG occasionally says "we might do this, but only as a separate project," I think that's going to be my answer for now. However . . . I do think it might be doable, and I've got some ideas as to how to make it work.

      As far as different front cover art, I'm going to look into this more. I was going to say "too complicated!" but looking at my options . . . it might be doable after all.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jake Harrison

      Not that I won’t get your planned bookmarks.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jake Harrison

      I was thinking along the lines of the original Cardboard Heroes but instead have them printed as a bookmark. I’m guessing, but I believe that four could fit a bookmark format, maybe six? They would be one-sided and require us to cut and fold. If don’t know how that would affect cost but it might be cheaper. Again, just my two cents.

    5. Missing avatar

      Eric Smith on

      SJGames have, in the past, done some GURPS bookmarks. I don't know how many, but I have Banestorm, Bio-Tech, and Traveller: ISW. The badc of Bio-Tech has a list of zero-point features from the book, while the other two have a synopsis timeline. These kinds of additions are useful, while the one that Douglas came up with is rather functional, which I rather like.

      One last suggestion, which may be shooting myself in the foot, but consider doing different front cover art; if you get 5 or 10 bookmarks to a sheet then do 5 different fronts. This gives incentive for people to go for the 5-pack, while giving people already intending to get the 5-pack a nice extra.

    6. Douglas H. Cole 6-time creator on

      Yeah. I've gotten a few bookmarks from SJG for Munchkin that have the "now you can cheat more!" concept, and that's OK. But I got some others that are for Glynn Seal's The Midderlands that have the dry-erase thing going on, and most character sheets (a) don't have control points and thresholds on them, and (b) don't like being erased as frequently as you need to with CP.

      Control Points are designed to change turn by turn. So you're ALWAYS keeping track. Ergo: functional add-on. And the bundles are so that a GM can track many foes. I've already thought of a few changes, below, plus: need a spot for the character or foe's NAME.

    7. Charles Saeger on

      I rolled my eyes when I first saw the idea for bookmarks, but with the dry erase idea, this is cool.

    8. Douglas H. Cole 6-time creator on

      Heh. Need a Current CP tracker; probably will nix the attacks and put that instead; you can look up your grappling skills and parry on your character sheet, but control points inflicted and currently suffered are not standard.

      Other suggestions for utility are welcome!

    9. Douglas H. Cole 6-time creator on

      Astute readers will note that the penalties are a bit different than those in HoJ. As you might expect, some actual play has caused me to modify and tweak the rules. You can see a preview of what's different here:

    10. Missing avatar

      Ewan Spence on

      Like the bookmarks and I'll think I might get myself a couple 😊