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A new sword-and-sorcery campaign setting for the Savage Worlds game system!
A new sword-and-sorcery campaign setting for the Savage Worlds game system!
117 backers pledged $2,433 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Mitch A. Williams

      Another month of silence.... you guys should be ashamed when Mike Nistal (sp) is giving out more updates than you are!

    2. Mitch A. Williams

      According to update #5, "Chronicle City" is supposed to be the distributors for this possible vaporware...

      I have sent them a note to see if they can help get these guys talking to us again.

    3. Mitch A. Williams

      A question for the four $50 honorable mention backers... Did these guys ever contact you about your NPC contribution?

    4. Mike Brodu on

      I guess they just don't give a f**k, considering it's *only* 117 people who're waiting for this. They got the money (and all things considered, it wasn't that much), and it's all long spent already, I'm sure.

    5. Mitch A. Williams

      10 Months late and an average of 1 update every 2 months is NOT acceptable. The time is not the worst of it... the lack of communication is!

    6. Mitch A. Williams

      And now we have another 3 week period of these folks not even signing on to check on their project...

    7. Mitch A. Williams

      Now two months with no update and they haven't even logged onto this site for almost 3 weeks.

    8. Mitch A. Williams

      It is really hard to stay positive about a project that is 6 months late when we don't here from the creators... what's up, it's been over a month from the last update.

    9. Mike Brodu on

      *crickets chirping*

    10. Mitch A. Williams

      Time for another update?

    11. Kevin Flynn

      Is anything happening?

    12. Mike Brodu on

      I feel really sorry for the 4 guys who pledged $100. I'm not sure you'll live long enough to see the *second* product of this game line.

    13. Mike Brodu on

      4 months since the last update...

    14. Mitch A. Williams

      Two weeks is not 'Soon'.

    15. Missing avatar

      Game Smiths LLC (deleted) Creator on

      Hey guys, Sorry for the delay of updates and such. We have been doing a bit of project shuffling on our end. But we have it sorted out and are still moving forward.

      On the issue of the website not working; we actually let our subscription to the service that was providing the website lapse. And we are looking into more cost effective and user friendly option. Sorry for the scare!

      We will be posting up an update here soon. Again sorry for the delay.

    16. Mitch A. Williams

      Hmmm, the web site attached to this project ( has been 'suspended'. Not a good sign in my way of thinking.

    17. Mike Brodu on

      2 months since the last update...

    18. Mike Brodu on

      Hello? Anyone here?

    19. Mike Brodu on

      So, how's it looking for a Dec 2013 release?

    20. Scott Gladstein on

      Any updates on this?

    21. Missing avatar

      Game Smiths LLC (deleted) Creator on

      Awesome! We will be posting up an update here pretty quickly. So stay tuned!

    22. Craig Johnston on

      Watching Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger right now has me really glad I backed this and super keen to get my hands on it. :D

    23. Mike Brodu on

      Any chance to see the vote for the additional creatures soon?

    24. Mike Brodu on

      Now, a whole year to wait... I hope you'll keep us regularly updated on progress.

    25. Hugo Solis


    26. Dominique Dzioba on

      Glad to fund you guys, you have got to try for the N. R. G. system again. I really REALLY wanted to see that thing published.

    27. Missing avatar

      Game Smiths LLC (deleted) Creator on

      Almost hit that next stretch too! A big thanks to go out to all of our backers!

    28. Missing avatar

      Game Smiths LLC (deleted) Creator on

      Yeah we would love to have those maps as well! We love maps!

      @Michael: We know how it goes. But we are still glad to have you on board! thanks for your support!

    29. Danny on

      I really want us to get to 3k so I can get that map add-on as well!

    30. Michael Destefani

      sadly had to bring my pledge level back down due to paydays, but still glad to give what i can and glad this one made and hope we get to see Saga of Dragon Star come back and be able to back that again as well!

    31. Mike Brodu on

      It's not looking like the numbers are going to explode in the next few days. But I'd like the option to get the color map poster. Do you think it'd be doable as an add-on?

    32. Mike Brodu on

      Well, no free hardcover for everyone.

    33. Missing avatar

      Game Smiths LLC (deleted) Creator on

      That's a good point! We have to hit the target and *remain* at that level or higher. Thanks for pointing that out!

    34. Mike Brodu on

      Plus, it invites bad behavior, like someone pledging $4K before the deadline just to get the free hardcover, then later change his pledge down to a much lower pledge. I don't think you thought this offer through.

    35. Mike Brodu on

      That latest update offer sounds like a risk-free sensational empty promise. Raising $3300+ in 3 days, given the pace of this KS? That's like almost tripling the total amount raised so far, in a period of time when people are out celebrating and not checking internet as often as usual... That's just plain unrealistic. The announcement of a new stretch goal for a hardcover at 10K would have felt a lot better without this.

    36. Missing avatar

      Game Smiths LLC (deleted) Creator on

      @Mike: If we can hit a high-enough mark, we might be able to offer our backers only a special, limited-edition hardcover. Possibly... We'll see how things look & how much time is left after we get through our current goals.

      @Gary: Pretty exciting to have you onboard--thanks for your support!

    37. Mike Brodu on

      Softcover print copy is fine, but I was really hoping for a hardcover option as a stretch goal.

    38. Gary McBride

      I love Ray Harryhausen and I love Savage Worlds. How could I not support this? I'm in for a copy of the book!
      Gary McBride

    39. Missing avatar

      Game Smiths LLC (deleted) Creator on

      Hi Jeren! You bet--there are still additional stretch goals that will be revealed once we get through the current ones! Thanks for asking!

    40. Missing avatar

      Zenlike on

      It was mentioned that a Pathfinder version of this was a possibility. Any new information on that? I'm not seeing anything listed in the stretch goals.

    41. Mike Brodu on

      Thanks for the quick reply! :)
      Another question: delivery date for the PDF is december next year. Is it going to be the same date for the print version, or later? Thanks!

    42. Missing avatar

      Game Smiths LLC (deleted) Creator on

      As Chronicle City is now our printing partner, our physical copies will be black & white, though our PDFs can still be in color. Not sure about Sinbad PDF yet, though a stretch for that might be a possibility. Another possibility for a stretch is a full-color fold-up map of the Sinbad campaign!

    43. Mike Brodu on

      Based on the interior illos we've seen so far, I assume the book will be black and white inside? But the map was in color. Could you please confirm whether the interior pages are in color or black/white? Thanks!

      And if it's B&W, do you think a stretch goal could be made to turn the book into full color?

    44. Missing avatar

      Game Smiths LLC (deleted) Creator on

      Also @Epic: And don't think we've forgotten about your offer to help edit some of this stuff--we have noted your skills and will definitely be in touch with you later about giving us a hand!

      And Amanda, if you have some links or reference materials for any of these beasts, please share them with us! They sound very fascinating. Not to spoil anything, but we'll have some stretch goals posted up soon, and a couple of the early ones will be to extend the number of critters in our bestiary. So if you can get us some references, and we hit those goals, we can get Nick to start some illustrations! :)

      Thanks again, all! Please keep the questions coming!

    45. Missing avatar

      Game Smiths LLC (deleted) Creator on

      @Amanda: We will definitely look into these creatures. Great stuff! There is a lot of material to pull from in the various regions in our setting. So I am sure some will make it in!

      @Epic: Awesome! And best of luck with your entry!

    46. Amanda "Hyena" Johnson on

      So are there going to be any Zu/Anzu/Imdugud in the bestiary?
      Or other Sumerian/Babylonian/Mesopotamian creatures?
      Like the Lamassu, Labbu (Lion-serpent), Bašmu (Horned winged venomous two-legged snake), Kulullû (Fish-men), Kusarikku (Bull-men), Scorpion men, Uridimmu (Human headed Lion men) and others?

      I've always pictured the Imdugud as a cross of two-legs and head of a wild cat like a caracal with body, wings and tail from a bird of prey. In myth, it's known for snatching/stealing shiny stuff or scrolls. So it can be something to fight or for a PC to own as a pet.

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