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Government shut down? Get up and get ready for Pixel Lincoln: Re-Election. Ever Expanding Emancipation!
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Custom Characters Now Available!

Posted by Game Salute (Creator)
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We're bringing back Custom Characters for the last two weeks of the campaign, and at a special rate of $25.00!           

By upgrading to the FULL TERM + CUSTOM CARD level, our artist Marty Cobb will turn you into a fully playable, personalized, custom character card of yourself (or in many cases, your cat).  

We've been doing these in each Kickstarter campaign, and there have been so many good ones. So good that we picked our top 5 favorites and included them in the 2-2 deck here.

This campaign is all about the people after all…. Here are the 5 custom characters that you will be getting, and also an example of the world of possibilities when creating your custom characters.


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    1. Jason Tagmire

      @Carlos the 5 shown above will be included in the game.

      @Bradley you can get anything you want. We've had some crazy ones so far. The Lincoln would be face forward, in the character style so it'll look a little different that the normal sideways Lincoln.

    2. Bradley Zakany on

      Could I get a custom character of Lincoln in a kilt, or some other, similar idea? I don't really care so much about getting myself into the game and would prefer to have either Lincoln in a kilt, or an evil bunny.

    3. Carlos Oliveira on

      Are the ones people custom make going to be included in copies of the game or as an extra add on?