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The 16-Bit President of the United States, starring in his very own deckbuilding game. Get ready for 8-Bit Emancipation!
The 16-Bit President of the United States, starring in his very own deckbuilding game. Get ready for 8-Bit Emancipation!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Peter Soekamto

      Got the same problem.

      Just got my custom card today (they were sending it late to me, for some reason).

      It is sent by The Game Crafter.

      Different color on the front and back of the cards.

      Cannot use it without colored back sleeves, too.
      If printing from TheGameCrafter (different printer and different quality from the one in China), somehow i feel useless complaining and demanding it to be corrected. sigh...

    2. Missing avatar

      Peter Soekamto

      To: Game Salute/ Jason,

      I have not received my custom card.

      I have sent email to: (Jason) on August 12th. But no reply.
      The subject is: Re: Peter Soekamto - 2 Custom Character Cards- ETD.

      please respond.

      Thank you.


    3. HotMayoSandwich

      Is anyone else disappointed with the quality of their custom character card? Mine looks like it was printed on a home printer or at one of those speedy copy places. The graphics are blurry and hazy and the colors are faded and hardly resemble the rest of the cards in the game. There's no way I can use this card in my game, the back would stand out like a sore thumb!

    4. Daniel

      Finally got my game, and the custom card arrived the same day in the mailbox, so yay! :D
      Spent a while putting sleeves on all the cards and organising them with the index cards.
      Noticed a rather glaring disapointment: The characters are bland. Each and every one of them are of the 'collect this suite to get 10 points', which I feel is rather disapointing given that we were encouraged to be creative while making our custom characters. So the only character in my game that actually has an interesting effect on gameplay, is the custom card I made myself, while there is virtually zero difference in gameplay between any of the other myriads of characters that can be added to the level decks (aside the picture on the card).
      I feel this was one area where there really could have been done something cool with making the characters more unique, yet they are even more generic than anything else in the game :(
      Oh well, at least I'm positive I'll alaways be added to a level deck when my game is played, given how it's the only character in my game that actually has a gameplay effect.

    5. Alan V on

      Played a few games now and it just... isn't any fun.

      It seems like players are always jumping over cards because they can't really buy or kill more than one thing a turn. (We're playing in easy mode.)
      When it comes to the final boss, it's just a game of going around and losing lives until one player manages to draw exactly the right hand to kill it. There isn't really any interaction between cards at all, and there isn't a sense of building up an awesome deck to kill/buy things because the cards you're buying aren't really better or stronger than your starting cards.
      Playing with better (more expensive/stronger) cards just makes the jumping problem worse, rather than making for a stronger deck.

      I feel like I'm missing something here, given how everyone else seems to be really enjoying the game. :\

    6. Willie Hung on

      My custom cards came in (featuring my wife with child, and me with child)! Showed them to my wife, who was surprised and amused! Time to see how these fair in gameplay!

    7. Ricky Rowe on

      Custom card arrived today!

    8. Daniel

      danish importregulations getting my balls in a twist because they can't cope with the concept of kickstarter and keep saying stuff I don't have, nor ever had, is missing -.-
      I just want my fragging game.

    9. Rob Gould on

      @Chris Oh great, I'll look forward to that :)

    10. Chris Wilkes

      I'm in the UK. Had to pay import tax to Parcel Force on Saturday and it was delivered yesterday.

    11. Rob Gould on

      Anyone in the UK (Or outside the US) have theirs yet?

    12. Toy203 on

      I am missing separators for "Duck", "Berserker Burger", "Boxing Glove" and "Chicken Cannon"... Is that normal? Should they go into the "extra" section?

    13. Missing avatar

      Jeff Cramer on

      Don't feel bummed. I got the Cheat Codes pack but it did not come with the Vampire enemy or Axe weapons. So your extra $10 got you those cards.

    14. Brandon Barlow

      Was Vampire Hunter included in every copy of the Cheat Codes pack? If so, I feel a bit bummed that I paid $10 for ten extra cards that the Cheat Code non-Vampire level(s) got for free...

    15. Missing avatar

      Casey Shook & Jason Watson on

      Just got my game Super excited to play it, however...
      1: missing my Custom Card
      2: It came with a Canadian penny...

    16. Scott Bolderson on

      I'm pretty sure the "Reward Certificate" is the form we filled out to get the game shipped to us... if you go back and re-read Update 40, they discuss it there.

    17. Kevin Rutherford on

      What is this "certificate" that mention. I received my copy of the game at Origins. Is there something else I am supposed to receive?

    18. Christopher "DarkWolfNine" Muzatko

      Thanks for checking on the custom cards. That's good to know. ~C

    19. Jason Tagmire

      Custom card update: I spoke with Game Salute and they advised that they are shipping the custom cards separately, and that they will be sending the custom cards within the next two weeks.

    20. Chris Copac

      I got the same survey email today. I don't recall getting a "reward certificate" in a private message through Kickstarter.

    21. Philip DaCosta on

      last week I got an email s last week I got an email saying the game was shipped but just this morning I got another email from Kickstarter saying that in order to ship my product they need to ask if I redeemed my coupon. I'm not sure what this coupon is?

    22. Nathaniel Huff on

      Just got my copy yesterday! I'm excited to play it tonight!

    23. Matthew Sutorius on

      What is the ETA on the custom cards?

    24. Doctor Zaius

      The journey is complete. Now to play it tonight!

    25. Car Tag on

      FedEx got my tracking information Thursday, but didn't pick up the package until 3 PM today. It now sits in the same town it started. Yay.

    26. Ryan Brown on

      Received the game on Saturday, demoed it for the board gaming group on Sunday, all three other players immediately asked how they could get their own copy.


    27. Missing avatar

      erak on

      RE custom cards: I texted Frank. He replied they will arrive separately.

    28. Ian Heath on

      Have any international backers been shipped yet? My order status is still saying "unfulfilled".

      Ian - jealously watching the American backers slowly get their copies :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Steven Lightheart

      @Jason, thank you for the reply and update. That's all I wanted was to have an idea what was happening. Thank you.

    30. Jason Tagmire

      @Steven and everyone else - I reached out to Game Salute about the custom cards. Hopefully we have an answer very soon. I know that shipping them separately was discussed, but I do not know what the final decisions were. I'll keep in touch for you all.

    31. Missing avatar

      Steven Lightheart

      I also have not received the 'Pixel You' card, everything else is great though. Several people have commented on not receiving their custom cards and I have yet to see any kind of acknowledgement. Is this being looked into? Is anything being done about it? Any response to this would be appreciated.

    32. Missing avatar

      Neal on

      My copy arrived today. This is really beautiful, nice work! Can't wait to play it.

    33. Missing avatar

      krakerjak on

      Got my copy today. Looks great! Like someone else here, I got everything except my custom "Pixel You" card. Any word on those?

    34. David Kegg on

      Yea! Pixel Lincoln just arrived. Those are the highest quality box and player boards I think I've seen. Can't wait to play.

    35. Ricky Rowe on

      Any word on the custom cards? I received my shipment today but the only thing missing was my custom "Pixel You" card.

    36. Doctor Zaius

      It's not your fault Pete. No one else here at Kickstarter charges U.S. backers for shipping... It's easy to forget because that's usually a given and expected perk for your pledge support.

    37. Pete Sellers on

      So... it would seem I made the same mistake here that I did with Goblins Drool, FR... forgot the shipping. I wrote to Frank at Gamesalute - do I need to do anything else? Thanks and many apologies for my apparent inability to read and comprehend basic instructions. :)

    38. Matthew Soares

      So I received my package 4 days after receiving the tracking number. One might think 4 days is reasonable, but not when the damn facility is an hour away. That to me is a bit ridiculous. To make matters worse, I open the package and find I'm missing half the items I pledged for in this campaign. I always tried to ignore the negative view and reputation of Game Salute, but I think I'm about ready to take my blinders off now.

    39. Matt Strange

      Mine states 'Unfulfilled' (Order #7755)

      I've seriously had it with Game Salute. Every Kickstarter I had backed that utilizes Game Salute as a distribution arm has been been completely screwed and a nightmare to deal with. Their customer service is atrocious and their business ethics are questionable.

    40. Michael Green on

      Hey, you are lucky. I got my tracking number on Monday and it still just says 'initiated'. Not even picked up, on the date that it originally claimed it was going to be delivered. How fun.

    41. Doctor Zaius

      Mine just magically was picked up too, but since im shipping to my workplace the saturday delivery means monday for me. At least I have a solid date now.

    42. HotMayoSandwich

      I just love how they claimed the packages would be sent on July 1st. Now here we are on July 10th and FedEx shows this: "10 July - 2:44 PM - Picked up - LONDONDERRY, NH". I think at the very least you owe us all an explanation. A partial or full refund of shipping costs would also go a long way towards making this right.

    43. Matthew Sutorius on

      My notification just switched to "picked up" but it also kicked the estimated delivery date back another 3 says.

    44. Alan V on

      @Craig Likewise. My notification came Monday, but the tracking number didn't even work until Tuesday. The status of the package is still "Shipment information sent to FedEx", so I guess it hasn't actually shipped yet. It's honestly kind of insulting. :\
      (If this is solely an issue with FedEx tracking, and the game has actually shipped, then apologies for the assumptions.)

      @Scott If the point of a Kickstarter was only to get the game, then yes, I agree with you (to a point; a 30 day delay in shipping, or a week delay after shipping payment would be unreasonable with any standard retailer). But Kickstarter is about more than that... it's about the process, updates, and being prioritized, in some sense, for your belief in a product that doesn't exist yet.
      I don't have too many complaints about the actual campaign or production delays (the expansion pack with the Bicycle playing cards was pretty sketchy though), but the response and lack of information provided in this bungled shipping process has pretty much negated any good will or understanding I would have had. It feels like we're being treated worse than people buying the game after it's available at retail, with nothing more than vague, "We'll do better next time." responses.

    45. Doctor Zaius

      So I get my shipment notification and my tracking number on Monday. "Horray!" I say. My wait is finally over.

      However it is now Wednesday and the only activity shown is "shipping information received" which means my package hasn't even been picked up by fedex yet? I pay boardsandbits $9 for shipping and I get a package in 2 days. It's been 10 days since you've "begun shipping" and 3 days after my shipment notification with my package still sitting there. This is a fascinating process, especially since the game has been sitting on a pallet for 30 days now...

    46. Missing avatar

      Ben Whelan on

      Wait, never mind - I should have been more patient. I just managed to complete my purchase then.

    47. Missing avatar

      Ben Whelan on

      Whoops, I've forgotten to pay the shipping until now, but I can't reach the Game Salute store page in order to pay for it. Has anybody else had the same problem?

    48. Scott Bolderson on

      Game's on its way! Very excited to see the final results.

      I hope eventually, all the "upset" will step back for a second, and realize that while they've been waiting for a long the end it is just a game. This has been a long road, with lots of changes and bumps along the way. Keep things in perspective...and keep positive. The games are coming, and we can finally share them with our friends.

      Isn't that what it's all about?

    49. Austin Yun Liu on

      @ Stuart

      Yea if you havent got a email with a tracking number then it hasnt been mailed yet.

    50. Car Tag on

      I'll second the statement that a month between getting the games and shipping them out is simply unacceptable. If you're too busy with other projects, hire a couple of temps to do grunt work. Will we ever get an explanation as to why the games were just sitting in a warehouse for so long before they started shipping?

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