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Meanders 4 Digital Modular Maps: Zombie, Post-Apoc and Modern Digital RPG Maps for Print and VTT. Interior, Exterior, Assets and more.
Meanders 4 Digital Modular Maps: Zombie, Post-Apoc and Modern Digital RPG Maps for Print and VTT. Interior, Exterior, Assets and more.
46 backers pledged AU$ 4,208 to help bring this project to life.
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Meanders 4 Digital Modular Maps: Zombie, Post-Apoc and Modern Digital RPG Maps for Print and VTT. Interior, Exterior, Assets and more.

Meanders: Zombie, Post-Apocalyptic, Modern RPG Digital Maps

AU$ 4,208


Welcome to the Meanders 4: Zombie, Post-Apoc and Modern Digital Map Campaign.

EDIT 16/06/2019 : Any pledge of $25 or more now automatically includes a Mega Meander Supermarket map set in that genre - if you have pledged for all three then you'll get them in all three genres. :)

This new campaign is seeking funding for a new trial range of my giant modular 27x18" digital battle-maps that fit together like dungeon tiles and match up the special repeating exit/entrance system allowing you to create huge meandering worlds in seconds for virtual tabletop.  They are all compatible with one another whether you are using series 1, 2 3 or 4. (or beyond) as the smaller and larger paths will line up with each other: roads with roads, doorways with doorways, paths with paths.  You can flip them vertically, horizontally, or rotate them to maximise use. 

With over 800 Meanders and counting already available or in the process of development for public sales later this year, the range has almost reached its lofty goal of 1000 Meanders by 2020 offering the World's Largest and most Comprehensive Modular Battle Map System with Every Meander designed to fit with almost Every other Meander allowing MILLIONS of terrain combinations. 

 This will be my 27th Kickstarter and 8th Meanders Campaign - and if it funds, bring the total of available modular maps in the series to almost 900 in total. You will be able to seamlessly blend your cities into all of my my other available Meander types including  Dwarven, Underdark, Forest, Snow, Ice, Jungle, Desert, Cave, River, Road, Village, Cemetery, Medieval City, Castle, Cthulhu, Victorian Mansion, College of Magic, Wizard Tower, Ruined Tower, Spider Forest, Dead Forest, Farm, Dungeon, Crypt, Tavern, Dragon, Ocean, Wild West, Swamp, Treetop, Mountain, Arcane Library, Mausoleum, Necromancers Lair, Plague Village, Flooded Village, Witches House & Woods, Deep Roads, temples, Mines, Gemstone Cavern, Alien Mothership, Planet, Moonbase, Galactic Cruiser and more (available and viewable from my website, also available from Steam, Fantasy Grounds, D20Pro) and control exit/entrances which can close off or open up exit/entrance points, steer your players where they want to go - or let them run wild and free anywhere they want to.  

This New Mini-Range aims to create: 

  • 18 Zombie Maps
  • 18 Post-Apocalyptic Maps
  • 18 Modern Maps

You'll get highly-detailed 300dpi JPEG digital maps, with 5 versions of each map in each set so you have the best 300dpi 8100x5400px format for printing, 8100x5400 1" square gridded/hex-gridded/non-gridded or two smaller versions of 2700x1800 and 1350x900 for VTT as required. SO no matter what you need them for - you can save time and hassle by having the map in the right format. All Meanders are built on a 1" scale so objects, passages, doorways are neatly lined up with the grids and do not interfere with movement, characters land inside the door on a square, objects don't obstruct and so on. They feature varied tiers of height (i,e street and building roof), lots of opportunities for shelter, tactical, strategic combat and exploration. As a DM, gamer and avid RPG enthusiast I know what is required of a battlemap.

 I aim to produce both Exterior battle-maps with visible roofing over the buildings and Interior battle-maps with cutaway roofs showing inside shops, homes, warehouses etc. These three sets can be used independently, with all other meanders, or allow for a time-based visual deterioration of the same city for story-telling purposes.  I will include Digital Assets with every set, Exterior or Interior.

MODERN: These three sets can be used independently, with all other meanders, or allow for a time-based visual deterioration for story-telling purposes, with the Modern being the Calm before the Storm suitable for Present Modern Day (today) scenarios in a New York flavour with shops, cars, traffic lights, street signs, hot dog vending, and everything you'd expect to see on the modern street. This set is $25 AUD for Interior and $25 AUD for Exterior.  Blank Interior/Exterior double-set $25 AUD. Interior and Exterior each include 50 digital assets.

ZOMBIE: With map sets sharing identical foundations (but different genres) it can then transition into 'All Hell Breaking Loose' with Streets devastated by a Zombie Apocalypse. Is it happening now in the moment with you populating the streets with droves of ravaging flesh-eaters, has the chaos just passed or maybe just lulled for the moment - or is this the carnage of a long-gone infestation? You decide. You'll see shops with fridges and goods raided, signs torn from buildings for barricades, trashed streets, hastily built defenses, tragic scenes and mini-stories as humanity exhibits its best and worst in a crisis, missing posters, CDC defenses over-run, checkpoints smashed, and cars crashed and burning: in effect all manner of utter carnage depicted for that all-out Zombie War. Close off the bridge in, or out, and let the games begin. This set is $25 AUD for Interior and $25 AUD for Exterior.  Blank Interior/Exterior double-set $25 AUD. Interior and Exterior each include 50 digital assets.

POST-APOCALYPTIC: You can fuse the next set with Sci-fi or Fantasy meanders, or transition even further into the future with a mad-max styled vista, streets caked in orange-yellow sand and dust, littered with radioactive ash, trashed tanks and trucks siphoned of their fuel millenia ago --- but it's still worth a look, right? Gang territories, hangars, checkpoints, overlooks, smashed buildings and ruins coupled with high rises, pulleys and chains, boards, gangplanks and other means for getting around silently to take the perfect sniper shot or watch the new meat walk straight into an ambush. The bridge in/out of town is  substituted for a highway in the Post-Apocalyptic set. This set is $25 AUD for Interior and $25 AUD for Exterior.  Blank Interior/Exterior double-set $25 AUD. Interior and Exterior each include 50 digital assets.

Blanks:  Blank maps are just like regular maps but stripped of assets/objects leaving empty streets / rooms / areas so a DM can make their own arrangements of tactical/strategic layouts using the supplied or alternate digital objects/assets.

 Digital Assets will include all manner of trash, debris, furnishings, appliances, vehicles, urban infrastructure and so on depending on the genre. Assets are supplied in individual PNG format. 

If there is high enough demand for these - I will expand these sets with future maps.

[All maps will eventually be ported to Fantasy Grounds modules.]

All of my maps are made freehand with GIMP.

EDIT 16/06/2019 : Any pledge of $25 or more now automatically includes a Mega Meander Supermarket map set in that genre - if you have pledged for all three then you'll get them in all three genres.

A Post-Apocalyptic Setting in development. (Sample Only). A rusted tank and barricade set form a narrow bottle-neck around a curve onto a main street. A darkened tunnel to the left obscures possible threats, while multiple civic overlooks and defensive buildings offer ominous advantage for an ambush. 

 EXAMPLE of HOW THEY WORK: Here are a random set of Meanders in development of the zombie genre put together featuring a raised bridge in/out of town. The street blueprint layout is visible in this sample.

Here are three of those maps in better detail. The Red X's mark the repeating entrance/exit point of Meanders - many of these doorways will be visible only in the Interiors. A desperate populace overrun by the terror of a zombie invasion has transformed the calm modern city into a scene of chaos.

Sample of Road Layout Template. 

Sample of Chaos below and defensive barricades above.

The Bridge in and out of town - raised with bike path. 

Zombie Madness.

Delivery date for these maps is December 2019/Jan 2020 if all Stretch Goals are Unlocked.]

Stretch Goals include

  • A Mega Meander (4 x the size of a regular Meander) Airport in the 3 genres. @ $3k
  • A Mega Meander Army Base in the 3 genres. @$4k

Early Bird Bonus:

Pledge in the first 48 hours and you will get a bonus High Rise Modern Rooftop Pack (image below) from my first Kickstarter campaign, re-imagined with Zombie and Post-Apocalyptic Versions. 

I also have a single Add-On.

I am offering to work with backers to create a single custom-designed map 27x18" Meander with commercial rights for 10 backers @ $95 AUD each. Ready by January 2020. 

The criterion:

  •  It must be Meanders compatible and measure 27x18"
  • It must be in one of the three genres offered here.
  • You can sell it, share it, use it in your projects - but Game Tile Warehouse reserves the right to do the same - with a caveat: GTW will not release the map until three months after you have.
  • Limit of only one custom map per backer.
  • Map specs must be submitted to me by End of July 2019 to allow me time to complete the maps. If you have not submitted specs by August 1st 2019 your custom map offer will be forfeit and the funds treated as a donation to GameTileWarehouse.
  • Please agree to these terms before pledging for a custom map.

Just add $95 to your pledge to get this Add-On. A COUNTER below will indicate how many spots are left. 

8 Custom Map Add-Ons Left.

 Here are some suggestions for making Meanders work for you: 

  •  HOME PRINTING: Although the standard maps are 27x18" these maps can be printed out easily using the free program PosteRazor which cuts the large maps into optimal PDF slices either as US Letter or A4 paper sizes so you use the minimum number of pages (approx 7 per map) suited to your printer. Simply tape the sections together making it quick, easy and inexpensive. Choose the 1" gridded (L#), hex-gridded (HX) or non-gridded (L) large hi-res formats for optimal printing. 
  •   VTT: You can use the medium/smaller versions of each map [Marked with an 'M' or 'S' in their filename] for Digital Usage VTT in programs like Fantasy Grounds or Roll20. The smaller files are gridless, give you the detail you need but are sized to suit 100px or 50px and help prevent excess load times. ['S' are recommended for Fantasy Grounds'] 
  • Maps will eventually be ported into FG module map packs but this option is not offered in this campaign.
  •   PROFESSIONAL PRINTING: There are lots of places to now upload Meanders to such places as The Game Crafter to or PrintNinja produce thicker custom boards (Approx $20-25 USD a board) or to take the designs to your local printers such as Kinko's, Officeworks, Staples etc and have them printed as laminated designs that you can wipe off. The Game Crafter also offers folding laminated boards which I use alot. 
  •   VINYL: Another alternative is to source a company that makes mouse-pads or game mats and have these printed on vinyl. The High-Resolution retains quality imaging. You don't need a lot of them to enable lots of variable terrain you can re-arrange as needed.

Return Backers are backers who have pledged in a previous successful campaign (Meanders or Any of my Campaigns) and to whom I am very grateful for their support and place in my VIP system which gives them extra rewards. Return Backers will get a special Subway Map Set in the 3 genres and can pick up all Interiors/Exteriors Maps in the 3 genres + Blanks + The special Rooftop Set for $99 AUD. If that's you - Thank you very much, we've come a long way and are very near our first destination of 1000 Meanders.

To become a VIP - simply back this Meanders campaign and the next time I run one, if you back that, you'll be eligible for similar bonuses. It doesn't need to be consecutive backing either. 

Note: Please do not abuse the honour system by pledging for the Return Backer status if you are not a Return Backer - I know most of them by name and have a detailed list.

 Why back Me? This will be my 27th Kickstarter - with all previously successful ones being 100% delivered to promise and ahead of the scheduled time-frame. If you haven't backed me before here are some reasons why you might consider backing me and what I do:     

  •  LOW/NO RISK: If funded this will be my 16th successful Kickstarter. I am extremely hard-working and specialize in completing huge digital map/tile projects and have previously delivered all succcessul projects to promise with no issues and 100% backer satisfaction - you can check the Risks section for a breakdown of previous campaigns.
  •  VERSATILITY: Meanders Digital Maps are supplied as high-res 300dpi JPG files in FIVE formats per map. Due to some VTT restrictions, these smaller maps prevent lag and still allow stylish backdrops for your game. The larger images allow you to create your own additional formats as needed. This diverse range allows you to use Meanders in virtually any way needed. 
  •  INTERCHANGEABLE: All Meanders use a repeating entry point that makes them compatible with themselves or any other Meander so you can mix and match designs to create thousands of versatile terrain layouts and customize virtually any set-up you need. You can even join them together and make the cuts where you like to get new layouts. 
  •  RANGE: There are currently 600+ Meanders in the wild and hundreds more being developed from a previous campaign to make it into stores soon. By 2020 I aim to have over 1000 Digital Maps in the Meanders Range that will cover virtually every type of room, setting or requirement for nearly any RPG and put a staggering amount of beautiful art at your fingertips. Your support will help continue new themes and expansions. 
  •  COMPLETION: I have already completed and/or drafted half of the core designs.
  •  SAVINGS: Meanders retail at $1 USD per map. By backing my Kickstarter you pledge in AUD and gain a very generous saving and don't have to wait for maps to be processed and made available from my website to the general public which can take months or even longer. 
  •  UNIQUENESS: I attempt all kinds of generic but also new and difficult depictions that feature regularly in RPG but for which there are no or few current representations - as a gamer, writer, artist, cartographer and more I combine my knowledge to produce maps that are functional not just beautiful. 
  •  DILIGENCE: This is not my first campaign - nor my first campaign making a huge amount of maps - with at least 7 of those behind me, I know what it takes, how long it takes and I strive to deliver an excellent end product on or before time that keeps my backers coming back for more. 
  •  EVOLUTION: Every campaign that funds allows me to continue expanding the range of maps and improving my skills to make them better and more diverse. By continually returning to visit past projects, finding ways to improve, evolve and make them even cooler and add more and more variants - you are helping me to create a universe of maps that I would like to eventually be available in every theme imaginable. Steampunk, Superhero, Military, 40k, Jurassic and more are in the pipeline. 
  •  SOLUTION: Meanders solve problems: they allow a DM to quickly and instantly cover a table with endless layouts in designs that are available nowhere else, both inexpensively and exhaustively. The formats have been re-designed and tweaked over their lifespan to provide the ultimate convenience and excellence for your RPG and still provide a huge level of customization without lengthy set-up times.
  •  INTERACTIVITY: I listen to and act on backers requests, suggestions and advice to create what you want - how you want. Through the agency and support of many of my backers, Meanders have been refined and reformed both functionally and aesthetically. Many Meander designs are taken from suggestions by backers and I warmly welcome yours too. 
  •  ASSURED DELIVERY: Based on my rate of work and previous experience I am estimating full delivery of all digital rewards by or before November 2019. I work very hard to complete my art before the stated deadline and get art out to backers as soon as I can - without compromising quality. To date I've not failed to deliver before or on a deadline. 
  •  TRANSPARENCY: You'll always know where I am up to with the project with regular updates and rapid comprehensive communication/replies to any issues that may arise or questions you may have. I strive to keep my backers very well informed of the good (or the bad) and even provide post-campaign support and convenience by installing a campaign graphic that shows which stage of the process I am up to at a visual glimpse, give estimated times for processes, and provide multiple ways to contact me privately or publicly at any time. 
  •  EXCELLENCE: If something isn't right, if something goes wrong, I do my absolute best to fix it quickly and definitively once I spot it or it is brought to my attention during or after my campaigns. I want my backers to have the best tools for their RPG and continually look for ways to improve my products and service. 
  •  EXTRAS: I like to take care of those who take care of me and usually offer additional bits and pieces, spare maps and VIP rewards in my campaigns as once I start creating it becomes a frenzy.
  •  TRANSFERENCE: Funds raised not only ensure new meanders, they also get sectioned off into other projects: as a result of the backing I have gotten so far I have made numerous upgrades to my computer and website, bought time to improve my skills, inc exploring other concepts to introduce to the RPG Market and extra funding makes exploring these possible.
  •  REALIZATION: As you can see I am committed to continuing the Meanders Range so my users have new and exciting maps on a semi-regular basis. I am also now writing and illustrating my own full modules for 5e D&D after securing a deal with Smiteworks Fantasy Grounds to release a set of official one-shots and a campaign set in my original RPG world of Geas.  It uses Meanders, New and Existing, and ensures users can easily add new areas, encounters and adventures of their own using my growing range which is all backwards compatible with one another. Getting to this point wouldn't have been possible without all of the support I have gotten for my art so thank you all very much!
  •  ESCALATION: Every campaign brings with it the option of millions more meanders maps combinations.
  •  VTT FUNCTION: All of these will eventually be ported into Fantasy Grounds compatible modules for my FG users.
  •  RELIABILITY: I always deliver the goods to promise and my record reflects that.
  •  COMPLETIONISM: I've stuck with Meanders for more than 3 years now, bringing hundreds of exciting new maps to my backers time after time -  and I will not stop until my campaigns cease to fund - or I reach One Thousand Meander Maps making this the world largest module map system for RPG. But I'm just getting started.
  •  EXPANSION: Click here to view my website page and other projects including the currently available 600+ Maps that these will work with:
  •  REPUTATION: Meanders currently retail from Fantasy Grounds, Steam, D20 Pro and my own website, Game Tile Warehouse. They are also used by numerous Streamers, Gamers, Savage Mojo and various indie-developers.
  •  CONTINUATION: I am dedicated to expanding these maps indefinitely, even with 1000 maps I will have only scratched the surface of what is possible, already I am dreaming of volcanoes, wasteland, elemental planes, outlands, swamp and expansions to existing map sets... thanks, to You!

Full Delivery or Map Packs are slated for December 2019-Jan 2020 if all Stretch-Goals are unlocked.

The Campaign will run for two weeks, then, if it funds, it takes 18 days for funds to arrive in my bank  from Kickstarter - the day after which - any and all completed rewards will be sent out to backers. I work during my campaigns and have Never delivered one late .

Thank you very much for visiting this campaign page and viewing its content. If you have any questions relating to the campaign, the maps, assets etc. I am always on standby to answer them or never far away. Just msg me publicly or privately. Thank you :)  

Kind Regards,  

Kris McDermott

CEO of


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Overview: Creators such as me seek funding to offer a product (in this case digital maps) to you for pledging money toward my campaign. You need a credit card to make a pledge. 

Pledging is as simple as choosing a reward offered for helping to make the project a reality and contributing funds to the campaign. You can contribute as little as $1 or $1m, but most backers (you) pledge for set reward amounts.. 

Funded: If the campaign reaches its funding level (ie. $1,250) it is successful and the Creator can then set about creating the product. Kickstarter campaigns have a set amount of days that they run for, this one is 14. If the project over-funds, some campaigns offer Stretch-Goals, which is free stuff that the Creator will include with set reward tiers. In this case I'm offering extra sets of giant maps if the campaign reaches specific points of funding.

Payment: Kickstarter won't take any money from you until all those days run out and the campaign closes at which point Kickstarter will then try to take the money you contributed from your bank account. If it can't it will send you a warning and you'll have 7 days to try and fix an errors. If you can't fix the error (i.e. not enough money in the account) you will be dropped by Kickstarter as a backer after 7 days is up. 

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Delivery: Delivery of rewards is usually given a timeline detailed in the pledge itself. Here, December (though I will be trying very hard for November). I cannot speak for other creators, but I have Never delivered a Kickstarter late and usually deliver early. Unfortunately many kickstarters have difficulty delivering on time and sometimes at all - but I am pleased and proud to say I am not one of them.  In the case of this campaign, you will receive links in your Kickstarter messages to download your digital rewards from folders stored online making it super-easy to get what you paid for. 

Satisfaction: Creators strive to produce the best results they can for your kind and generous contributions toward our endeavours. I am no exception - thanks to Kickstarter and thousands of backers I am still here making maps and other RPG tools which are now used around the world.

Dissatisfaction: Not all Kickstarters go to plan - personal issues such as illness, loss of data, equipment failures, death and other factors such as shipping, taxes, manufacturing errors, badly calculated costs or other estimations and other processes in the logistics of delivery can slow or even prevent a Kickstarter from being delivered. Kickstarter is a risk, often it pays off and you get something wonderful - but sometimes it doesn't and your money is swallowed and gone. Unfortunately some creators fall silent and never report what has happened leading to thousands of angry backers posting walls of remarks on their campaign page. But - the majority are willing to work out any issues - you can contact Creators through kickstarter publically or privately but again - on occasion no resolution will be found. With 27 Kickstarters and many successes, over 1000 comments to backers on record and a spotless reputation for doing what I say I will do, I am not one of those creators. I treat complaints seriously, deal with issues immediately and do my best to help resolve any problems professionally. 

Risks and challenges

This is now familiar territory with little to no risk and I will be working right throughout the campaign and after it to finish any remainder as efficiently as possible.

Created Art is backed up on Google Drive immediately after it is finalized as well as on two other hard-drives so it cannot suffer loss. Short of personal injury or loss of my equipment nothing in my power will prevent this kickstarter from being completed on time.

I have funded and delivered to promise a dozen giant digital kickstarters in my career and ahead of time as a creator with no issues - Everything will be ready to be delivered in full. I am a professional, dedicated to delivering on time and to promise and this campaign will be no exception. I am always on stand-by to answer any questions you may have and an active supporter in the Kickstarter community. Check my message replies to see comprehensive follow-up and support since I began using Kickstarter three years ago and you can also view my previous project listings statuses below.

Kind Regards,
Kris McDermott

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    Any Single Digital Map Set. Add $25 more for EACH additional map set. Each Interior or Exterior set includes 50 Digital Assets. [Blank Double-Sets do not include Digital Assets]

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