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£9,047 pledged of £13,500 goal
By Games Knight
£9,047 pledged of £13,500 goal


Thank you to everyone who supported us, although we were unsuccessful we are planning our relaunch! 

For all our updates regarding this you can sign up to our newsletter at www.haventhegame.com or via our facebook page. 

 We have taken all the advice from our backers on board and will be making some changes to our campaign, if there is anything that you think we missed then please let us know.

Haven: Titan Command is a 2-4 player expandable sci-fi strategy card game where players construct their own fully optimised Titan before launching into combat. The 190 cards provided in the Core Set represent a range of multifunctional equipment, diverse locations, special manoeuvres and exciting events. 

Turn based reactionary combat! - Each action you take represents a physical movement of your Titan, from firing a weapon to evading incoming attacks. Each battle creates a story that immerses you into the galaxy of Haven.

The Haven: Titan Command Core Set features all you’ll need for you and up to 3 friends to start playing the game straight out of the box. The Core Set contains the following:

The images below were taken using our playtester copies we had printed during development. 




Each player selects which one of the four Titans they wish to command from the Haven: Titan Command Core Set. Each Titan and pilot represents one of four factions at war within the Haven Galaxy; Virullas, Phalon, Go'Er and the Ravent. 

Players then take their Titan's pre-constructed supply deck containing all the cards that player wishes to employ during the game. The Core Set contains 190 cards which are split between faction themed and faction neutral cards. Players are able to customise their Titan build to suit their style of play.


Each player has their own Titan zone, an area that represents the player's Titan in the game. This is the main space in which cards are played.


Equipment cards represent weapons, armour, tools and upgrades that can be armed permanently onto your Titan. There are 5 different types of equipment cards:

  • Offence Equipment - deals damage
  • Core Equipment - generates fuel
  • Defence Equipment - defends against damage
  • Support Equipment - provide additional commands
  • Upgrade Equipment - boosts existing equipment armed to your Titan

Field skills represent powerful influences on the battlefield such as calling in an orbital strike or requesting reinforcements from other Titans. Field skills are played directly from a player's hand by paying the fuel cost. They can only be activated on a players turn as a primary action and are placed into the scrap pile once used.

Armed face down into the manoeuvre array of a player's Titan zone, manoeuvres are a surprise command waiting to strike. A player is able to activate a manoeuvre at any time as a 'free action' provided the fuel cost is paid. Manoeuvre cards are placed into the scrap pile once used.

Locations represent the battlefield setting within the galaxy and help define where the combat phases take place. Location cards are navigated to during the navigation phase once per round. Location cards feature additional commands which can change the course of battle, and as a result dominating the navigation phase can prove crucial to victory.


The following video is an introduction to the gameplay mechanics:

The following video is a playthrough between the Virullas and Ravent:


The Assisted Command Interface (ACi) app is a free to download mobile application to be used alongside Haven: Titan Command. The app helps to thrust players into the cockpit of their Titan, giving them the ability to track their Titan’s essential statistics, immersing them with visual and audio feedback.The app replaces a number of tokens but is not required for play.

The ACi app has the following features:

  • Assisted Command Interface: Used to track key information regarding your Titan’s diagnostics during battle.
  • Pilot Training: A quick start guide on how to play Haven: Titan Command.
  • Rules: Includes a ruleset that can be accessed mid battle as well as from the main menu screen.
    The app will be made available with the Core Set via QR code download from Apple and Android stores. 





I'm a Social Gamer Review:

 GDT Live Review:

We had some great battles at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham, where we managed to squeeze in just over 25 games!




The following Add-ons can be included with any pledge of Commander level or above, simply increase your pledge amount by the amount of the Add-on you wish to include.

If you would like to add any additional Core Sets to your pledge, please contact us.

Stretch goals will be unlocked when we hit our funding target and will be included with every Core Set. 







All elements of the game (including stretch goals) have been fully prototyped during the development period. The below console shows how we intend to split our Kickstarter target and also the anticipated timeline for delivery of the game. 


With regards to shipping, we have performed extensive research to set our shipping rates at realistic prices whilst ensuring we provide our backers with the best deal possible. 

Unfortunately there are a few countries/regions which will be excluded from shipping. This is due to the high cost and logistical issues that arise when shipping to these destinations. The following countries/regions are EXCLUDED from shipping entirely:

Argentina, Brazil, Brunei, Columbia, El Salvador, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iraq, Malaysia, Peru, Puerto Rico, Syria, Taiwan, UAE, Uruguay.

The following console shows the shipping costs to deliver the game (please note that you will not be charged for customs upon receipt):

Fulfilment services have been arranged with Games Quest who have provided us with some great advice to ensure we can deliver the game as promised.


Haven: Titan Command takes place within the galaxy of Haven, a rich and diverse expanse of space containing thousands of systems each with their own unique stories waiting to be discovered. The Core Set puts you at the heart of the turbulent war between the Go’Er, Phalon, Ravent and Virullas. As all four clash for dominance, lives will be lost, planets destroyed and civilisations shattered as each encounter shapes the future of Haven.

Players join the Haven Galaxy during Epoch 1 - Rebirth, which marks the awakening of the Ravent after a period of dormancy. 

Introducing the four Titans that feature in the Core Set:

Set in the Nanak System on the Outer Haven belt, this Epoch delves into the encounters between the growing Go’Er resistance as it attempts to repel a Phalon onslaught, and the incessant expansion of the Virullas into dangerous Ravent territory.




Games Knight is a small group consisting of three friends who love tabletop gaming so much we wanted to design and deliver a game of our own set in a universe we feel isn't available in other formats. 

We plunged our imaginations and boardgame experience into creating a card game that featured new and inventive gameplay mechanics supported by a deep and involving story. We also strived to create a game that featured beautiful and well produced artwork of the kinds of giant robot/mechs we had loved to watch and read about when growing up. 

With Haven: Titan Command we believe we have fulfilled this, and with your help and collaboration we hope to build on the Core Set with future expansions to really bring the galaxy of Haven to life. 

With gratitude,

Games Knight - James, Danny and Phil



Risks and challenges

We have ideas up our sleeves and fire in our bellies, but we require a little help on the way to secure funding for artwork, printing and distribution to make the game a reality. Securing this funding without external investment is prohibitive, and we believe Kickstarter is the ideal platform for people to see what we are making and also help us reach our targets so that we can deliver the game to the people who want to play it.

There are many risks and challenges associated with launching a new LCG style collectible card game, and below we list the most important challenges we expect to face or have already overcome to help dispel any worries and prove that we are up to the task.

Game Design
We have dedicated an extensive period of time to developing and testing the game to ensure its both exciting and consistent. Our friends, family and gaming groups have played the game and offered their constructive comments, helping to shape the game into what it is today.

To fulfil our intent for the game and to bring the galaxy of Haven to life, we sourced a number of talented artists who are capable of bringing the game to life. Through extensive searching, discussion and planning we believe we now have the right artists to carry out the work and we look forward to giving them the green light!

Product Manufacture
To get the cost/quality balance right, we have had to look into a number of manufacturers who can deliver the game and its components at a quality we are satisfied with to hand over to you. We have spent considerable time and energy on developing this game and we don't want to have the quality diminished by a poorly executed manufacture. After comprehensive research and discussion, we believe we can now offer the game at a great price and to a quality we are all happy with.

We understand the challenges that global distribution can create for small publishers like ourselves. We have spent considerable time and effort into sourcing the correct postage and packaging costs to ensure we set our prices at realistic and informed rates. We have taken the effort to ensure we can utilise international distributors to best deliver the product worldwide at a reasonable cost to the buyer.

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    A huge thank you from us, exclusive downloadable wallpaper and your name listed in the Founders of Haven section of the Operators Manual.

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    Hero of Haven

    Immortalise yourself in Haven with your own personalised Titan and Pilot.

    • Name your Titan
    • Direct the artwork
    • Choose the faction
    • Choose its stats
    • Design a Critical Protocol
    • 1 full size poster of your Titan

    • Artwork in your likeness
    • Define your story
    • Personalised quote
    • 1 full size poster of your pilot

    All Commander level rewards with a special dedication as the Hero Of Haven in the operators manual.

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