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A steampunk murder mystery card game where your only chance to go free is to pin the crime on someone else. What's Your Alibi?
A steampunk murder mystery card game where your only chance to go free is to pin the crime on someone else. What's Your Alibi?
968 backers pledged $27,587 to help bring this project to life.

Closing The Book On Ruse


Hi there everyone. 

Michael here, with what will be our final (proper) update for Gaslight Empire: Ruse. 

Now that the game is hitting store shelves around the world and backers should all have their copies, it's time to shut up shop here on the Kickstarter page. I'd like to personally thank all of you for helping make Ruse a real and wonderful thing, and while I know it was something of a rollercoaster at times, I'd like to think that the game stands on its own too feet and hope that you're all enjoying playing it. It turned out beautifully and I reckon it was worth the wait. 

I know that there was talk of zipper pulls and mousemats, but I'm sorry to say that these will not be shipped out. We hope that the extra bookmarks we included will be something of a step towards apologising for not having these trinkets in your collections, but to put it simply: the budget for the campaign couldn't stretch to having these made. After creating the game and budgeting for shipping everything out, there just wasn't enough left in the pot to stretch to making them. We actually ended up having to cover more than we received from this campaign, so we hope that you understand why these extra items will not be made.

We believe that everyone should have their game by now. However, if you're yet to receive your copy of Ruse that you've pledged for, please send a message to and the team will be delighted to help you out. In the meantime, thank you once more for your support, your patience and your passion for gaming. We couldn't have made Ruse without your assistance. 

Enjoy the game! 



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    1. Patrick Ciraco on

      Actually that's two copies. According to the US Postal service, all parcel mailed internationally (Canada included) will have a tracking number. If you can forward this number it would be appreciated. Thanks again.

    2. Patrick Ciraco on

      Hi. I've yet to receive my copy of Ruse. When can I expect it? Thank you.

    3. Beast on

      Maybe uou could take the zipper pulls and mousepads out of Game Salutes cut. To be honest I dont care as much about the swag as the poor post-campain behavior.

      Your recent campaigns much imporoved? Lets read some comments at Wokstar to see how true that know the game where in the final 24 hours you changes the campain heavily. The one thats way behind(oh this clue wont help). The game you decided on 2 colour "custom" tokens instead of the 5 colour ones you showed during the campain.

      As far as I am concerned you are abusing this service and your backers.
      Never again will Game Salute get my money during kickstarter or after.
      More so I will inform people about your bullsh!t.

      Good day.

    4. Missing avatar

      Marcin Baran on

      @ GameSalute and Michael: sorry but it doesn't make sense now what you're saying. so you're "still waiting for the information from a couple of suppliers" (i think we've heared that way too many times by now) but you post the update that the rewards won't be shipped anyway. You want to turn things around? Good luck! start maybe with being more forward to your backers and not leave them for long periods of time without any infromation on the project status and don't feed them promises of "Oh I'll mention it on the meeting and post the information tommorrow" and then dissapear for a month or two which only looks like a hope for people to forget that they even asked for anything and then feed them some evasive crap promises. We're not idiots. I would understand a learning curve from someone who just is putting their first steps in the kickstarter and in the business. Ruse was already your 8th project and every other one of them (looking through the comments and fora) was and is riddled with troubles, incompetence and complete lack of responsivness bordering on lack of respect to people who gave you moeny. I'd assume that the company that is capable to run 55 KS campaigns has a grip of reality and of what they're doing. Otherwise it just looks like jumping on a creazy train to get as big piece of a cake as possible and hoping it will be alright which hardly seems like a seious publishers strategy. As alreade asked in the main comment section I'd love you to adress the fact that you are legally obliged to fullfill all the promised KS rewards. Of course, if you had a good relation with your backers some small missteps like that would have been easily overlooked and forgotten but the last 1,5 year was hardly a road to build this kind of trust and heartwarmness in your backers.

    5. Fabiano Saccol on

      Hello! I just want to say that I already got my game (and I live in Brazil), and It is fantastic! Thanks for all.

    6. Missing avatar

      tom on

      I'll still be eager to buy good games at good prices, I'll just wait until after my favorite youtube reviewers present the games to me and my favorite online retailers are ready to ship it to me. I won't discriminate over who produced them or how sloppily that got to that point. I likely won't even look into those details. If any of the rest of you want to chew your nails, already invested, waiting to see if it actually gets to market, have fun!

    7. Game Salute 85-time creator on

      Hello all.

      I want to address your comments, of course. The whole Ruse campaign was indeed a learning process for us - the free shipping really hit us heavy, for example. Why was the final update delayed? Well, I was waiting on information from a couple of suppliers that is still to arrive, and rather than wait even longer I posted this update.

      We are doing our best to turn things around, and honestly believe that our recent campaigns have been much improved. As Anders mentions in the comments below, yes, we probably went overboard. Since then, we have learned many lessons and hope that we're doing better. We stand by the game that we delivered in Ruse and honestly hope that you're all enjoying it (apart from natasqi - we'll get your copy out soon!), and can only ask that you forgive us for the errors we made on this campaign.

      Finally, I shall check on the status of items that were paid for such as the monocles and get in touch with those who put in orders for them.

      If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch with me directly: - I'm happy to respond to anything you send.


    8. Olna Jenn Smith

      Your inability to fulfill your basic campaign goals (as laid out in your pledge levels from project go-live) and the deceitful communications are, at this point, unsurprising to me in a Game Salute kickstarter. That doesn't make them acceptable.

    9. natasqi on

      Oops, ignore me, i don't think I completed the survey properly...

    10. natasqi on

      Who do I contact if I haven't received my copy yet?
      - Australia

    11. Missing avatar

      Marcin Baran on

      @Anders: yeah i think it is what you complaign in the end that is the main problem. And the whole backslash is not really about the game or zipperpulls or mousepads but how did Game Salute treat us backers int he last 1,5 year. I personally am super happy with the game and don't care about the mousepads or zipperpulls themselves. We got a fine game with high production value. However I am pissed by how GS has treated me as it's backer and customer. The last 1,5 year was filled with misinformation, lack of responsivness, dishonesty and misleading from their side with it's essence shown in the last 2 months regarding the missing rewards (nicely summarised by @steve in the main section comments). They could have informed all of us about the situation long time ago and then i'm sure everyone would be understanding. But they have decided to feed us all the crap about meetings and external suppliers etc. and simply lie in our faces which in my book is just a sign of complete lack of respect for people who gave you money so that you can put product on market to get future profit from it. And that is what makes me super angry about the whole situation and I think other people should be warned before they decide to back their projects in the future. And maybe that would make them to change their attitude to their backers.

    12. Anders H. Pedersen

      Well, it is a fine line to walk.
      Kickstarter projects are an organic process. Sometimes the quality is not up to standards and at other times stuff is actually added after the project ends.
      You never really know what you get when you back a project...

      That being said, a publisher should be careful not to go overboard in stretch goals, or we end up in a situation like this where people will be questioning the honesty of the project.

      I am personally very happy with the actual quality of the components. Everything is top notch, apart from the crappy "bonus" game. I would rather have had the mouse mat than the dice, since it could have been used in the actual game.
      But at the end of the day we got a well produced game and some extras for a very cheap price.
      Game Salute has hopefully learned from this project and will not be doing the same mistake again. Considering how much stuff they put out on Kickstarter, I think they have a nice track record and will not be calling them out for this mistake.
      My only real complaint now is that this update is way overdue! They must have known this would happen long ago!

    13. Missing avatar

      Geraldine on

      Never mind the add-ons. I'd be happy just to get the game I paid for so long ago. Will be emailing Game Salute to see what's happened...

    14. Gareth Hodges

      Well, the game itself is a great deal of fun, and the false book gamebox and completely reasonable international shipping make it more than sufficient value for me.

      Remember, Kickstarter is not a shop. It's a place to fund ideas. Some of them don't pan out. The project runners have kept us up to date and explained setbacks and other issues quite adequately.

    15. Robert T.

      No the ad-on buttons are not being made either. I recieved this email from your team after I submitted a missing parts request:

      From: Game Salute Service Team
      To: took out my email
      Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2014 3:25 PM
      Subject: Re: Service Request from Robert Tornai


      Sorry for the inconvenience, but it seems we will not be doing the buttons. There should have been a message explaining this. What we can do is either refund the money of offer a code for store credit. Which would you prefer?



      Game Salute Service Team

    16. Kosongz on

      How can a company with 55 Kickstarter projects under its' belt run of money? Sure, it's tons of stuffs for $25. Sure, you have to cover some of the expenses yourself. But the game got published, and you are not selling them for $25 anymore. Just saying that you have ran out of money so those things won't be shipped out makes me wonder about the stretch goals in your other projects. Will you pull the same stunt again? Will you give attractive stretch goals that are never meant to be produced? And if you told us before the game's shipped, we would be more understanding. Hoping that no backers remember the stretch goals and postponing the announcement only serves to tarnish your reputation. I don't need or want the zipper pull or mouse mat, but I just don't like the way the project is handled.

    17. Game Salute 85-time creator on

      Hang on, hang on. Those who paid for extra add-ons such as the monocles - you will receive them. We're still waiting on those to be delivered, but I can assure you that yes, you will get them if you paid for them. It's just the mouse pads and zipper pulls that will not be done.


    18. Steve on

      @Stephen I care more that they strung us along for two months when they knew the truth. I also feel bad for those who did get their value from the game, but paid extra money for add-ons and never got them. I wonder if that money could be written off as a donation? lol

    19. Steve on

      I have pretty much said my piece in comments. I did not realize those with paid add-ons were being left in the cold as well.I guess there is one thing we know for sure, all this "waiting on external suppliers" garbage and this entire 2 month wait was Game Salute being dishonest and wanting this whole issue to disappear without being honest with backers. Feels great to be strung along ...

    20. Stephan Reitz

      I´m more than satisfied with the value of this campaign - got a lot of cool stuff for 25 bucks ... and people stay realistic ... for this amount of money the production value is outstanding !

    21. Robert T.

      Well thanks for nothing! your original goal was 7,500 and you raised 3 times plus that amount and you still ran out of money? Something wrong here. If I knew you were not going to make the add-ons I pledged for I would never have bought them. It is really a shame since I enjoy the game. I do not feel I need to have a paypal account to get a refund on things you never produced nor do I want a store credit for a company that I feel mislead me. I know that I am just one backer and in the over all scheme of things, I carry very little weight. But I will not support another of your games again.

    22. Kosongz on

      You mind if I share the link to this update in you new project? I won't be backing it, as I won't be backing anymore of your projects, but it will serve as a warning to would be backers.

    23. Kirk Moore on

      What a final slap in the face after all the delays and bulldust in this campaign. I will never back another of your kickstarters, nor will I purchase your products again.

    24. Stew OotG Knight/Captain Bloodcoffee on

      So all this waiting to see when we'd finally get the Zipper pulls and any other missing items from our rewards and you say they're not coming?
      This includes the Add-ons i bet? Which is shocking business since people added extra funds to get them. :/
      (added on for a geek chic Moustache monocle myself)

    25. Luds on

      Thank you for a great campaign, the production was outstanding for the game.