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Penny Arcade's Paint The Line ECG: Red Tide's video poster

In Penny Arcade's expandable card game, you engage in fast and furious tabletop tennis battles to battle for your country! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 11, 2012.

In Penny Arcade's expandable card game, you engage in fast and furious tabletop tennis battles to battle for your country!

About this project

“In 1976, as the specter of nuclear war loomed worldwide, the UN Security Council introduced Resolution 501. Known as the Table-Tennis Accords, it decreed that all conflict between nations be resolved through the dialect of Ping-Pong. When Chinese terrorists struck down the US Table Tennis Team in 1979, a rag-tag band of students was forced to play in their stead. Lead by rivals Johnathan Gabriel and Tycho Brahe, they were victorious – but not unharmed. Now, in 1984, the Russian Bear has begun to stir. In times like these, America needs men whose grip is sure. Men who play the entire table.”

This expandable card game features fast and furious tabletop tennis battles. Each set comes with everything you need to play and you can use up to four sets to customize your deck and use your awesome ping pong skills to battle for your country!

Penny Arcade decided to bring Paint The Line: The Expandable Card Game directly to you. This campaign is your chance to show your support for independent design studios like Penny Arcade, so show your support and be one of the first people in the world to get the Paint The Line! Your pledge rewards will be shipped in July!

Each set comes with everything you need to play and you can use up to four sets to customize your deck.

You can Build-Your-Own-Bundle totaling up to whatever amount you'd like to pledge. For example, if you'd like two copies of the game, simply pledge $60. We have a limited quantity of games available for this special preview, so pledge early and be sure to let your friends now.

As a special Kickstarter campaign bonus, for each copy of the game, you'll receive a copy of an original, limited-edition Paint The Line comic book by the folks at Penny Arcade! This comic was edited by Jerry Holkins, with art directed by Mike Krahulik and Kiko Villasenor, story and art by Steve Bowler, designer of Paint The Line.

For details on shipping, see the Shipping Details section below.

Paint the Line is a Cold War era ping pong card game. Players hit the ball back and forth by rolling a 20 sided die in an attempt to meet or exceed a target number. Players play cards to aid their dice rolls and penalize their opponent’s rolls. 

Check out this article at MTV Geek previewing the game and discussing the development.

Watch a How to Play video for Paint The Line right here:

Check out the full rules by clicking the rulebook here:

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Penny Arcade's Paint The Line ECG: Red Tide will be available locally all around the world through Select Stores. It will be available online through for delivery worldwide. You can find local stores through and if your favorite store has not yet signed up, be sure to sign up as Select Stores at We have special Bonus Bundles available for local stores, which include complimentary demo copies of the game to show off in your local community. Stores, you can pledge your support by messaging us through Kickstarter, emailing, or by calling Game Salute at 1-800-459-5516. 

  • Lead Game Design: Steve Bowler 
  • Art Director and Game Design: Kiko Villaseñor 
  • Creators: Mike Krahulik, Jerry Holkins 
  • Producers: Robert Khoo, Brian Sunter 
  • Artists: Alexandra Douglass, Steve Hamaker, Mike Krahulik, Alexandria Neonakis 
  • Writer: Jerry Holkins 
  • Design Interns: Kyle Marks, Majdi Badri 
  • Publisher: Penny Arcade 
  • Distribution and Support: Game Salute 
  • Special Thanks: Elizabeth Bowler, Vizelle Villaseñor, David Coffman, Jamie Dillion, Joel Dreskin, Patrick Curry, Mike Hayes, Jeff Kalles, Erik Karulf, Kenneth Kuan, Ben Kuchera, Gregg Landess, Kristin Lindsay, Katie Olsen, Joshua Price, Jon Roark, Erika Sadsad, Rocky Vanoost, All the Beta Testers, from PAX East & PAX Prime

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  • This Springboard campaign is being run by Game Salute, who is working with Penny Arcade to bring Paint The Line to individuals and Select Stores all around the world. The purpose of a Kickstarter campaign is to make a public show of support for Paint The Line to help expand its presence. As part of our celebration of the launch of Paint The Line, this campaign will help show the world how much support this independently developed title can gain here.

    Certainly, you can preorder directly through PA or through this Kickstarter campaign, as you prefer. Either way you're directly supporting Penny Arcade and Paint The Line. This campaign serves as a public meter of sorts for the excitement around this title (really the entire Paint The Line game line). Your support will help Springboard this title into the hands of individual fans as well as stores and local game groups all around the world. Thanks for your support!

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  • You'll be able to get Paint The Line through Penny Arcade's online store, through, and through any local store who's signed up as a Select Store (and if they're not yet, it just takes a minute at You can find those stores at The game will begin appearing in stores who participate in Preview Nights very soon, and they'll have demo copies of the game to show off in person! The official retail release of the game isn't until August, so only stores who participate in Preview Nights will have it early.

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    BUILD-YOUR-OWN-BUNDLE - You can play with just 1 set or use up to 4 sets to customize your decks. For every $30 you pledge, you'll receive a copy of the Game + a Limited Edition Penny Arcade comic! [Examples: Pledge $30 for Game + Comic OR Pledge $60 for 2 Games + 2 Comics (For full reward and shipping details, look to your left].

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