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80 New High-Resolution RPG Terrain Battle Map Extensions for Jungle, Snow, Forest & Desert. VTT Compatible / Gridded / 300Dpi JPEG.
80 New High-Resolution RPG Terrain Battle Map Extensions for Jungle, Snow, Forest & Desert. VTT Compatible / Gridded / 300Dpi JPEG.
65 backers pledged AU$ 3,917 to help bring this project to life.


80 New High-Resolution RPG Terrain Battle Map Extensions for Jungle, Snow, Forest & Desert. VTT Compatible / Gridded / 300Dpi JPEG.

Meanders 4: A New Wave of Fantasy RPG Battle Maps

AU$ 3,917


Welcome to the first wave of Meanders 4: Synchable Terrain. This is my 22nd Kickstarter and I am a solo digital artist that makes detailed digital maps and rpg tools.I am running a compact 14 day campaign seeking funds to produce 80 new digital maps and aim to push the available Meanders Map series to over 550 interchangeable designs with this campaign hopefully adding at least 80 to the range with the potential for 30 and even 110 more with a Nighttime map version stretchgoal.

[EDIT: The Art for the Core 80 Maps is now 92% complete - Delivery is Now Scheduled a Month Early in Late November 2018]

Meanders 4 begins with a new wave of exciting expansions to existing core terrain types to keep it fresh, blow up your options even more, and keep your players on their toes. I have made new Jungle, Forest, Desert and Snow and with now considerable experience under my belt from your support guys - these are some of my best work yet. I've looked at what was lacking  and built a huge array of Cave Entrances and Caves, Mountains, Alpine and Mountain Road Passes, Alpine and Mountain Roads, Castles, Ravines, Low-land Forest, Fields, Hobbit Hills and more.

For those of you who don't know what Meanders are -: a brief summary: 

  • Meander is an old word meaning 'winding course' - and synchable means to do more than one thing at a time. Meanders were originally designed to offer a random sprawl of paths for DM's seeking filler between main missions and quests - but now feature areas for that too.
  • They are a versatile set of 300dpi digital JPG RPG maps that act like huge joinable dungeon tiles. 
  • Meanders are designed not just to fill your table quickly with gorgeous functional tactical terrain - but as act an all-in-one DM tool. Every one is supplied as a bundle of formats ideal for high res printing, with assorted grids, or for virtual gaming. The large size is 8100x5400px or 18x27" with no grid. In addition there is a 1" gridded square version, a hex grid version, a version sized at 2700x1800 or perfect for 100px VTT gaming, and finally a version sized at 1350x900 which is perfect for Fantasy Grounds or other VTT's and suits a 50-60px grid. The different types mean every Meander can be used for whatever you need it for. 
  • Every map uses a repeating exit/entrance point so that you can flip them left to right, up or down and the paths will still line up when matched with almost any other Meander.  Because there are hundreds of different maps - not every Meander suitably goes with every other meander visually - there are BLENDERS which gradually fade from one terrain into another - but the smaller path system will always line up including with itself.
  • My aim is to create at least 1000 of them by 2021 to enable users of Meanders to have an almost unlimited range of maps at their fingertips for almost any genre. Currently there are over 450 mix and matchable meander maps available in sci-fi, fantasy and many other genres thanks to 5 previous campaigns and the combined support of hundreds of backers.

EXAMPLE of HOW THEY WORK: Here are a random set of Meanders put together: The concept allows meanders to fit together regardless of genre and regardless of whether you are using series 1, 2 3 or 4.

You can stitch them together digitally however you like and then make the borders to the map wherever you like as well so that you don't have to be constrained by the exits/entrances. You can assemble an entire world if you want to.

 The pink spots indicate the smaller pathways - the 'Meandering' pathways - while the yellow marks indicate the width and location of rivers or roads. 

Here are some suggestions for making Meanders work for you: 

  • HOME PRINTING: Although the standard maps are 27x18" these maps can be printed out easily using the free program PosteRazor which cuts the large maps into optimal PDF slices either as US Letter or A4 paper sizes so you use the minimum number of pages (approx 7 per map) suited to your printer. Simply tape the sections together making it quick, easy and inexpensive. Choose the 1" gridded (L#), hex-gridded (HX) or non-gridded (L) large hi-res formats for optimal printing. 
  •  VTT: You can use the medium/smaller versions of each map [Marked with an 'M' or 'S' in their filename] for Digital Usage VTT in programs like Fantasy Grounds or Roll20. The smaller files are gridless, give you the detail you need but are sized to suit 100px or 50px and help prevent excess load times. ['S' are recommended for Fantasy Grounds'] 
  •  PROFESSIONAL PRINTING: There are lots of places to now upload Meanders to such places as The Game Crafter to or PrintNinja produce thicker custom boards (Approx $20-25 USD a board) or to take the designs to your local printers such as Kinko's, Officeworks, Staples etc and have them printed as laminated designs that you can wipe off. The Game Crafter also offers folding laminated boards which I use alot. 
  •  VINYL: Another alternative is to source a company that makes mouse-pads or game mats and have these printed on vinyl. The High-Resolution retains quality imaging. You don't need a lot of them to enable lots of variable terrain you can re-arrange as needed.

 Here is a look at most of the new maps (minus Jungle). I've continued to try and push the boundaries as well as provide functional needed map extensions for existing ones, extra road pieces, cavern entrances, deeper forest, alpine roads, and cool entrances and exits that can be used to transition to your next map. I've played with elevation, put a frozen T-Rex skeleton under the ice, made a huge new castle, icy bridge ravines, ominous mine or desert tomb entrance, desert villages and temples, cave interiors, swing bridge passes and more. Lets take a closer look at some of these... you can also see zoom ins in the Header art for this campaign.

Mucking about in the Fens? These new additions feature a variety of road add-ons mixing forestry and low-level swampland with little dirt paths meandering here there and everywhere. 

 Going Indiana Style? My new maps feature a core and sometimes variant version of a design so that you can mix-it up even more.  Featuring lots of ENDERS - which allow you to arrive players at their destination after their long Meander - I've made dozens of sweet stops for boss battles, tone-setting, or just to wow your players with what they're about to step into.  

 Icy fortress with turrets and towers on a frozen mountainside with dead trees and a ravine full of skulls crossed by a drawbridge that connects to other ice meander maps? Check. 

Fight through the Steaming Jungle to a forgotten temple on the precipice of a cavern waterfall - what lies at the top, what has time forgotten? 

 And here are some samples loaded into a Virtual Table Top (Fantasy Grounds in this case) from the newly designed jungle series - with gridding and PC tokens. [Check Update #1 for more info]

 Log Crossing.

 Temple Swing-bridge Entrance.

Jungle Mountain Ruin.

 Deep Dual-Ravine.

 Fortress, Waterfall, and Statues.

 Archaeological Dig.

 Treetop Village.

I am gearing up for a crazy amount of Meanders from now until this time next year - with lots of maps planned. But here are some Stretch Goals: 

4k - 12 New Maps featuring a Mix of Tundra, Grasslands and Ocean-themes. (EST Delivery 1st Jan 2019)

6k - 12 new maps featuring a Mix of Volcanic, Elemental and Wasteland-themes. (EST Delivery 1st Jan 2019)

7k - 12 New Maps featuring Savanna, Prairies, Farmland (EST Delivery 1st Jan 2019)

8k - Night-time versions of Every map with fireflies, road torches, campfires, moon and other sources of light and some nocturnal surprises. (EST Delivery 1st Jan 2019)

I'm excited to share some of the new features I've been working on. As a creator working day in day out with my tools its only natural to evolve and try new things to explore what is truly possible with maps. Extending shadows for instance to create the illusion of much higher trees and - while creating mountains - I kept naturally changing perspective as a result of playing with vertical height and I kept gradually changing maps from top-down to almost side-on. Since it was accidental and experimental - I loaded them into Fantasy Grounds VTT software to check if they were actually functional. Here is what it look like with a grid and players tokens. Pretty awesome right? It think it genuinely captures that elusive feeling of height missing from high-range terrain and a dozen or so of my new meanders among the 80 are like this. 

 Here is another sample where Dire Wolves are guarding the Temple. A grid has been laid over and one of the PC's is targeting the Dire Wolf.  

The purpose of these vertical maps is to provide exciting entrances to your other maps - Meanders or otherwise - while still being fully functional. Just as a film director constantly changes the viewing angle now and then to create a more exciting atmopshere - some of these new meanders will allow players to feel like they are literally walking up the side of a mountain...  As a DM I have checked these to ensure distance, combat, targeting etc are not affected by the map design and can safely say I had no issues, and will be working these style maps into my future games as showpieces.

 This time around - instead of trying to make every map fit every other map which tends to flatten impact visually, restrict functionally, and foster over-familiarity with the design by players - Meanders 4 still uses the repeating entrance/exit but less focus is given on making every single entrance/exit accessible. The 'Synching' part of my map design wherein I go back through and try to ensure they synch up with as many of their fellows as possible is still in effect - but is being relaxed for this series of terrain extensions so that the designs are more random, more dynamic, more realistic and more of a surprise to BEGIN, END or BLEND your world. 

  Return Backers [also known as VIP's] are backers who have backed a previous Meanders Campaign. Their continuous support is instrumental in my ability to have done what I have done and to keep doing this and so to show my appreciation to them - I offer something extra each time I run a new Meanders campaign besides a special discount pledge level. Thank you VIP's! This time your extra rewards include: 

  • A Special Sorcery Portal Pack for Meanders featuring 8 sites of Ritual Worship, Ceremonial Magic and Outright Chaos using a range of special digital effects.
  • 2 x World Meander Map Sections

To become a VIP - simply back this Meanders campaign and the next time I run one, if you back that, you'll be eligible for similar bonuses. It doesn't need to be consecutive backing either. If you have not backed a Meander campaign before, please do not select the 'Return Backer/VIP' Pledge level.

Why back Me? This will be my 22nd Kickstarter - with all previously successful ones being 100% delivered to promise and ahead of the scheduled time-frame. My previous, Shipstarter, is 82% completed and also well on track to being delivered early. If you haven't backed me before here are some reasons why you might consider backing me and what I do:     

  • LOW/NO RISK: If funded this will be my 13th successful Kickstarter. I am extremely hard-working and specialize in completing huge digital map/tile projects and have previously delivered 11 projects to promise with no issues and 100% backer satisfaction -and am 82% of the way through my last previous one, Shipstarter. Those project details are listed in my risks section. 
  • VERSATILITY: Meanders Digital Maps are supplied as high-res 300dpi JPG files in FIVE formats per map. Due to VTT restrictions, these smaller maps prevent lag and still allow stylish backdrops for your game. The larger images allow you to create your own additional formats as needed. This diverse range allows you to use Meanders in virtually any way needed. 
  • INTERCHANGEABLE: All Meanders use a repeating entry point that makes them compatible with themselves or any other Meander so you can mix and match designs to create thousands of versatile terrain layouts and customize virtually any set-up you need. You can even join them together and make the cuts where you like to get new layouts. 
  • RANGE: There are currently 460+ Meanders in the wild. By 2021 I aim to have over 1000 Digital Maps in the Meanders Range that will cover virtually every type of room, setting or requirement for nearly any RPG and put a staggering amount of beautiful art at your fingertips. Your support will help continue new themes and expansions. 
  • COMPLETION: I have already completed and/or drafted 50 maps of the core 80.
  •  CUSTOM CREATIVITY: The option to purchase vectors independantly from the maps with blank map sets opens up the ability to modify and customize furnishings and maps to suit. 
  • COMMERCIAL LICENSES: A limited number of Commercial Licenses to create and sell your own Meanders using GTW Vectors are available to just 7 backers. I offer extremely generous terms and an easy way to get maps/map art into your next game or module. 
  • SAVINGS: Meanders retail at $1 USD per map. By backing my Kickstarter you pledge in AUD and gain a very generous saving and don't have to wait for maps to be processed and made available from my website to the general public which can take months or even longer. 
  • UNIQUENESS: I attempt all kinds of generic but also new and difficult depictions that feature regularly in RPG but for which there are no or few current representations - as a gamer, writer, artist, cartographer and more I combine my knowledge to produce maps that are functional not just beautiful. 
  • DILIGENCE: This is not my first campaign - nor my first campaign making a huge amount of maps - with at least 6 of those behind me, I know what it takes, how long it takes and I strive to deliver an excellent end product on or before time that keeps my backers coming back for more. 
  • EVOLUTION: Every campaign that funds allows me to continue expanding the range of maps and improving my skills to make them better and more diverse. By continually returning to visit past projects, finding ways to improve, evolve and make them even cooler and add more and more variants - you are helping me to create a universe of maps that I would like to eventually be available in every theme imaginable. Military, Steampunk, Superhero, Modern and more are in the pipeline. 
  • SOLUTION: Meanders solve problems: they allow a DM to quickly and instantly cover a table with endless layouts in designs that are available nowhere else, both inexpensively and exhaustively. The formats have been re-designed and tweaked over their lifespan to provide the ultimate convenience and excellence for your RPG and still provide a huge level of customization without lengthy set-up times.
  • INTERACTIVITY: I listen to and act on backers requests, suggestions and advice to create what you want - how you want. Through the agency and support of many of my backers, Meanders have been refined and reformed both functionally and aesthetically. Many Meander designs are taken from suggestions by backers and I warmly welcome yours too. 
  • ASSURED DELIVERY: Based on my rate of work and previous experience I am estimating full delivery of all digital rewards by or before January 1st 2019. I work very hard to complete my art before the stated deadline and get art out to backers as soon as I can - without compromising quality. To date I've not failed to deliver before or on a deadline. 
  • TRANSPARENCY: You'll always know where I am up to with the project with regular updates and rapid comprehensive communication/replies to any issues that may arise or questions you may have. I strive to keep my backers very well informed of the good (or the bad) and even provide post-campaign support and convenience by installing a campaign graphic that shows which stage of the process I am up to at a visual glimpse, give estimated times for processes, and provide multiple ways to contact me privately or publicly at any time. 
  • EXCELLENCE: If something isn't right, if something goes wrong, I do my absolute best to fix it quickly and definitively once I spot it or it is brought to my attention during or after my campaigns. I want my backers to have the best tools for their RPG and continually look for ways to improve my products and service. 
  • EXTRAS: I like to take care of those who take care of me and usually offer additional bits and pieces, spare maps and VIP rewards in my campaigns as once I start creating it becomes a frenzy.
  • TRANSFERENCE: Funds raised not only ensure new meanders, they also get sectioned off into other projects: as a result of the backing I have gotten so far I have made numerous upgrades to my computer and website, bought time to improve my skills, inc developing and manufactured a special new dice kit for Dnd5e that I am attempting to fund in a relaunch. In addition to this I am exploring other concepts to introduce to the RPG Market and extra funding makes exploring these possible.
  • REALIZATION: As you can see I am committed to continuing the Meanders Range so my users have new and exciting maps on a semi-regular basis. I am also now writing and illustrating my own full modules for 5e D&D after securing a deal with Smiteworks Fantasy Grounds to release a set of official one-shots and a campaign set in my original RPG world of Geas (Coming in December).  It uses Meanders, New and Existing, and ensures users can easily add new areas, encounters and adventures of their own using my growing range which is all backwards compatible with one another. Getting to this point wouldn't have been possible without all of the support I have gotten for my art so thank you all very much!

Full Delivery is slated for 1 January 2019 if all Stretch-Goals are unlocked - otherwise December 2018. 

The Campaign will run for two weeks, then, if it funds, it takes 18 days for funds to arrive in my bank  from Kickstarter - the day after which - any and all completed rewards will be sent out to backers. I work during my campaigns and have never delivered one late - and almost always early.

Thank you very much for visiting this campaign page and viewing its content. If you have any questions relating to the campaign, the maps, vectors etc. I am always on standby to answer them or never far away. Just msg me publicly or privately. Thank you :)  

Kind Regards,  

Kris McDermott

Risks and challenges

This is now familiar territory with little to no risk. Approx 75% of the art involved is complete and I will be working right throughout the campaign and after it to finish any remainder as efficiently as possible.

This will be my eleventh successful digital campaign if it funds and I have worked out an efficient delivery system/method based on previous digital supply projects.

Created Art is backed up on Google Drive immediately after it is finalized as well as on two other hard-drives so it cannot suffer loss. Short of personal injury nothing in my power will prevent this kickstarter from being completed on time.

I have funded and delivered to promise ten giant digital kickstarters in my career and ahead of time as a creator with no issues - Everything will be ready to be delivered in full by August - and - any completed art will be sent to backers the day after funds clear. I am a professional, dedicated to delivering on time and to promise and this campaign will be no exception. I am always on stand-by to answer any questions you may have and an active supported in the Kickstarter community. Check my message replies to see comprehensive follow-up and support since I began using Kickstarter two years ago and you can also view my previous project listings statuses below.

Perhaps the biggest risk is if we make it to Meanders Five and I have to try and make every header rhyme again ;) Did you notice over the years?

Kind Regards,
Kris McDermott

***Previous Project Status***
Shipstarter on Kickstarter
Successfully Funded 406%
114 Backers
***Reward fulfillment 85% Completed.***

***Previous Project Status***
Meanders 3: Magic, Murder & Mayhem
Successfully Funded 253%
23 Backers
***Reward fulfillment 99% Completed.***

Meanders 3: Dungeons, Dragons & Dwarves
Successfully Funded 661%
72 Backers
Funded 18th Feb 2018
***Reward fulfillment 100% Completed.***

Digital Dungeon Bytz
Successfully Funded 416%
39 Backers
Funded 30th Dec 2017
***Reward fulfillment 100% Completed.***

Digital Terrain Tiles
Successfully funded @ $512%
71 Backers
Funded 18th Nov 2017
***Reward fulfillment 100% Completed.***

Digital Dungeon Rooms
Successfully funded @ 820%
97 Backers
Funded 18th Aug 2017
***Reward fulfillment 100% Completed.***

Meanders 2 Wave 2: Sci-Fi Digital Maps
Successfully funded at 572%
69 Backers
Funded 11th June 2017
***Reward fulfillment 100% Completed.***

Meanders 2 Wave 1: Fantasy Digital Maps
Successfully funded at 1428%
121 Backers
Funded 27th March 2017
***Reward fulfillment 100% Completed.***

Digital Coin Forge: Layered Template Device for Designing RPG Coins
Successfully funded at 968%
36 Backers
Funded 3rd January 2016
***Reward Fulfillment 100% Completed:***

Meanders: Themed Boards with Connecting Paths for RPG
Successfully funded at 193%
93 Backers
Funded 9th November 2016
***Reward Fulfillment 100% Completed***

Soloman Temple Squares
Successfully funded 144 %
20 Backers
Funded September 8 2016
*** Reward Fulfillment 100% Completed ***

Urban RPG City Rooftops
Successfully funded @ 138%
14 backers
Funded Jul 7 2016
*** Reward Fulfilment 100% Completed ***

Day/Night Reversible Deluxe City Rooftop Tile Set for RPG
Successfully funded @ 445%
38 backers
Funded Feb 12 2016
*** Reward Fulfilment 100% Completed ***

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