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Hello and welcome to the campaign for the Temple of D20: An interactive tutorial RPG Map Set designed for dnd5e that allows complete beginners to get started straight away and learn the game whilst playing.

First impressions absolutely count. When you first come face to face with a complex game like D&D it can be daunting and turn many potential players away. The Temple of D20 is a device that aims to allow players to get into the action immediately. This specialized unofficial module I have developed combines the two most common methods of learning: visual cues and spoken narrative in the form of special maps - and a tour - to present a dynamic practical demonstration that allows even completely new players to immediately jump right into D&D and take part in the action. 

 The DM takes on the dual-role of the DM and the 'Architect' giving the players a 'tour' of the Temple which takes them room to room where various aspects of the game are introduced and explained. Character Sheets can be filled out as you go with each step being experienced by the new player through an actual or figurative example helping to cement each concept in their memory. 

The hands-on demonstration is designed to introduce players to the key parts of play in an exciting and systematic way enabling them to build up their knowledge and have fun doing it.  The layout and design of the rooms offer distinct cues/charts that couples with narrative to help newbies learn more quickly and remember more. This scripted tour allows the Game Architect to run even absolute beginners through the ropes and start the good parts of RPG immediately - avoiding the verbal barrage of rules that can often confuse and deter new players. 

My name is Kris and this will be my 24th Kickstarter - all of which have been delivered ahead of time and 100% to promise.  I'm a Digital Artist and DM and teach 5e and Fantasy Grounds Virtual Table Top classes on Character Creation, Combat and Dungeon Mastering from the Fantasy Grounds College under the moniker 'The Maphatter'. I specialize in kickstarting innovative RPG tools and ideas to help DM's like myself meet specific challenges faced with Tabletop and Virtual Tabletop Gaming - huge packs of map tiles and tokens, Soloman Temple Squares for building dungeons on assorted 2" squares, my Digital Coin Forge that makes tokens and coins, 550+ giant 'Meanders'modular battle maps that fit together like dungeon tiles, Shipstarter which filled a gap for more detailed levels and types of fantasy ship, to the powerful electronic 'Squareware' which was built within Fantasy Grounds to output narrative introductions to entire quests with the click of a button and contains almost 100 other features and over 200 individual tables - including a Character AI simulator allowing DM's to run a phantom PC without bias. I also make my own licensed modules for Fantasy Grounds and my map packs are available from the Fantasy Grounds store, Steam, D20Pro and my own site Game Tile Warehouse. Now ... I have another project I would like to offer to the RPG Community.

In the Temple of D20 - The DM takes on the dual-role of the DM and the 'Architect' giving the players a 'tour' of the Temple which takes them room to room where various aspects of the game are introduced and explained using the beautiful map I have designed especially for the task -  from moving their piece on their turn to the common use of the different dice, to the meaning of class, background, alignment and other facets of D&D - gradually increasing the complexity as you navigate them through the map. Character Sheets can be filled out as you go with each step being experienced by the new player through an actual or figurative example helping to cement each concept in their memory. 

Zoomed Section of Temple D20 Map
Zoomed Section of Temple D20 Map

Players can return to the rooms with the Architect as they need to repeat any lessons they feel they need more experience with so its the perfect way to teach children and adults this incredible game.  Then with all their new skills and knowledge under their belt they'll be ready to move to the next area which will teach them exploration, combat, and magic with a huge cavern to explore and new challenges to face and learn from including sensing and navigating traps, bypassing sleeping trolls, moving in darkness, taking cover, searching, resting, readying actions and much more. By the time your players emerge from the 'Temple' they will have all the skills and understanding they need from a combination of theory and practical experience to take part in any future 5e adventures with blank versions of the maps provided as well to further build your own.


The options for the Temple of D20 range are

LVL1: Kick in $1 with my thanks for your support!

LVL4:  Get a digital version of the Temple Map, its blank version and the first section of the Guide for $11.  

LVL 7: Grab this one for digital copies of all Three Maps + their Blank Map versions for $21.

LVL 12: Get a full digital Print-n-Play package with the three maps and blank versions, digital props, digital tokens and PDF Manual for home use, pre-sized and nicely put together to fit your printer for $42.

LVL 20: Pledge for a professionally printed set of the three 27x18" dry/wet erase folding boards, a printed softcover manual and set of sturdy cardboard tokens and props  + the Digital Package of LVL12 + with shipping included (USA Only): Total Cost: $199. (Want the three designs as printed board blank versions as well? Add $90 to your pledge to make it happen).



The Manual will be supplied to digital backers as an arcane styled PDF while printed pledges will receive a full-colour arcane styled softcover printed version. It features a parody cartoon of monsters sitting around the Temple of D20 while in the Temple of D20 learning the game.


  • Maps are 300 Dpi JPEGS built on a 1" scale (25mm) and will be supplied in 4 versions: 
  • without a grid
  •  with a 1" square grid measuring 27x18" in size
  • a gridless 2700x1800px size and gridless 1350x900px size both of which are suited to VTT.
  • The large digital maps will be cut into optimal sections for home printing on A4 or US Letter printers and average 7 sheets per map.
  •  Printed Folding Board versions are 0.5 in | 3mm thick  -  60pt chipboard covered with matt finish paper on one side and black backing on the other - they measure 27.5" x 18.5"when unfolded and compact to 9x9" when folded. They have a special UV coating to make them dry/wet erasable and help protect them from scuffs, soiling and liquids: Please see video below using previously printed example of these boards for an earlier project.
 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with


  •  Map 1: The Temple of D20 (Temple) - Concepts covered: Character Creation
          - The Foyer & an Overview - The Den of Dice - The Race/Class Room - Altar of Alignment - Levels of Experience - The Halls of Ability - The Corridor of Minor Challenges - The Library of Past Glories - The Bonds, Ideals & Flaws Floor -  Languages, Skills & Proficiencies Shrines  - Inspiration Corner - Equipment for Sale  
  •  Map 2: The Testing Ground (Cavern) - Concepts covered: Exploration - Magic -Combat - Line of Sight -Modifiers - Ability Checks - RolePlay -Encumbrance - Area of Effect - Throwing -Saves -D&D Etiquette (Sample categories only - more to be added) 
  •  Map 3: Drudgeons and Dagons (Mines) - A 5e Quest for 2-6 players lvl 1-3. Let players combine all their new skills in an adventure that will test what they have learned and reinforce what they know in an underground mine facing a new underground species of Angelfish hybrid-type slugs who have enslaved local villagers in the mines - where players will learn how actions lead to consequences - and the unexpected twists that present themselves in many D&D stories where often not all is as it seems.


  • For rewards that include Digital tokens and props a number of PDF templates will be included such as Point Buy Tokens for the Point Buy Pool, a Book Page template for the Adventurers to sign a section that they then tear off fold and place in front of them to help distinguish who is playing who and a set of riddles in a faux journal printout the DM hands to them in Temple Two to locate a treasure hoard.
  • For the Lvl 20 Sets: Props will be printed on durable cardstock so they can be handed to players.


  •  150  x - round 0.75" tokens featuring enough 27 point buy packs for 5 people.
  • 80 x - square 1x1" tokens for placing traps, decor, assorted markers.
  • All tokens are 60pt chipboard covered with heavy matt finish paper and 0.065 in | 2 mm thick.


  • The first 50 backers from LVL 12-20 (and Return Backers from any of my campaigns) will receive two free custom designed D&D Monster Stat Sheet Templates, a Printable full-colour poster of the Manual Cover plus a simpler black and white drawing for kids to colour in.
  • Additionally the first 5 LVL 20 backers will be able to request the creation of a digitally designed prop item that can be printed and handed to players - from a spellbook cover, to a 8x10" map, a sealed envelope, a journal entry, magic scroll or some other 1 page prop you wish you had for your game.

Here is a draft example of the text:

Area 1: Temple Entrance Foyer:  Concepts covered: Maps, Representation with game pieces, features of the map, distance of a game square, using figurines, walls, terrain, movement, the types and uses of various dice. Gives the players a chance to look at the map and understand it. [this kind of caption will be added to all major areas so that the DM can pick and choose what to cover in their tour] 

The Architect. "Ah, Travellers!  Welcome, welcome to the Temple of D20! Come closer and stand on one of those spots marked with a red X and we can begin."
           DM: "Ok everyone, please place your figurine on the red X".   
  Action: Figurines/Tokens are placed on the board. 

The Architect. "Excellent, let's get started shall we?  In this, the first of three Temples, you will learn about Character Creation and - here and there - other useful things to know about how things are done. I will be your guide throughout this tour and my name is Minmax.  First things first - let's start with the very basics.  What you are looking at around you is a top-down view of the game area including you, your friends, me and all the other parts of this Temple at least those that you can see. Your DM may have laid out the full map, but you won't know the contents of an area until you can see it or in most cases are in it. You can move virtually anywhere you want - except through walls - which are marked with a stone divider on this map - and you can't move through locked doors or solid objects just like the real world. The ground you're standing on is usually referred to as a terrain and terrains can change many times during your adventures as you travel inside outside, through forest, snow, desert, jungle, mines, rain or more."   

(Concept: REALISM): "D&D tries to copy and simulate the real world with reasonable accuracy - it uses miniature figures to represent each of you and the other people or monsters you might encounter on your journeys. Physics such as time, distance, gravity, temperature are also used in gameplay. Generally speaking - unless you have some magical item or ability - if your character stands on lava they'll burn, if they step off a bridge onto open space they'll fall, if they sprint a long distance they'll get fatigued. Game maps help represent the world using different terrains, hazards, areas, dungeons, obstacles, objects and they.use the illusion of height to show drops, falls or other hazards to your character, and special effects such as lava, water, mud, or shadows to indicate steepness or slopes.. Most of these you can interact with in some way - or avoid them.  All of these things can have an effect on your character. You're fairly safe here as far as terrain is concerned though there may be some surprises along the way."   

  "All of these terrains, objects, rooms and things that make up the worlds you play in are often depicted using maps and tokens that get set out as they come into your characters view. This room is the foyer entrance and its contents were previously invisible. As you came in and were able to see them - the DM made all of the furniture and decor appear for you by setting out tokens or miniature furnishings to represent the objects in the room.  The DM will do this each time we enter a new area.. But once set out they won't be made invisible again when you leave. In these instances the game treats things as if your character remembers an area and what was in it.unless you move off the map or are unlikely to return to the area."     "Now as you move about and explore you should listen for the DM's voice. They control everything except the outcomes of things which are randomly determined by a mix of your ability and the chance rolls of dice.  They will tell you what you can see, feel, hear, and describe almost everything that is happening as you go about on your adventures. Their job is not to help or hinder the game but to create a world for you to explore, people to meet, conversations to have, monsters to encounter, and treasure to find. Many times they will read and take their cues from a book such as this - called a module - and act as a story-teller in which you play a role.    And just as in real life something unexpected could happen at any moment during your exploration, whether you are moving, sleeping, or even performing some other action - this is a game filled with magic and monsters, danger and wonder at almost every turn. Any time something happens that affects you or the gameplay the DM will ask you to stop and will then explain what is happening or about to happen and usually why. Be quiet and listen to the DM when they speak or you won't know what is going on." 

 (Concept: NPCs) - So just to help explain it in case you're confused. I [your name] am the DM, the Dungeon Master and I am responsible for playing all of the monsters, gods and people in the game so that you have live interactions. I am playing the role of the 'Architect' at the same time as I am being the DM. The 'Architect' is not one of you - sh/e is what's known as an NPC or Non-Player Character which means they are not controlled by you. They can think or feel or act a bit like you, but they are part of the story and are brought to life through the DM playing their part. So the DM moves, speaks for and takes on the role of the Architect.     

(Concept: DISTANCE) - "Very good - now you know what you're looking at - I will need you to enter your names in the book at the end of the tiled room down that hallway. In D&D you have a certain amount of movement per turn. Measuring distance is important for deciding how far you can travel, your ability to get to somewhere in time, how far you might be able to shoot an arrow or magic spell - or have one shot at you. Distance keeps track of how close you are to things and things to you. In fighting or 'combat' situations and in exploring the world around you, distance becomes very important. Notice how the floor is marked with a grid pattern? The map area is broken into squares that each measure 5ft by 5ft. [D&D uses the Imperial system so measurements are given in feet, weight in pounds or lbs]. This Foyer room is 5 by 5 squares which measures 25ft x 25ft in size. The average human shoulder span is about [2.5 ft.] so you can comfortably fit in a square. Also some maps will have a compass so that you will know which way is North, East, West or South and these directions are often used in descriptions during the game. See here on the floor, you're actually standing on a compass now.
           Some of you look fit and fast and will make it down the end of the hall in one go depending on your movement allowance, but some of you may have to use two turns to get there if you're slower.   You'll each take a turn one at a time to move until you've all had one - then - if there are no characters (or monsters) for the DM to control you repeat that order and take your turns over and over again in the same order.
            Along the way - there or back - you might be tempted to do something besides walk down the hall, and that's fine - trying to do something, anything besides moving - such as opening a door in this world is called Performing an Action. You can perform any action you like, before, during or even after your movement by telling the DM what action you are trying to perform - unless an event of some kind interrupts you. Sometimes you might be able to perform two actions on your turn, the second one being called a Bonus Action - but we'll get to that. There are some beautiful sculptures of our Gods along the walls - please use your combined action and movement to look at each of these very important monuments as you go. As you look at each one you will be told what the plaque that describes them says and how they are used in D&D.
           So - One at a time please, make your way to the book and sign your name. then return to me.   
HAND OUT #1 - As players sign the book they fill out their characters name [and/or player] of one of a number of coloured tags. These are then torn off and folded by the DM and placed in front of each player so that the DM and other players - know which character belongs to which player and the character (and or players) name."

I currently have an 18 page draft of the manual and would like to double it - give the manual a defined modularity so DM's can choose which elements of the game they want to teach - and refine it into a nicely illustrated manual complete with the other two maps and the adventure - but I'll need funding to spend time on developing and finalizing both aspects and that is why I am here on Kickstarter.

The artwork for the cover and the first map are completely designed. The second map is in full draft and some sketches have been started for images in the guide. The third map has been roughed out and a quest outlined for it. The project will take a maximum of 12 weeks to complete so I have not added Stretchgoals in order to manage the deadline - but there are some bonuses if you get in early.

Please help me bring this new concept to life with a new approach to teaching D&D5e by backing my campaign :) 

Kind Regards,


Risks and challenges

This is familiar territory with little risk. Foreseeable risks include TGC/Lulu delaying shipment for a few weeks if they are busy as orders to them go into a queue - or might have to wait on them to order in parts. Approximately 45% of the written and illustrated product has already been completed. This will be my fifteenth successful campaign if it funds and I have worked out an efficient delivery system/method based on previous experience with the printing company involved and am familiar with Fantasy Grounds holding an official license to sell products from their store and steam from which almost a dozen of my maps packs are presently being sold.

Created Art is backed up on Google Drive immediately after it is finalized as well as on two other hard-drives so it cannot suffer loss. Short of personal injury or minor delays from issues with the 3rd party printing - nothing will prevent this kickstarter from being completed on time. I have funded and delivered to promise numerous kickstarters in my career and ALL ahead of time as a creator with no or quickly resolved issues - Everything will be ready to be delivered in full by the stated dates. I am a professional dedicated to delivering on time and to promise and this campaign will be no exception.

I am always on stand-by to answer any questions you may have and an active supported in the Kickstarter community. Check my message replies to see comprehensive follow-up and support since I began using Kickstarter three years ago and you can also view my previous project listings statuses below.

Kind Regards,
Kris McDermott

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Digital Coin Forge: Layered Template Device for Designing RPG Coins
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Meanders: Themed Boards with Connecting Paths for RPG
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Soloman Temple Squares
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Urban RPG City Rooftops
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Day/Night Reversible Deluxe City Rooftop Tile Set for RPG
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