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Matter swirls around a newborn star, colliding to create a unique solar system, and a beautiful board game experience.
Matter swirls around a newborn star, colliding to create a unique solar system, and a beautiful board game experience.
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    1. arkanejel (Sean Guilfoyle) on

      Clarifying: this is the last notice to change your address VIA Kickstarter survey. After this, all shipping is handed off to ShipNaked, where you can update it via their website. GameSalute use Kickstarter to raise the funds, not to manage the production/shipping process. Let's hope they over-achieve and not under-achieve!!

    2. MAUGER on

      Hu... Sorry for my last comment, finaly I could understand this mistake. That was my Airbnb adress before having a permanent adress. So perhaps it's an automatic localisation that changed my adress when I've edited it 2 weeks ago ? Nevermind, everythink is ok, I've edited my good adress :)
      Bye and good games ;)

    3. MAUGER on


      Please notice that my adress had been changed for another (how ? by who ? is it a bug ?). I am not very happy to see this just before the last "chance to change"...

      So I have correct my real adress in Toronto (that is to say the adresse in Marlee av. with this postal code : M6B 4B5).

      Please notice that I copy the false adress, if it could be usefull for you to explain this mistake (so, it's NOT me here, I don't know this adress : 22th floor, 2 Bloor St E #2200, ON M4W 1A8, phone : 00 14 16 84 71 90 0). Do anybody know it ?

      Thanks to the team, I can't wait to be delivered !

      Pierre MAUGER

    4. Missing avatar


      I have had several rewards via ShipNaked. They are not so bad.

    5. Missing avatar


      Just shared a terrible experience with Shipnaked for another KS. I really hope you guys are on top of them for this.

    6. Game Salute 87-time creator on

      Our shipping partners at Ship Naked have requested we lock addresses early so that they can more accurately determine what our shipping costs will be.

      However, if you have changes after it is locked (like @Ben), you can still update your address anytime leading up to delivery by submitting an address update at

      Ship Naked will also send out an email prior to shipping for one final confirmation of your order and address, so fear not - you’ll have plenty of time to make changes and confirm your address just before shipping.

      @Phillipe: There won’t be a pledge manager for this campaign.

      @MigF: Check out our last update posted just last week for the latest on production.

      @Tony: Ship Naked uses either FedEx or USPS (depending on rates), so you’ll be good either way. :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Matthew DeGoey on

      I'm with others. Unless the game is going to be shipping in the next month or two on some sort of super elevated time table, why are you locking down addresses so early?

    8. Missing avatar

      Ben Czajkowski on

      If the March 2017 release date still holds true, I will be moving in the next 2 months. So, my address is going to change b/c I am selling my house. Please advise.

    9. Philippe Jean

      Will we have a PM to fill for this KS ?

    10. MigF

      what kind of update is this? Instead of updating us the manufacturing progress, you decide to lock down addresses in 48 hours, a whopping 5 months ahead of shipping time (assuming you are going to deliver on time this time). You'd better printing those shipping labels by Monday. Otherwise, I see no reason to finalize shipping addresses so early.

    11. Missing avatar

      James on

      This won't be shipping for at least 5 months, if your original timeline is correct. So why such an early address confirmation? I don't have any plans to move or anything, just curious why such a long lead up time is necessary.

    12. Tony Graham on

      What carrier is used for the shipping? If USPS or Fed Ex is used then I can get it shipped to my house. If it is UPS then I usually have to ship it to another address because of how they verify address. I live in a tiny town with no Official postal address so I have to us a PO Box. Ugh, stick life....