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Inspired by the retro-future scifi of the 1950's, Rocket Dice will add a unique vibe to any space-themed board game in need of dice.
Inspired by the retro-future scifi of the 1950's, Rocket Dice will add a unique vibe to any space-themed board game in need of dice.
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    1. Pascal ALIBERT on

      I appreciate the proposal of a refund and I'll say yes. Thanks.
      Hope your next project will work.

    2. HotMayoSandwich

      Still waiting on my refund..

    3. Missing avatar

      Morgan Jones on

      Wish it would've worked out for you guys. Appreciate a refund. Good luck to you in the future.

    4. Will Vodra on

      Although I would have loved the dice instead, I would appreciate a a refund. Better luck next time!

    5. Mark D on

      Thank you for refunding the money. I wish better luck with the next project.

    6. Michael Markey on

      Got mine too, just now. Thanks, Game Salute.

    7. Ross Thompson

      I submitted my request on the 18th, pretty much as soon as they announced it, and it just arrived now. Hopefully they should be going out pretty quickly?

    8. Brian Moore

      I'd like a rocket dice refund please.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jim Kosmicki

      no refund for me - consider it my donation for all the work you put into this. This is how it sometimes goes with Kickstarter. I appreciate your offer of a refund, but it's not necessary at this time for me.

    10. Charles T Mushett on

      I'd like a refund please

    11. Michael Markey on

      @called I requested a refund as soon as they announced how, but I've only received much the same message back.

    12. calledgestewdent on

      I sent a Kickstarter message on 4/19 and this is the response I received on 4/20:

      "Thanks, anticipate a potential small delay before that payment goes through, as we'll be working our way through a long list of fairly complicated refunds."

      I just checked and the refund hasn't been processed to my account. Love to know if any refunds have processed yet.

    13. Brian Moore

      I'd like a refund please

    14. Marc Plourde

      Have people started to get their refunds yet? I requested mine a week ago and still nothing. I'm not sure if they are dealing with huge volume or I just got lost in the shuffle.

    15. Missing avatar

      John Edward Keller on

      What about the d6 packs? I see in the comments that some people received some... I'm still waiting for mine.

    16. Missing avatar

      Matt Slucas on

      I would like a refund please for my RPG dice.

    17. Missing avatar

      Brian Hegerty on

      I'm disappointed, I was really looking forward to these dice. Like two years ago, but still...

    18. Ross Thompson

      I have a PayPal account, so I didn't need to take that step; I don't know what the outcome would be.

    19. Ross Thompson

      According to what they told me, you would need to create a PayPal account. If you feel that's a significant inconvenience, I can only suggest you speak to them and see what other arrangements can be made.

    20. Gnome Lady on

      How do those of us without Paypal get a refund? I paid with Amazon payments because kickstarter used that back when this campaign ran.

    21. Ross Thompson

      Phillip, it looks like you have to send them a private message, and they refund you via PayPal.

    22. Philip Rogers on

      How will we be getting our refunds?

    23. Don Dueck on

      What needs to happen is that these fund-raising sites need to be federally regulated.

    24. Gene Paul Parish on

      Terry Ash, most of us didn't get the Faction packs.

    25. Shepman on

      Finally they cancelled it....

    26. Skeeter Green on

      2 1/2 years late. sigh

    27. Terry Ash on

      I may buy games salute games in the future but they will NEVER get my money on a Kickstarter campaign EVER.

      Not that I have seen a whole lot of games from them that I've been interested in.

    28. Terry Ash on

      I'm confused. I already got AF, AF Factions, and AF Faction pack 1. They came together. I waited over a year for the D6 dice. I'm still waiting on the RPG Dice 3 Years later. Sad part. I don't really care for the game.

    29. Alan

      Are they using Ningbo for this? That might explain some of the problems.

    30. HotMayoSandwich

      How about some news on Alien Frontier: Factions? Considering you haven't even started production, I think a partial refund is in order.

    31. Missing avatar

      Matt Slucas on

      @Game Salute. I realize you are busy planning new projects, trying to kickstart some, and finish manufacturing others, but an update once a month or two does not take that much time. We've helped fund your project, and some of us more than this one. I don't think its asking too much to update us regularly.

    32. Gary Stephens on

      Out of curiosity I looked up rocket dice on Twitter and found posts in Instagram with people that have rocket dice in legit looking packages. What the hell is going on?

    33. Missing avatar

      Aldin Barnes on

      I would ask that question on their new kickstarter they actually monitor that one.

    34. Missing avatar

      skrebs on

      Why more advance samples? The latest update (from months ago) says they are happy and are pushing through with production.

    35. Missing avatar

      Aldin Barnes on

      And they responded to me over there. I am saddened that they didn't take to 10mins to post something here as well. Here is what they said. '@Aldin - there will be an update posted soon, once we get some news on the latest advance samples. Should be either later today or Monday.'

    36. Missing avatar

      Aldin Barnes on

      Last week I facebooked and tweeted them. No response. . . so today i posted a comment on their new kickstarter. we'll see what happens

    37. Paul W. on

      I'm also curious about the RPG dice. What I am disappointed about is the fact that more than enough time has passed to print and sent out factions and faction pack one. They have had more than enough time to do that! A update would be wonderful.

    38. Missing avatar

      Robert Duman on

      E-mailed Game Saute again last week. Again, no response...not even a "we don't know yet, we'll get back with you on that..."

    39. Missing avatar

      jory bernstein on

      What is going on? Please update!

    40. calledgestewdent on

      Usual horrible project support from Game Salute

    41. Gene Paul Parish on

      Ah, the never ending saga continues.

    42. Seth on

      How about a freaking update. This is taking so long that I almost forgot about this kickstarter all together. Its hard to believe that this is that complicated.

    43. Serpine on

      I'm happy with the d6s but seriously w need an update on the rest.

    44. Missing avatar

      Mark Burakoff on

      4 months since the last update. Almost time to complain to Kickstarter.

    45. John Ickes

      Son of a BITCH I am glad I only went for the D6. I had hoped to get a set of the RPG for my GM this Holiday.

    46. Terry Ash on

      Wow?! Still no update. I have lost all faith in Game Salute. I will NEVER fund one of your games again. 3 years since funding? Really!?

      I find it hard to believe that you are being made to wait as such. Your other kickstarters are being produced. Your other games are being made.

    47. Missing avatar

      Shane c. Sargent on

      RPG dice please! We are coming up on 3 years since funding!!

    48. HotMayoSandwich

      Any news on Factions or Faction Pack 1?

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