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The brand new game from Richard Breese, now available to gamers in the North America!
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Direct from Essen 2015 to your tabletop!

We are delighted to be working with Richard Breese once again to bring his new game to the North American game playing public. Following the incredible success of Keyflower and its two expansions - Merchants and Farmers - we are proud to present his latest creation, Inhabit The Earth.

Following its much-acclaimed release at Essen Spiel 2015, we now have a limited amount of copies on the way to our US warehouse. This is a simple, straightforward campaign where you can be among the first people to get your hands on the game - no stretch goals, no promos, just the game delivered to your door quickly at a price that's lower than in stores. Get ready to Inhabit The Earth!

What is Inhabit The Earth?

In essence, it is a race game played on six continent boards. Players create their own menagerie of up to six creatures, each of which is represented by up to six cards, by using cards to introduce, multiply, evolve, and adapt their creatures. Each of the 162 unique cards identifies a creature's class, a continent and terrain that the creature inhabits, and a special or scoring ability.

Each class of creature is also represented by a counter, and the cards are also used to trigger the movement of the counters along the trails on the boards and by migrating, from one board to another. Breeding, achieved by flipping over a creature's counter, generates new cards. Movement facilitates further breeding and the chance to secure tokens for additional icons and point scoring.

At the end of the game, points are scored through abilities on the creature's cards, the position of the creatures' counters on the boards, and from tokens; the player with the most points wins. Rules for an introductory game for up to three players are also included.

Rahdo ran through Inhabit The Earth!

Check out the rules here!

Read designer Richard Breese's indepth Geeklist on Inhabit The Earth here!

Risks and challenges

Game Salute has successfully delivered dozens of Kickstarter campaigns including several previous campaigns from Inhabit The Earth designer, Richard Breese.

The games are already printed, and while shipping and processing delays are always a possibility, we believe we have set a reasonable delivery date that allows time to handle difficulties.

Of course, should games arrive before the estimated delivery date, we will send them out as soon as we receive them.

We're so confident that you'll enjoy Inhabit The Earth that we're backing it up with our Game Salute Guarantee. If you don't enjoy Inhabit The Earth when you receive it and play it, just send it back to our headquarters and we'll issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

Sometimes people may want to cancel their pledge after the campaign has ended, and that’s fine too. We can handle this for you – all we need is for you to email with your Kickstarter username and full real name. Please note: when we receive your funds, we only receive around 85% of what you paid thanks to various fees and charges, so whatever your pledge was you’ll get it back less 15% to cover those charges.

Thanks for preordering Inhabit The Earth - you're awesome!

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