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GAME START wants some feedback on this project. What do you like? What could be better? Anything missing?

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    1. GAME START 3-time creator 1 day ago

      Hi Paul,
      surely the Addon will also have a whole system dedicated to combat between spaceships, many of you are asking us about it and on this we can already reassure you.

      Your idea of a system of tiles on a larger scale to create playable worlds is something we have been thinking about for a long time, but it needs a kickstarter of its own to be realized, too many elements to consider. We would first like to complete the "Worlds Creator" line with this futuristic setting.

      Thank you for your feedback, it was very important for us.

    2. Missing avatar

      Paul DiPastina 3 days ago

      I would actually be interested in some kind of add on or future product that supports hex grid starfinder ship combat. Here's a neat thought:

      Hex based "overworld" system. Could be used to portray landmasses, oceans, space, "fog of war" etc. I don't know if this is a good idea for an "expansion" or if this is just maybe another idea for a kickstarter since it's so different, but I know a lot of games that use hex-based maps for the world map. The reason this would be a neat idea is:

      1.) You don't want to mix and match "overworld" tiles with "tactical gameplay" tiles for the most part, so it wouldn't be a bad thing if the tilesystems were slightly incompatible due to shape and scale of content.
      2.) You could reveal new tiles as your players explore the world by snapping them on or flipping them over - note that it might be fun to have some tiles with a "fog of war" side for that reason.
      3.) You could draw on the overworld tiles to create map notes - this works better with wet erase, though, since you can count on the marks sticking around and not rubbing off. Might be hard to achieve on top of cardboard tiles. But it would be great for charting courses and tracking progress along a route.
      4.) You could use standees to mark locations on the overworld map as well. They could either have hand written labels, images of locations the players have discovered, flags / coats of arms / insignias (for nations - maybe with a space for the name underneath), symbols for vendors or even NPC cards from the standard tactical sets to note where the party's NPC associates are staying.

      And of course if you make one set of tiles into a tactical space combat tileset you could rapidly assemble a star map and even place it on top of a starfield themed battlemat so you lose none of the advantages of an expansive battlemat starfield and gain the ability to piece together an entire encounter's worth of features using the interlocking system.

      Just thoughts, daydreams for what I'd love to do with this system at a different scale.

    3. Damian Guitian
      6 days ago


      Counting down the days to the launch of this Campaign!

    4. GAME START 3-time creator 7 days ago

      Hi Richard, thanks for your feedback!
      We are sure that your requests will be met by our kickstarter!

      As for the characters of Starfinder, our product wants to be "universal", we have included many models inspired by different game systems. We are sure that many of them can be used to identify your favorite races

    5. Richard deMorris

      D: Expansion ideas.

      I'd like to see the project be able to support Starfinder starship combat. Maybe get a series of 1 inch die-cut hex items that could be placed flat on the starfield map. Asteroids, destroyed starship debris, floating weapon arrays, etc. Maybe even get a few new starships pawns to spice up a GM's starship combat.

      I'd also love to get character pawns of the most popular Starfinder races and monsters. Skittermanders, lashunta, kasatha, shirren, vesk, ysoki, etc.

      After seeing a few items in play, I'd like to see terrain decor items, more than just additional barricades. Items like vending machines or ATMs, neon advertising signs, computer consoles, trash piles, burning trash bins, privacy booth, etc.

      In addition to the above, I'd like to see narrow corridors as not every adventure takes place in wide open areas that could have two lanes of vehicular traffic. It'd help GMs out and not have a lot of marker use to black out the unneeded space for certain encounters.

    6. Pmopu on

      A1, B3, C4 are my favourites.

    7. Mason Zedaker

      A1,B1,C6. C6 so that we have room to write on the standee. I would love a regular, modern set, with modern horror support.

    8. zebra Matt on

      A1, B3, C6

    9. Missing avatar

      Brandon on

      This project looks awesome especially when you create it and make a custom campaign. For the survey A3, B3, C6. As for the expansion part maybe more customizable figures and some sci-fi vehicles but the vehicles in a 3d. But I am getting hooked in this.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark Tarver on

      Looks great - would be nice to see any ideas on pledge levels (unless I’ve missed it on my phone), as I know people who would be after components but not the whole package - is certainly get the status tokens as a set by them selves.

    11. Sabrina Jade Summers on

      A3 B3 C2

      Looking forward to an Artist level backing on this one too.

    12. Damian Guitian

      I went all-in on Fantasy World Creator (Artist Limited Edition) so looking forward to this!

    13. Jeff Glover on

      A1, B1, C1
      This looks amazing

    14. GAME START 3-time creator on

      Hi guys, your feedback is very interesting! thank you all!

      @Henrik: soon we will show you the product live, so you can judge for yourself the variety of colors

    15. Missing avatar

      Clif Shafer on

      Hello team, I absolutely love this and can't wait for it to go live so I can find this product



      C1 (having an off color variation will make it much easier to determine facing sides, per gameplay and mechanical)

      And, of course I would love to see an expansion

    16. Maximiliano on


      A1, B2, C3


      Some tiles of matrix (like shadowrun)

      Some tiles of industry city (like hiedi prime from Dune)

      Great work, i can’t wait for it.

    17. Missing avatar

      Henrik Laursen on

      A1, B2, C4
      Suggestions for Expansion box:
      Tokens: "Blips": Identical fronts showing possible movement/unidentified point of interest, backs showing some cool sci-fi graphic but with a circular space to write 1-2 numbers/letters. Quantity: 20.
      Characters/Pawn: Automated Sentry Gun, Gun drone,
      Vehicle tokens: APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) Wheeled, Alien APC equivalent Suspensor, Small Shuttle Craft (= truck in size), Small Alien Shuttle Craft, Sci-fi motorcycles, Sci-fi Helicopter
      Tiles: Width 1" tiles to be used as air ducts/crawl spaces/technical corridors/Narrow Alleys.
      The graphics looks very nice on my screen, but I am a bit concerned that the printed tiles will be too dark when looking at them across the table.

    18. GAME START 3-time creator on

      Hi Wayne, thanks for your feedback! from your requests we understand that Future World Creator will fully meet your expectations

    19. Wayne Rankin on

      A1, B1/B2, C2/C4, D - Industrial complex tiles, military vehicles, modular shuttle craft tiles, cyberpunk style pawns, cyberpace tiles for hackers, horrific alien pawns, ancient high tech temple tiles, volcanic or hostile planet tiles.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jessica Teipel (Laikwa)

      A1, B3, C4

    21. Missing avatar

      TREGARO on

      A1, not so sure for the rest ;)

      Thx for this survey, it's interesting to see what people think ;)

    22. Lorenzo Caselli on

      A1, B3, C6

    23. GAME START 3-time creator on

      Hi Anne, all Future World tiles will be compatible with the Fantasy ones. The box will be very large this time, with plenty of room for the inner tray, but it will have to be unlocked in the goals.

    24. GAME START 3-time creator on

      Thanks! we'll fix it

    25. GAME START 3-time creator on

      Hi Hunter Mayer, thanks for your feedback.
      We followed your advice removing the capital letter from the title. Regarding the term "App" (short for "application") we are forced to use it in the title because Kickstarter allows only a limited number of letters. That term is then taken up in the text, for continuity.

      The standes will be of different colors, so you are free to use what you prefer, if you don't like black on black, blue, red or green can work.

      If we have not understood your point of view well, can you explain us better? if you prefer you can also write to us at info@gamestartedizioni.it

    26. Lexx on

      A4, B1, C4
      There is a small spelling error at MULTILEVELS CUSTOM BUILDINGS.


    27. Anne van Dijk

      A3 (strongly) B3/B1 (Either way) C1 (no strong opinion)

      I hope the box design will be a bit better thought out in comparison to the Fantasy tiles. Kinda bummed that there is no division in that box/enough room for all the expansions etc. Consider that for this one!

      Love that you included the download for the artwork, that really helps in clarity.

      As for the expansion, I would love to see some things to connect with the Fantasy tiles. Or otherwise another setting would be pretty neat.

    28. Missing avatar

      Philip Smith on

      A2, B2, Ç2

    29. Missing avatar


      A1, B2, C1

    30. Hunter Mayer

      A1, B2 (standees need to stand out!), C...meh...

      None of these 'stand' out... All the standees I have that are black/dark bordered never play well from all angles. I know you want immersion, but to be function first, then the photo shoot second. Case and point. The standees in your photos simply don't stand out until you lean in. I am not playing my games 12" from the table. 24-48"is more typical, the dude at the end away from the game master gets the worst of it. These standees are nearly black on black, dark and brooding. Anything but perfect lighting and I see these not being very functional. If the card stock interior is white then maybe... but if to make this 'pop' you need to outline your elements. If I have to after market adjust the edges so they are clear... then I am not as excited.

      Regarding the title... Just to be clear "APP" is NOT an abbreviation for anything else but just short for application? Just looks off to bold certain words, like APP and TABLETOP. I've never seen the appeal of capitalizing title elements like this, I always read it as yelling. This is the title EVERY email will have, and it will be annoying to see. Sure, there is excitement now, but consider checking that. Put that emphasis in an image you can change later.

      The photo shoot layout is nice. but thats not how these will be used 99% of the time.

      Anyway, just 2 cents for you to consider.

    31. Missing avatar

      Paul Maloney on


    32. Ktar on

      A1, B1, C1

    33. Kevin Payne

      A1 B1 C2

    34. Hayden Rathburn on

      A3, B2, C1

    35. Kelmerald on

      A1 B2 C2

    36. Missing avatar

      Jake Harrison

      @Gamestart Actually, I think you answered the question, thanks. How well will this set mix with the Fantasy one?

    37. Missing avatar

      Flavio C. on

      A2, B1, C1

    38. Andy S. on

      A2 B1 C2

    39. Missing avatar

      Mary Miller

      A1 B3 C1

    40. Missing avatar

      Ward on

      A2 B1 C2

    41. Emilia Rinaldi on

      A3, B1, C2
      This looks so cool!

    42. GeneralEcks on

      A1 B1 C2

    43. Brian Thibodeau on

      A2 B3 C1

    44. Missing avatar

      Paul DiPastina on

      A1, B1, C3

    45. Missing avatar

      neil hufford on

      A2, B4, C4

    46. Jack Noron

      A2, B1, C3

    47. Erik Contreras on

      A1, B3, C3

    48. Richard deMorris

      A1, B2, C4

    49. GAME START 3-time creator on

      Hi Guys!!!
      In the image with the wording (DOWNLOAD FWC ARTWORK PREVIEW) you can click and look better at some of the illustrations that have been made for this project!
      Click icon (heart) "notify me on launch" and do not miss a special gift and price!

    50. WrathPhoenix on

      Also, I forgot, A2, B2, C2,

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Imagine that for the first time you can explore the boundaries of your adventures like never before. FUTURE WORLD CREATOR will allow you to visit planets with futuristic metropolis, post apocalyptic territories, alien worlds or space bases. Use the spaceships to travel in other star systems.

FUTURE WORLD CREATOR is designed to visually support all Sci-Fi gaming systems (ROLE-PLAYING GAMES and BOARDGAMES).


280 illustrations, unique, ultra-detailed and craftsmanship, out of 600 items available, will give your gaming sessions a huge variety of customizations, with more than 15,000 possible variations!

 The "puzzle" system allows the total reversibility and compatibility of each plank with the others. 

Building tiles are developed on two sides: side A includes the roof of the building and side B the interior setting. This way you can reveal the inside of the buildings only when the players decide to enter.

All room tiles can be used separately or multilevels to give you the opportunity to have more levels for each building.

        You can mark the levels of the floors and allow each player to stay in different rooms of the same building at the same time with the use of the floor indicator.

We wanted the characters to have an important weight in the project, 82 different types of races and classes each in several copies. All the copies are personalized, for example in the color of the clothing, in the dimensions and other details, so as to make each piece unique. We have included bases of 4 different colors improving the immediate identification of the various characters in the game.

54 different status tokens, 4x each and with the custom ones you can create everything you need

Every futuristic setting must have car chases! Do you want to recreate them in Future World? now you can, using vehicle tokens! and if they are destroyed, you can turn them over and then use them as cover in the shootings!

And shooting requires covers. Different tokens are included to implement them. Or you can draw them directly on the tiles!

Characterize any element of Future World Creator using markers of 4 different colors. Add any detail you think is important. Without limits.

The provided WEB-APP will allow you to create campaigns that can always be updated in every detail.

Share your adventures with the community or use those already shared by other users.

 Access to the application will be free for the duration of the Kickstarter.

Maximum reliability and resistance to wear over time: all Future World Creator materials are two millimeters thick and plastic laminated on both sides.

Risks and challenges

This is our 4th Kickstarter, all projects have been supported and delivered successfully.
We believe that constantly informing and supporting our backers in every phase of the project (presentation - production - shipping - customer support) is the best form of respect.
This is our philosophy.

Aware that there may be delays that do not depend on us but on production in China or the customs. Also, due to the logistics of international shipping, backers in different regions of the world may receive their rewards sooner than others.

The mission is to present products of the highest quality and that can improve your gaming experiences, giving you hours of fun.

All components will be produced in China and will respect the best quality standards that we always guarantee for our products.
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