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Return to Norðlond with this detailed Norse-flavored setting for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG.
Return to Norðlond with this detailed Norse-flavored setting for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG.
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Pondering Bookmarks

Posted by Douglas H. Cole (Creator)

As I told Eric and Jake: No promises.

But they asked me to consider bookmarks and miniature/standees like the carboard cutouts that came with the Dungeon Fantasy RPG boxed set. 

I'm looking into it. I talked with Glynn Seal and he reassured me that it can be done, and not at ruinous cost (though I'll be getting quotes). He had one side matte laminated (the "title" side), and the other was a heavy gloss, with additional content that you could use in game. 

So, here's something you may not have seen before:

This would be a stand-alone and slightly expanded version of the quick-start rules from the back of Hall of Judgment.

A bookmark back side could potentially have the control point tracker and thresholds that are so crucial to running the game using Fantastic Dungeon Grappling, but present on just about precisely zero blank character sheets. Even the control thresholds present on the HoJ pre-generated characters and monsters are integral to those character sheets.

So the back side might have the Fantastic Dungeon Grappling title, maybe reproduce the key penalty table, and then have a marker bar for thresholds, and maybe a spot for your primary grappling attacks.

The front side?

That's five bookmarks. They'd be sliced, obviously, between the logos. That back image might be replaced with the book's cover art when it's ready. I have high expectations Rick will do an amazing job.

Let me know what you think in the comments. No word yet on miniature cardboard figures. If I did them, I'd do all 16 pre-gens from Hall of Judgment, each of the monsters from that book, plus whatever new monsters are in this one. They'd come in enough quantity that (for example) if you needed to attack the PCs with eight norðalfar, you'd have eight norðalfar to punch out.

I'm not 100% on this, and they could not be free. But . . . I'm looking into it hard. This breaks one of my rules: have it all ready to go. Surprises kill deadlines and budgets. But . . . it's a neat idea. So I'm looking.

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    1. VSL on

      Oh, but if the bookmarks have the Dungeon Grappling info on the back...that's pretty good.

    2. VSL on

      Bookmarks are neat, but I'm not sure how much bookmarks get used these days (maybe a lot more than I think!)

    3. VSL on

      Although I myself probably would not use the cardboard figures, since I typically either use miniatures or play online on Roll20, if the figures *can* be produced at a reasonable cost as an low-cost add-on, that would be pretty cool. Since it's not a boxed set, though, that might add a layer of complication with shipping, etc. Still, I think it's a cool idea. If it delays the delivery date of the physical book (obviously it would not delay the PDF), that takes away from the charm. I do like the concept, though, of having cardboard characters and monsters for each adventure book like this.

    4. Douglas H. Cole 6-time creator on

      Out of curiosity, why no on the cardboard figures? I don't disagree, just probing for more opinion. I'm very wary of physical non-book product, as you've probably heard me say before. I'm just curious if your reason is "because I don't use them," "because too many Kickstarters die when eyes get taken off target," or something else.

    5. Missing avatar

      Frits Kuijlman on

      No to minis (in whatever form).
      bookmarks would be interesting as long as they don't distract you from work on the book:-)

    6. Douglas H. Cole 6-time creator on

      @Che: I just need to get the licensing finalized. This is something I've talked about with SJ, Phil, Sean, and Alain . . . and they're all behind it. Once that happens, I suspect I will be able to offer it as an add-on before the campaign ends.

    7. Che Webster

      I’d like the Dungeon Grappling tracker thingy on the back of a bookmark very much. I also want the separate Fantastic Dungeon Grappling booklet, like now. Great stuff!

    8. Kory Beatty

      Book mark sounds like a good idea, the card board miniatures aren't needed but are cool to have.