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RPG Tabletop Dice & VTT Tools for determining every Creative Stage of Quest Creation and DM'ing  - with Fantasy Grounds version too.
RPG Tabletop Dice & VTT Tools for determining every Creative Stage of Quest Creation and DM'ing - with Fantasy Grounds version too.
67 backers pledged AU$ 2,383 to help bring this project to life.


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SquareWare: RPG Tools for Sparking the Creative Brain

AU$ 2,383


Welcome to the Squareware Campaign Relaunch. 

I'm seeking funding to extend work on an electronic version of a very special dice kit I have developed within VTT Software and having secured a licensed deal with Smiteworks Fantasy Grounds LLC whom rarely grant permission for Kickstarters I'm excited about this wonderful opportunity to try and push their software and my imagination to the limits. The project is based on a dicekit I built that combines the best features of a Box, Bag, Mats and Dice to give you millions of instant creative solutions during or while building your RPG - and - helps the DM eliminate creative, mental and physical fatigue; minimizing the need for manuals; freeing up space behind the DM screen; allowing you to craft entire quest concepts in seconds; and making it easy on your shoulders, bag or pocket to carry. Essentially designed to help me improve my story-telling ability both actively and passively and to make creative connections to put together random quests and source information at virtual light-speed. Squareware offers solutions to a range of issues DM's face every time they prep for game and run it. It's a very simple product based on a simple concept of data-expansion but it can do So much that it will require a bit of jawing to explain. Which I will do in greater detail lower down. But for those of you that want the GUTS, NOW, PLEASE:

 The set provides 15 dice with 250 stickers with different labels on each face, they are rolled on their own (90 to the power of 90 combination) or onto 2 double-sided dice roll boards giving you millions of combinations of rapid details for your game, the dice are rolled into a box preventing table roll-off, you get the set and the digital art and shipping for $75 AUD (55 USD) with Delivery in MARCH 2019

Here is a list of the types and quantities of data printed on the mats:     

  • Major Themes, Verbs, Adjectives, Nouns.     
  • 96 secondary quest seeds.   
  • 70 quest locations/terrains 9 types of weather. 
  • 9 times of day.   
  • 9 eye colours.   
  • 9 sexual/gender orientations. [Squareware is Pro-LGBTQIA]   
  • 9 alignments.   
  • 9 types of plus/minus modifiers.   
  • 9 damage roll types.   
  • 192 personality types.   
  •  48 hair styles/colours.   
  •  60 emotional states/appearances.   
  • 80 secondary quest seeds/features.   
  •  256 objects/items/gems.   
  •  30 material types.   
  •  70 magical qualities/effects.   

 All interchangeable, swappable, available in line of sight and able to produce more random combinations than a human being could ever hope to use + you still get to roll dice. Please Note that the dice are not pre-stickered and you will have to add the 90 faces yourself. The extra stickers are replacements. Dice are 19mm and have an inset face allowing stickers to be adhered.

If you would like more than one copy of the physical set of Squareware please add $65 per unit (max of 3) to your pledge. $60 for the unit and $5 for additional shipping.

                                 Inset Dice Sample with Stickers.

I have also built an incredible and even more powerful set that uses the VTT Software Fantasy Grounds (which only requires the free demo version to run this product) and which allows thousands more variables and which outputs an entire quest with npcs, objects, weapons, potions and more with a SINGLE CLICK. It features a simulated Artificial PC table system that can be run in the absence of enough players, with a graphic interface to enable selection of all of the features easily as if at a control panel for both the Squareware and the A-PC. Thousands and thousands of variables [and counting] are selected and randomly assemble everything you need to put together a full adventure on the fly - over 110+ tables for everything you need to quickly have the information you need. Check out the huge list of new features that has been growing even since launch in the FAQ or in the updates. As a licensed seller of Fantasy Grounds media I can update the master file as needed which will update all copies at the same time making additions and future changes effortless. I'm offering this super-table for just $32 with Delivery in FEB 2019 - users will be able to get the E-squareware module directly from Smiteworks. Take a look at the 3 min demo video to see Squareware used in Fantasy Grounds. 

So in a nutshell you can get a VTT version or a printed physical version or both for $99 AUD.

GET INVOLVED WITH THE DESIGN: I am also offering a $99 Add-On if you would like a particular feature added to Squareware. With a minimum of 99 entries for your contribution to steer this product the way you want it to go - you can pay to have me customize the program to add a feature for you. Just add $99 to your pledge and send me the details. I will update the project as needed to indicate any new tables/entry types. I reserve the right to veto suggestions.

If this campaign makes 5k it will buy me time to design a Sci-Fi version of Squareware both in a physical set and a whole new Squareware module.

Please Note: Printed Sets of Squareware will only be shipped within the US. Apologies to my non-US backers and interested parties, unfortunately shipping POD outside of the States is prohibitively expensive.


For those of you interested in the fine details of what Squareware is and does - the rest of the page is for you.

Relaunching this campaign is an indication of my faith in Squareware. While falling far short of the original 60k goal which would have allowed fully custom dice, signature bag, neoprene mats, custom box, inserts and so on - the concept is too good to abandon. In fact - since the last campaign I've created a powerful new electronic version of Squareware using Fantasy Grounds that can output thousands of details and millions of combinations with a single click - a great deal more than the physical product can as it doesn't have spacing considerations and text restrictions like visual mats do.

And - to meet the needs of those backers that wanted a physical set I've assembled and costed an alternate version using The Game Crafter that can carry the concept just as well and offer a similar product and similar experience. In addition this campaign will offer digital versions of the mat designs and if there is sufficient interest a science fiction version will be created as well.

Here is the ORIGINAL Prototype created for the first campaign. This is what I hoped to achieve - but the sheer expense of making 3000 of these proved too demanding an ask. So this campaign is taking a smaller step.

The version being offered for the relaunch has the following changes:

  • It will be printed POD from GameCrafter.
  • The new version will have an 11 x 9" Box.
  • The dice will not be flush or silk-screened, they will be inset and use stickers for the faces. 
  • The dice are 19mmx19mm hard-wearing dense plastic with the inset protecting the sticker.
  • The mat will not be Neoprene it will be thick dry/wet erasable board.
  • There will be a bag but it will not feature a logo.
  • Physical versions will only ship within the US.
  • I cannot make custom pieces or changes and must work with what TGC offer.


  • 250+ stickers will be supplied in case of damage to the faces or peeling.(you need 90 so its more than double).
  • Shipping is included in the price and should be fairly rapid given that TGC is in the states - lowering wait time to less than 60 days rather than a year or more (speaking from experience as someone that shipped TGC frequently).
  • I've used TGC products extensively in the past and am happy with the quality they produce. I've made dozens of orders from there and supplied them too.
  • A wet/dry erasable coating on the boards means you can mark what you roll for your records.

Again -it is necessary to make clear that the original campaign fell far short of its intended goal. This relaunch mainly intended to focus on the electronic 'supertable' version of it built within the VTT Software Fantasy Grounds - but due to repeated requests from previous backers to please offer a physical set of some sort I have come up with a version that does not have the same level of fancy design as the original but retains the identical concept and all of its features. 



15 dice with 90 faces alone gives a ton of combinations but when the dice are used with the mats Squareware is designed to quickly determine the the Main Quest then enable you to chain together more and more concepts (as many as you need) to flesh out the details in your new campaign. By exposing your brain to a huge but carefully arranged selection of data on front-end charts with hundreds of key components of common RPG features - it means you don't have to look things up, look away or look through different books. Rely on the arrows to tell you what to create and you don't even have to think about it. Combining dice and charts into one close proximity box saves micro and macro movements from your eyes, hands and brain that equate to less fatigue and more gameplay. Simply flip the mats over or swap them out to focus on a new specific set of outcomes from Quest/Location Suggestions to NPC Creation/Description or Random Treasure/Object generation. There are 2 printed double-sided boards included with these designs on them.

As an example - if I roll the main dice I might get, a [War] where players need to [Conceal] a [Diseased] [Prisoner]. And then I take more information from what is written on the Mats... I discover the war takes place while [Hopelessly Lost in a Thick Fog] (so it should be easy!) with an [Attempted Assassination] and an [Approaching Star] in the location of the [Forest] at [Sunset]. I quickly swap out the green mat for the blue NPC one and roll the Prisoner. [Age 40] [180kg or 400lbs] [8ft or 2m] - (hm, maybe not so easy after all) - the Prisoner is a [Fashionable] [Female] who is [Sleepy] and [Tied] with [Auburn Eyes] [Chestnut] Hair, a [Cultured] [Casual] personality and an alignment of [Lawful Good]. During this adventure the players will encounter a [Funeral Procession] a [Scene of Terrible Carnage] and be [Seized by Stomach Cramps]. They'll also have to find a [Glowing] [Alembic] made of [Pearwood]. 

You can use Squareware passively out of game to work out your next quest in advance - or actively at the table to quickly piece together what happens next, where, or with whom and what they look like and relay it to your adventurers in real time. No need for long pauses while you think or look it up, let the dice decide for you using their printed arrows. - Or - get involved organically and steep yourself and brain in close proximity to thousands of suggestions, unlimited combinations and pick and choose on your terms. Whether you are rolling side-quests, need a description of an NPC or want to generate a full-blown campaign - squareware does it with elegance and ease. The more time you spend with Squareware the more your brain has an opportunity to familiarize itself with the 'software' and help it develop the skills to chain concepts together automatically by learning to recognize the patterns of story-telling and what comes next. While I make no definitive claims I believe other possible advantages of this kit might include increasing vocabulary, improving recollection and memory and taking some of the hard work out of thinking on the spot.

THE MATS: While it may seem like a lot of information to take in at first - consider how long it takes to study and learn any full manual or even a single chart. Squareware combines several charts at once in each mat and offers three aids to make absorption and familiarity relatively painless.  

  • INFORMATION IS ARRANGED IN PATTERNS: Firstly, Information is broken into categories on each mat and each category of information is presented in its own special pattern and text-colour or size allowing the brain to rapidly recognize and isolate different data groups while still being able to read each group. I.e on the Green Mat above, 'World Events' are printed around the BORDERS of the mat (and marked with specific end-zones to help the pointer dice define whether it is or isn't on a particular concept), while Weather Types are shown in blue on nine ICONS that are arranged around the centre of the mat. 48 different sub-quest suggestions are arranged on each floor TILES in white text, while dozens of possible locations and terrains are arranged in yellow text as CROSSBARS. Your brain picks out the different patterns and categories so when you are seeking specific information that is what you will see.  
  • BE ACTIVE OR BE LAZY: Secondly, the pointer arrows on the dice can be used to narrow down the selected data by choosing just a few elements for you. Squareware is small enough to sit directly in front of you, yet contains so much information that you can choose to let it decide for you using the arrows or select outcomes at random as your eye comes across them. It could be that something you see suggests itself as a better outcome to you than what the arrow is pointing to. Plus - even if players can see That you are rolling, they will be highly unlikely to be able to determine What you are rolling. The text on the mats, and the 19mm dice are sized to suit readability for a user at close-range but cloud the observations of anyone else. Even if they do have superhuman sight and can see your rolls - there is no way to predict which concepts you are being exposed to as you look around the mats or which events and results you are chaining together privately in your mind.   
  • COLOUR CODED MATS: And thirdly, Quest Creation, NPC Creation and Object Creation are grouped on their own double-sided colour mat. Quest Creation Mats are Green and Pink (1 mat) - while NPC and Object Creation are Blue and Orange (1 mat). The double-side not only reduces weight and storage it allows you to quickly flip a mat over or out for another to change information categories. The four mats combined with the 15 dice push the number of possible outcomes and chained concepts to a virtually infinite number - all still all within the space of an 11x9" box. Roll the Red Dice onto the Blue NPC Creation Mat to establish Age, Weight, Height, Personality, Emotional State, Appearance, Alignment, Hair Style, Hair and Eye Colour, Sexual Orientation and dozens more variables besides.

The four mats are stylized to resemble stone dungeon flooring.

 Squareware is not just a dice kit, it is also an attempt to solve multiple issues I was experiencing as a Dungeon Master that you may have experienced too.     

  • Creative Fatigue - Coming up with the elements of plots and story-hooks quickly and continuously.  
  • Physical Fatigue - Constantly shifting heavy manuals to and from my hands for hours to check facts - AND - carrying heavy manuals in my bag to and from locations severely limiting my room for miniatures, terrain and snacks.  
  • Mental Fatigue - All those micro movements of the eyes spent looking at the dice, then to a book, then back to the dice because I've forgotten what was rolled, then finding the right chapter, right page, for hours - adds up.  
  • Lack of Table Room - A heavy stack of manuals leaves virtually no room behind my DM Screen or I have to stack them on a chair which constantly requires me to turn to the side to go through them to consult the one I need. 
  • Less Table Work: Constantly Switching between Eyes, Hands, Brain. Hand, Hand, Eyes, Hand, Brain - this never-ending chain of processes combines to slowly but surely drain my energy and increase overall fatigue felt when finishing a session as a DM - they also contribute to my having to take more breaks or end quests at the table prematurely because I am tired of thinking of new things for players to do.   
  • Pacing Interruptions - Not knowing where to take a story, or being able to dream one up quickly with all the key details already intact lead to tense moments, awkward moments, and slow moments while consulting one of my many manuals - (or was that chart I need in the other book?)  
  • Running out of Steam - constantly coming up with side-quests, NPC descriptions, seed plots, and incidentals like the weather, time of day, personality of characters and so on is not easy and its not fast, especially on the spot. Keeping a stream of fresh ideas and random events going usually requires more charts, more manuals, more information that clutters up the space behind my screen. For a long time and through a lot of games, I was largely unaware of the intense strain put on my eyes, hands and brain by a lot of unnecessary micro-movements and over-thinking but it always caught up with me.  
  • Flubbing - (aka Getting Completely Lost in What Happens Next) - so this happens a bit especially in Tabletop and Virtual Tabletop games where the players do something unexpected; or you read the module you're playing a bit but didn't commit it to memory;or you simply suffer mental or creative fatigue and are so caught up trying to hold onto some details its hard to come up with new ones. 
  • Portability - just 11x9x1.5" in size with lots of room in the box for your own dice, miniatures or snacks.
  • DM Screen: The box acts as a shield for hiding rolls - even more so now that it this versions box is slightly more rectangular.
  • Broad Data: Combining the Charts with the Dice means less page turning and more rapid action. Just flip the boards over to get a new data set.

Since the last campaign I've been busy evolving the project in a different direction. Full disclosure I absolutely Love Fantasy Grounds and the fact they have allowed Squareware to seek funding as an officially licensed product is amazing. As I learned how to use the software thanks to my friend Laerun and friends at Fantasy Grounds College - I created an incredible Fantasy Grounds Version of Squareware that takes advantage of the powerful custom processes built-in for DM's and allows my Squareware Supertable to be run from the completely free demo version (or standard/ultimate) of Fantasy Grounds. Able to do what the physical version of squareware can do - but with literally thousands more additions, the FG Version rolls up to 7000 variables from 110+ tables to output all of this data in a single click. You can then drag and drop the results into a chat box, story template, or even a parcel to share as an item or treasure chest full of things with players at your virtual table. You can use it from your PC with no additional costs - run it for your table-top or within FG to instantly come up with crucial details as a DM - like I do.

What is Fantasy Grounds? As Doug Davison from Smiteworks Fantasy Grounds LLC says: "Your favorite RPG game systems are playable with FG. While you can play ANY game on Fantasy Grounds, these systems allow you to buy preloaded content that is ready to play. Less prep time for the GM means more playtime for the players and a more enjoyable online experience overall. Even for those wanting to run their games in person, Fantasy Grounds helps keep all your information handy and helps keep the game moving along at a fast pace."

With a SINGLE click of my FG-Built Squareware can create an entirely random quest-line with every key creative stage already filled in - its genre, theme, aim, object, challenge, location, plot and sub-plot, time of day, weather and subquests and events that are involved. It also calculated my NPC villains name, background, occupation, motivation, physique (age/weight/height), physical appearance, eye colour, hair colour and style, personality traits, tattoos or markings, symbols or jewellery worn their current mood, what they will be doing when the PC's encounter them and even the pose they will be in. [Peeling an apple + Reclining in a chair] for instance. In addition it has output the NPC's pet and its name, their weapon and its quality, appearance, type and damage. An object the NPC might have on them that grants them various advantages and a set of objects that might be found with them. 

It also spits out dozens of unique objects including potions, treasures, tools and assorted trash or valuables so I can give a rapid description of what PC's find when they explore various containers including the container type and colour, texture, smell, smoke, taste, bottle appearance, liquid colour and the effect. Which is output as a pre-set code for Fantasy Grounds that can be added to an item or object entry to aid automation. I aim to add even further tables and outputs to this program - and by purchasing the module directly from the Store you will automatically get any updates I make to the master copy ensuring a constantly growing supertable - and the ability to satisfy user requests.

[Check the FAQ to see dozens more capabilities added recently]

These are screenshots using Squareware in Fantasy Grounds. It shows the separated content of the various sections in their own template. You can also output them ALL with one click but that's too much data to get into a single screenshot.

 Generating a quest. 

 Generating some key details.

 Generating some common details.

Generating some Potions.

Generating more commonly required details. And a random pick from each category to make a Word Salad to just flash-check and grab a detail from.

I only play 5e atm, so the random effects that output codes for adding to weapons/potions used in it is 5e but the design concept is generic - a lamp is a lamp, a screeching sound is a screeching sound in any ruleset. Being licensed however - the option exists for me to go back and add other rulesets to it in the future but atm, its only 5e.

No More Thinking. 

  • Download the free Demo of Fantasy Grounds to your PC.
  • Import my Squareware Module.
  • Open the Template. 
  • Click the Generate button.
  • Hot Key the Results for Easy Reference.
  • DONE - Everything you need in one place and different every time.

Note that the appearance of the software is just one of a dozen choices.

Dislcaimer: > While permission has been given from Doug Davison from Smiteworks LLC to use the Fantasy Grounds name and release an official licensed Fantasy Grounds module for Squareware - and I am officially licensed to create content for FG - the views, opinions and project expressed here do not represent the views opinions or projects of Smiteworks or its representatives. I will be solely responsible for managing and fulfilling the campaign and its content and distributing its rewards. Smiteworks accepts no liability.

I built Squareware originally to shore up my own weaknesses as a DM - yesterday I ran a 4 hour one-shot with absolutely no prep. All I had was my imagination and raw story telling talent as a DM, Fantasy Grounds software and Squareware. Squareware output the overall quest including suggestions for events and subquests, objects, weather, time of day and so on giving me the general overall of where my PC's where going and why and some things that happened along the way - it was up to me to decide which to use or where and when these elements were introduced. It also output the detail I needed when I quickly needed a name, something for them to find - and with squareware running in the background for me to check in with the whole game went seamlessly. In addition to generating an entire quest - I also have it create me a list of names, objects and events that I can draw on without thinking to add into the story. Using FG I just 'Hot Key' them to the bottom tab and can bring them up easily without going through my menus.

In case you forgot: I'm seeking funding to extend work on this electronic version - I want to add traps, food, decor and thousands more entries to make it a very powerful tool.

NEW CAMPAIGN DEVELOPMENTS: (Check the Updates/FAQ for full info).

APC AI (Artificial Player Character Automated Intelligence) [Alpaca]

Now, one of the more annoying things I have noticed as a new DM is the absence of a player can at best delay a planned game, at worst cancel it. My tendency has been to move toward a more sand-box approach and think on ways to bypass this disruption should I be planning a campaign one even a long one-shot and I don't have a) enough players or b) a missing player. One solution I have devised to meet this challenge seems to me the most practical - but certainly one of the most ambitious. I'm sure you're familiar with the concept of the GM'd PC - I've heard it in passing and its when a GM takes over a PC, with mixed results and appreciation from players naturally. What I am attempting to do, and add to squareware, is create an Artificial PC with quasi-controlled AI that can step in to fill any gaps that prevent me from running a game because I am minus a player. While free-form roleplay and involvement by the GM playing a PC is understandably a contentious issue - I plan to create the means for a PC to roll reactions in general and specific circumstances that govern what they do. How they do it, is over to the GM's creativity to fill in the blanks - but the instructions of the roll must be followed as that APC's course of action. To limit the mechanicality of going through the motions I am buildng an AI that can have changeable moods, comments in and for various situations, movement patterns, and attempting a very low-key experimental form of AI that will allow me (And You) to 'fudge' a PC when there isn't one. These core guidelines will run the PC without GM bias - with the GM simply creatively carrying them out as the dice instruct. While I have been developing concept such as 'Rapid-Shots' , 'Long-Shots' and other creative ways to approach playing D&D, I consider APCAI an 'emergency' service that will enable almost any show to go on.

USER INTERFACE -  I will be designing a graphic picture that will have icons and pictures of objects placed in a room scene that represent all of the different table types - and the DM can then click on the pin to bring up tables related to that icon or object. This will make it elegantly easy to manage all of the individual options in one place - the same will be done for the APC so it is used like a control room instead of a huge list of text links.

 You can view a more recent (10th dec 2018) discussion and demonstration of squareware here on the 'All Things Fantasy Grounds' show hosted by Rob Twohy and Laerun:

I would also like to work on a SCI FI version of it so if this campaign makes around 5k I can put together a Physical Printed SCI-FI Squareware and a New Fantasy Grounds SCI-FI Supertable.  The Sci-fi would be in a White Box with different coloured dice and stickers. You could then mix those dice together for millions more combinations - but easily separate them out as well. 

Imagine - A Black Fantasy Set and A White Sci-Fi set...

The advantage to the electronic version over the physical is that rather than be restricted by the limited space an 8x8" mat allows you to print text -which must then be a certain size as well so its readable - squareware in FG allows me to populate a hundred or more options for every category - it also allows me to make multiple options at once so you can pick and choose what you want from what it creates instead of having to roll every time. The HUGE advantage is that it also captures all of the details already, you don't need to write them down or somehow record them as you would with a physical set of dice and mats. It has no pieces to carry or lose, and it can be updated by me, which will update all modules of its type by being connected to the Smiteworks FG Store.  

I own the Ultimate License and regularly teach classes from Fantasy Grounds College - a wonderful volunteer organization run by founder Laerun that assisted me and assists thousands of others how to to use Fantasy Grounds to its fullest - because of the College and its community I also DM games using FG and learned how to make my own modules so based on my knowledge of the product, I built this in Fantasy Grounds accordingly and properly. If you're concerned that you might not be able to use Fantasy Grounds VTT software simply visit the College and sign up for free online classes with volunteer tutors that offer comprehensive support to get your gaming.

The POTENTIAL here is still enormous - and the project still needs refinement. For instance, I would need to 

  • create sub-tables that eliminate impossible pairings such as a 'sewing needle made from hide' 
  • - refine the description of the variables so that when it outputs every single one makes sense without jarring grammar. 
  • Add more tables to cover additional possibilities including weapons, armour, stat blocks, treasure, attack descriptions, deterrents, traps and more. 

But the time I can spend on this is limited by my ability to buy time to do it. To sit down with it for a month and substitute the fact that id not be working on any other map projects which usually keeps me funded and my bills paid.

Please Note: Printed Sets of Squareware will only be shipped within the US. Printed Squareware requires backers to add stickers to the dice themselves.

If you have any questions about the product: physical or fantasy grounds version - please don't hesitate to ask. This will be my 23rd Kickstarter, and if it funds, my 14th successful one. You can view my previous projects in the Risk Section.

Massive thanks go out to Doug Davison and co of Smiteworks for the opportunity to present Squareware in this exciting electronic format.

Kind Regards,

Kris McDermott

Risks and challenges

This is familiar territory with little to no risk. Approx 100% of the design for the physical set involved is complete and I will be working right throughout the campaign and after it to finish any remainder on the Supertable for Fantasy Grounds as efficiently as possible.

This will be my fourteenth successful campaign if it funds and I have worked out an efficient delivery system/method based on previous experience with the printing company involved and am familiar with Fantasy Grounds holding an official license to sell products from their store and steam from which 4 of my maps packs are presently being sold.

Created Art is backed up on Google Drive immediately after it is finalized as well as on two other hard-drives so it cannot suffer loss. Short of personal injury nothing in my power will prevent this kickstarter from being completed on time.

I have funded and delivered to promise numerous kickstarters in my career and ahead of time as a creator with no issues - Everything will be ready to be delivered in full by the stated dates. I am a professional dedicated to delivering on time and to promise and this campaign will be no exception. I am always on stand-by to answer any questions you may have and an active supported in the Kickstarter community. Check my message replies to see comprehensive follow-up and support since I began using Kickstarter three years ago and you can also view my previous project listings statuses below.

Foreseeable risks include TGC delaying shipment for a few weeks if they are busy as orders to them go into a queue - or might have to wait on them to order in parts if for some reason there is a run on dice. Beyond that, and additional wait time still far below what manufacturing this dice kit would be, I have done all steps of the project numerous times and foresee no issues.

Kind Regards,
Kris McDermott

***Previous Project Status***
Meanders 4: A New Wave of Fantasy
Successfully Funded 522%
65 Backers
***Reward fulfillment 95% Completed.***

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Digital Dungeon Bytz
Successfully Funded 416%
39 Backers
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***Reward fulfillment 100% Completed.***

Digital Terrain Tiles
Successfully funded @ $512%
71 Backers
Funded 18th Nov 2017
***Reward fulfillment 100% Completed.***

Digital Dungeon Rooms
Successfully funded @ 820%
97 Backers
Funded 18th Aug 2017
***Reward fulfillment 100% Completed.***

Meanders 2 Wave 2: Sci-Fi Digital Maps
Successfully funded at 572%
69 Backers
Funded 11th June 2017
***Reward fulfillment 100% Completed.***

Meanders 2 Wave 1: Fantasy Digital Maps
Successfully funded at 1428%
121 Backers
Funded 27th March 2017
***Reward fulfillment 100% Completed.***

Digital Coin Forge: Layered Template Device for Designing RPG Coins
Successfully funded at 968%
36 Backers
Funded 3rd January 2016
***Reward Fulfillment 100% Completed:***

Meanders: Themed Boards with Connecting Paths for RPG
Successfully funded at 193%
93 Backers
Funded 9th November 2016
***Reward Fulfillment 100% Completed***

Soloman Temple Squares
Successfully funded 144 %
20 Backers
Funded September 8 2016
*** Reward Fulfillment 100% Completed ***

Urban RPG City Rooftops
Successfully funded @ 138%
14 backers
Funded Jul 7 2016
*** Reward Fulfilment 100% Completed ***

Day/Night Reversible Deluxe City Rooftop Tile Set for RPG
Successfully funded @ 445%
38 backers
Funded Feb 12 2016
*** Reward Fulfilment 100% Completed ***

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    Digital Art for Mats and Dice.

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    Squareware - Printed Kit

    1 POD copy of Squareware
    15 Dice / 250 Dice Stickers
    2 Double-Sided Printed Dry/Wet Erase Boards
    1 Box
    Digital Art for Mats and Dice.
    Shipping Included in pledge.

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    Ships to Only United States
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    Kickstarter is not a store.

    It's a way to bring creative projects to life.

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    Printed Kit & Fantasy Grounds Module.
    Pledge includes Shipping within the US

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    Ships to Only United States
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    Kickstarter is not a store.

    It's a way to bring creative projects to life.

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