Savage Realms Citadel

by Jeremy Gosser

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      Thanks Talismancer. The encouragement is appreciated! I know there's an end to this tunnel somewhere.

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      Looking great!

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This project is not live
This is only a draft that the creator has chosen to share
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This project is not live
This is only a draft that the creator has chosen to share


 Work_IN_Progress Coming in dec. or jan 2018-2019

  •  Snap Assembly. NO GLUE NEEDED! 
  •  Common build plate size. All models will fit on a 6x9 or 8x8 inch build plate. 
  •  Open_[]_Peg Build System. Limitless freeform vertical stacking, it can be applied to other designers work too! System is OpenLOCK friendly. 
  •  NO Supports. Zero support printing, except for a few we put in on a couple of parts. 
  •  230 Parts in base Kit. 500+ Available through stretch Goals
  •  Precision Design: All parts test printed and tweeked no less than three times for both dead-balls-on accuracy and easy assembly. 
  •  High resolution parts: All resolution and detail is jacked to the nines so your digital files will be timeless as 3D Printing improves. 
Click to see Album
Click to see Album


  • OpenLOCK and Non-Openlock GIANT exterior walls. The walls are stackable and can reach for “2 to “7 inches in height. The OpenLOCK walls will easily attach to tower built from the official OpenLOCK templates for up to 3 stories.
  • These walls also feature 3 sizes of timber platforms allowing 1.5 to 3.25 inches of space for getting catapults or even giant figures up on your walls and into the battle.
  • Corner Towers can be built to easily soar up to 15 inches and beyond.
  • Optional Columns on the exterior side of your build walls will allow you to mount gargoyles or other totems to your walls to frighten the enemy!
  • Full functioning gate house with 2 sets of working double doors and a drawbridge. The gate can be broken down to work with a shorter wall and features multiple gate house options for its top, including a functioning oil pour cauldron over the gate!*
  • A wide range of wall ruins and rubble piles will allow you to show various stages of wall damage during your battle! Better yet, have your heroes discover a ruined keep and rebuild it as part of your adventure!*


  • Infinite OpenLOCK Keep that can also be used to make mega towers for the walls.
  • Implements a through-clip pillar and spacer design that will allow for vaulted OpenLOCK walls for the creation of massive cavernous rooms. This system can co-exist or even assimilate with traditional OpenLOCK build systems. Basically it allows you to make half a building with traditional room levels or partial room levels alternating with larger vaulted wall rooms.
  • Integrates with Open-Peg system so you can add attachments like stairs or build entire town on top of your massive flat-roof keep!
  • Tons of expansion features


  • Full set of organic Open LOCK roads including 45 and 22.5 degree turns
  • Two-inch-wide and three-inch-wide road types available.
  • Roads can clip together to build an infinite battle map instead of a road. It integrates the Open Peg system allowing you to build your city on top of the road tiles.
  • Roads will include hexagon and square grid overlays

BONUS ADD-ONS (for previous backers)

  • New Timber Frame Shells, foundations, roofs, and caps for Basic Open Peg stacking system
  • New roofs, , Foundations, sky bridges, and shells for Open Peg Elf Buildings  
  • New Gate for Elf Stronghold
  • Fully redesigned OpenLOCK/OpenPeg version of  ‘Stronghold on the borderlands”
  • More stuff released through stretchgoals

Stretch Goals

 $500 **Wall** Non-OpenLOCK Base tower Variations   [2 Parts]                                              

$1000  **Wall** Wall Gate platform expansion

$2000 **Castle** 2nd Style Corner and center pillar extensions (OpenLOCK)

$3000 **Castle** Window variations

$4000  **Castle** Q wall variation1 (OpenLOCK)

$5000  **Castle** X wall variation1  (OpenLOCK)

$6000  **Castle** Column variations on original (OpenLOCK)

$7000   **Wall**  Gate House With Oil Pour

$8000   **Castle** Ruins expansion for Q&X wall (OpenLOCK)

$9000   **Castle**   Floor Ruins Expansion (OpenLOCK)

$10000 **Castle**  (G Style) Battlement & Ruins (OpenLOCK)

$11000  **Castle**  Mitered battlements square and round (OpenLOCK)

$12000 **Castle**  Giant Fire Pit Center columns

$13000 **Other**  Super hi-way road expansion) (OpenLOCK)

$14000 **Castle/Walls** 2 story exterior stairs and Wall to Castle  Stairs

$15000 **Castle**  G Style OpenLOCK tower expansion with infinity stairs

$16000 **Castle**  Q & X walls with Buttress style variants from Stretch Goal 1

$17000 **Castle**  Extra stairs with cut X plates for real stairs between floors (OpenLOCK)

$18000 **Castle** Small Expanding Cathedral Roof (OpenLOCK)

$19000 **Castle**  Castle kitchen add-on (OpenLOCK)

$20000   **Wall** 3 story citadel wall breach ruins expansion

$21000 **Castle** Castle Jail Add-on (OpenLOCK)

$22000 **Castle** Timber Style Battlements

$23000   **Castle**  Q wall Style variation (OpenLOCK)

$24000   **Castle**  X wall Style variation (OpenLOCK)

$25000 **Wall**  Timber Frame Style Tower Shells 

$26000 **Other** Rubble Piles

$27000 **Wall** Citadel Wall timber stair systems

$28000 **Castle** Clip in ballista Platforms

$29000 **Castle** New Stone Floors

$30000 **Castle** Dragonskull fountain and keep entrance

$31000 **Walls** Original High-Poly Wall Statue Expansion 

$32000 **Other** Siege Tower

$33000 **SOTB** Barn

$35000 **Castle** Stronghold crank operated drawbridge and new door

$36000 **Castle** Concave round wall expansion

$37000 **Castle** Large Expanding Cathedral Roof (OpenLOCK)

$38000 **Other** Road Variant (OpenLOCK) 

$40000 **Castle** Concave round wall expansion

$41000 **Other** Clip on Accessories for foundations and roads

$42000 **Other** Field Siege Equipment

$43000 **Other** 28mm Ballista Crew

$44000 **Other** 28mm Catapult Crew

$45000 *Castle** Sewer System

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