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Vici - a head-to-head battle where your wits are as important as your ability to strategize. Will you conquer and claim victory?
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In Vici, players become military generals, leading their battle-hardened men on an ancient battlefield. Under each general’s command are armies of varying strengths and abilities. Players take turns deploying pieces into their Camps and advancing them down the game board toward their opponent’s Camp. There four different types of pieces that represent legions of soldiers: they are fierce Footmen, stoic Spearmen, heavily armored Horsemen, and battle-ready Bowmen.

As a general, players are tasked with strategically matching their pieces against ones that they are strong against. At melee combat, Footmen slaughter Spearmen, Spearmen skewer charging Horsemen, and Horsemen trample Footmen. Bowmen are a deadly asset at a distance with the advantage of ranged combat but are utterly defenceless when attacked at close range. Even with an advantage, nothing is 100% certain with Vici’s mechanic of rolling Battle Dice. While an advantage in combat gives you an extra Battle Die, fate may not be on your side once the defending and attacking strengths on the dice are revealed. Choose your moves wisely and conquer your opponent’s army. Only with cunning strategy can you outmanoeuvre your enemies and achieve glory!

As we've hit our target, each copy of Vici will come with two brand new units - the Catapult and Smithy! Use these skilfully and surely victory is assured... just don't let them get too close to the action! Our next target is $7,000 where we'll include a larger board that removes the need for individual player mats - everything fits on this high quality board!

Show your support for Vici!
Show your support for Vici!

Two players will face off against each other in battle for glory that takes approximately 30-45 minutes. We recommend Vici for gamers aged 12 and upwards. Check out this gameplay video for more details...

Game Salute Guaranteed is our promise that Vici will be produced with quality components and that you will enjoy the time you spend with the game. If you're not satisfied with Vici, simply return it to our headquarters within 30 days of receiving it, and we'll refund your pledge. That's our no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Check out some of the reviews of Vici! 

"Vici is a strategy game and although there is some light luck thanks to the dice it’s more about getting into your opponents head than hoping luck turns your way. It has a strong tug of war type feel. You’ll pull ahead for a hot second by scoring a Vici token or two and then on the next turn your opponent will catch right back up. That balance is so important in a two player game because if you are playing one on one against someone and just demolishing them, that’s not fun. So it’s great that not only is Vici designed for two players but that it works so well for two players. That’s a rare trait in modern games."

"Vici is a great game for when you can't get together a full group, but still want to engage in tactical head to head conflict. It scratches that dice-driven combat itch in an elegant, chess-like way! Most of my six games came in under the 45 minute play time, but this might vary based on you and your opponent's analysis paralysis factor. I could see two evenly matched players taking a little bit longer, but overall the play time feels right. It's a good lunchtime game; lighter and more accessible than The Duke, but similarly strategic. This would probably be an easy sell to your chess playing friends, if you are looking to introduce them to 'hobby games.'"

Meanwhile, Tom Vasel from The Dice Tower has the following to say...

Vici contains original, digitally painted artwork by game designer and illustrator Benjamin Shulman. As an added bonus, backers will receive screensavers with art from the game!

Coming up with a game doesn't cost a lot of money, but printing thousands of copies certainly does.  With your support, we can build on the time, money, and energy we've invested in this game and help cover a portion of the production costs to make Vici a reality.

Shipping is expensive. We've calculated the cost to ship this game to backers around the world and we're subsidizing that to help keep your costs down. The cost to ship this game to backers in the USA is $8.36, so, Game Salute is covering $8.36 of the shipping cost for ALL backers around the world. That means that the pledge level for USA backers includes shipping and for international backers, we're passing along the same savings on shipping. Simply check the chart below, find your destination group, then follow the line to see you total pledge amount in blue.

Into Battle

To keep the shipping costs as low as possible, we ship packages via a variety of shipping services depending on your specific location. We use USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL. You will be responsible for any import fees, brokerage or delivery surcharges, or applicable taxes that may be levied after we have shipped your package..

You can pledge through this campaign AND support your local store. Simply select your favorite local store when you complete your delivery survey and your pledge will benefit the store just as if you purchased the game through the store. You can check out the details here

You can use to find a Game Salute Select Store near you. If your favorite store is not on the list, be sure to ask them to sign up today at

Designer: Ben Shulman

Art Director: Ben Shulman

Artist: Ben Shulman

Graphic Designer: Ben Shulman

Editor: Andrew Lupp & David MacKenzie

Executive Producer: Dan Yarrington

Campaign Manager: Michael Fox

Developer: Jellybean Soup Games

Publisher: Game Salute

Risks and challenges

As we enter the crowdfunding phase, Vici is essentially complete and ready to print. Of course, certain stretch goals will require additional art if we fund at those levels, so we have set an extended delivery date to be on the safe side. Every game project is subject to potential production delays, but we believe we've allowed enough wiggle-room for Vici The final challenge is getting the game and rewards out to the backers. Game Salute is well versed in Kickstarter reward fulfillment and we are prepared to meet this challenge for Vici.

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