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Prosperity flows through the realm—the smithies of King's Forge are all fired up for gold dice, new rules, and engaging scenarios!
Prosperity flows through the realm—the smithies of King's Forge are all fired up for gold dice, new rules, and engaging scenarios!
1,332 backers pledged $27,484 to help bring this project to life.




King's Forge is a beautifully illustrated tabletop board game for 2-4 craftspeople attempting to please a medieval king in a light fantasy setting. The base game comes with over 90 dice and lasts 60 minutes or less. As a design its accessibility appeals to family/casual players, but its clever decisions are there for more demanding gamers.

Do you like rolling handfuls of dice? Do meaningful decisions and mitigating risk make you drool? Do you crave engaging art? Adding this mini-expansion to the base game adds some serious luster to your King's Forge experience. This expansion plus the base game is also an excellent entry point to the series.

This is the fourth expansion to the base game published in 2014. Gold is illustrated by the very talented Jacqui Davis.

It's a Golden Age—commerce, exploration, and innovation have brought unmatched prosperity to the kingdom. It doesn't hurt that gold was recently discovered in nearby underground rivers and caverns! The result is a growing merchant class and a restless nobility demanding finer things and higher levels of craftsmanship.

In this age of new wealth, Queen Gertrude's style and manner are all the rage. The Queen has just announced that non-royal versions of gifts from her recent Jubilee celebration may now be made available to the public. A spirit of pride and elation fills the realm ...blinding everyone to a darker element creeping into the kingdom.

Little Expansion, Big Impact

This mini-expansion to Nick Sibicky's King's Forge is all about serving current fans of the game while creating a fantastic entry point for new players. King's Forge: Gold is designed by Chris Schreiber to be the most accessible expansion yet. It focuses squarely on augmenting the base game and adds something for players of all skill levels.

  • 12 Gold dice 
  • 40 Craft items (30 Queen's Favorites, 8 golden items, 2 Kickstarter "inclusives")
  • 9 Gather cards (3 gold-related, 3 prosperity-related, and 3 darker elements)
  • New rules and scenarios 


GATHERING: What's up in the Kingdom?

Every turn starts in the Gather phase where players visit different people and locations around the kingdom. Gather cards are much more than the setting for the game—they provide the economic engine for players to get new dice and to collect crafting bonuses.

Gold adds nine Gather cards to King's Forge; three specifically related to the new gold dice, three reflecting the realm's prosperity, and another three suggesting that a darker element is being drawn into the kingdom.

As a bonus feature: When you add these Gather cards to the essential four Gathering cards (North and South Mine, East and West Forest), you get a complete set that is ready to "plug and play." No hassles. It's already curated to leverage the unique opportunities of having gold in the game. Stay tuned for the scenario that fully showcases this functionality!

CRAFTING: Do you have the Midas Touch? 

After gathering, players take their unused dice to the crafting phase—where the dice are rolled and modified in an attempt to meet the king's standards. Not only do you have to meet the king's minimum standards, you have to craft items superior to those of the other players. 

Even though this expansion comes in a smaller box, Gold adds 40 items to the main deck—more than any previous expansion or even the base game! There are 8 new luxurious golden items, but the bulk of the items integrate the original 30 items from the Queen's Jubilee expansion into the main crafting deck. 

Since gamers are natural collectors, it's not uncommon for new backers to ask for access to previous Kickstarter exclusives. With a little empathy and a dash of ingenuity, we've figured out a clever way to honor the original exclusivity—but still make the game content available to all. 

By including the "Precious Ring" and "Alchemist Spectacles," we make sure there aren't empty spaces in your crafting collection. Hopefully, the continued success of King's Forge will allow for a time when every possible rank (0-136) will be filled with unique items. 

GOLD: How does it work?   

It's very easy. Gold is metal. Gold is very valuable. If you know those two things, you're prepared for its straightforward behavior in the game. 

All rules cards are not final art design yet—they may look differently in published form.
All rules cards are not final art design yet—they may look differently in published form.


RULES: What are the Golden Decrees?

The king is more generous these days with what have been called the "Golden Decrees." Three cards in the Gold deck are committed to rules tweaks designed to boost your King's Forge experience, especially to address loss aversion and wasted turns in family/casual play. 

  • Noble Effort - if your item is out-crafted, nobles buy your item for one gold 
  • Stack to Track - during crafting, totals over 6 are retained for the whole round 
  • Good Deeds - player with most total unused pips gets use of a gold for the next round only

"Noble Effort" and "Good Deeds" leverage the functionally of gold dice—which increase your gathering flexibility, but are ultimately still just metal dice for the purpose of crafting. These two rules support friendlier play. 

"Stack to Track" is a practical consideration that maintains higher quality in crafting. Normally, at the end of your crafting turn, totals over 6 return to 6. This decree supports players who demand the fine quality of their work not be minimized at the end of their turn. For example, "You all know it was a 9 on my turn—ain't no way that sub-standard cheap old 7 should get the credit from a forgetful king..." (Theoretically speaking, of course.)

Are these required? No. You know your play group. At the start of a game in which gold dice are being used, choose any number of "Golden Decree" cards to add to your game. The goal with these three rules tweaks is simple—less wasted effort. 

SCENARIOS: What are the new adventures?

Small changes can lead to interesting outcomes. These three scenarios vary initial set-up and/or win conditions to create new experiences around the base rules system. These are a great way to keep your plays fresh without having to learn much.  

The first two scenarios are aimed at shorter games. "Gold Rush" uses gold dice to turbo charge the game from the very beginning. It's a downhill sprint. The "Elusive Charm" scenario is potentially even quicker—because it's a race to craft a single glorious item!

The final scenario, "Guilded Age," is a variant that can be played with the base game, but it really requires a more fleshed out item pool for replayability. The Gold expansion helps considerably with growing the depth of your item pool—so this new scenario goes hand-in-hand with the big influx of items.

With this small tweak of removing the waiting line, you get a more open, strategic feeling not as restricted to tactical battles over the usual three items on display. Plus, there's a guarantee that those higher ranked items get crafted—there's no easy victories at the Guild! 

Can anything more be added?    

This expansion is a single deck of 54 cards and 12 dice in a small 11cm square box. It's packed. Can anything more be added? Unfortunately no, we've squeezed all the content into the box that we can.

Even though there will not be component-related stretch goals, it's still important for creators to come up with a way to keep backers engaged and motivated throughout the funding period. Therefore, during the 17-day campaign, additional game content will be revealed each day to the main page—like an advent calendar of King's Forge goodness.

Periodically, that new content will be collected together into regular updates so that backers not checking the page each day are still informed and invited into the community discussion.

Why should I back now?

If you already love King's Forge, come geek out with us. If you're new to King's Forge and this looks like something that would be right in your wheelhouse, "Welcome to the community!" There are clear reasons to back now if you're interested: 

  • DIRECT SALE ONLY -- This first printing of this Gold content as a small mini-expansion will not go into retail distribution. Gold will be for direct sale only from the Game Salute website and from our booth at conventions where it will sell for $15.
  • TEAM SOLO -- The designer of Gold has done some early testing for a solo version of King's Forge using a puzzle approach. In order for this to move forward thoughtfully, Chris will solicit backer assistance. The goal is to complete viable rules after the funding period ends and before final fulfillment. Let's work together so that we can still forge when others aren't available.    
  • ADVANCE CONTENT -- One final expansion is in the works for King's Forge. After the funding period for Gold, we'll look to share details and involve backers with that possible content. You'll have a backstage pass!
  • PERSONAL CONNECTION -- There are so many games available now that it can be hard to keep up with them all. What gets played and what gathers dust can sometimes be determined by little things like having a personal connection with the product and people involved with it. Come connect with King's Forge.

The designer of Gold is Chris Schreiber. He will be managing the daily communication and most of the updates for this campaign. As a previous King's Forge backer and active fan, Chris' involvement connects you to what can make this platform such a unique experience—direct contact with creators whose dream it is to see their passion realized.

Here's the plan on how we'll reveal new content during the funding campaign...

  • Day 1 - Gold Mine (Gather card)
  • Day 2 - Gilded Matryoshka (Item #98)
  • Day 3 - Gilder (Gather card) + UPDATE -- "There will be Gold"
  • Day 4 - Noble Effort (Rule)
  • Day 5 - Stack to Track (Rule)
  • Day 6 - Good Deeds (Rule)
  • Day 7- Clockwork Nightingale (Item #100) + UPDATE -- "Remember The Spoons"
  • Day 8 - Warehouse (Gather card)
  • Day 9 - Wishing Well (Gather card)
  • Day 10 - Rogue (Gather Card)
  • Day 11 - Sorcerer (Gather card) + UPDATE -- "3rd Edition Changes"
  • Day 12 - Endless Map (Item #126) 
  • Day 13 - Ship in a Bottle (Item #134)
  • Day 14 - Dragonfly Charm (Item #136) + UPDATE -- "Gather Round"
  • Day 15 - Elusive Charm (Scenario) + UPDATE -- "Let's get Crafty"
  • Day 16 - Gold Rush (Scenario) + UPDATE -- "Update on 3rd Edition"
  • Thursday, Sept 21, 2017 - Guilded Age (Scenario) 

Chris' goal with this "lesson plan" above is that the backers of this mini-expansion will become friendly ambassadors of King Forge. Not just because he loves King's Forge and feels it's seriously underrated, but more generally because games can make meaningful connections. 

Why does it matter? When you teach a game well and share interesting anecdotes about its design and creation, you draw people into the experience. And that's what brings new people to our hobby.


Expansion Design: Chris Schreiber

Additional Design and Development: Dann May

Original Game Design: Nick Sibicky

Artist: Jacqui Davis   

Graphic Design: Dann May, Cody Jones, Jonathan Kirtz

Art/Creative Direction: Dann May   

Kickstarter Managers: Chris Schreiber, Brenna Noonan   

Project Manager: Cody Jones

Executive Producer: Dan Yarrington

Publisher: Game Salute


Risks and challenges

The team at Game Salute has delivered hundreds of successful Kickstarter campaigns including our own published titles and those we've helped independent publishers run and fulfill.

While printing, shipping, and processing delays are always a possibility, we have set a reasonable delivery date based on our experience.

We're so confident that you'll enjoy this updated version of King's Forge: Gold that we're backing it up with our Game Salute Guarantee. If you don't enjoy the game after you've received and played it—just send it back to our headquarters and we'll issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

Sometimes people may want to cancel their pledge after the campaign has ended, and that’s fine too. We can handle this for you – all we need is for you to email with your Kickstarter username and full real name. Please note: when we receive your funds, we only receive around 90% of what you paid thanks to various fees and charges, so whatever your pledge was you’ll get it back less 10% to cover those charges.

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