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Grow your settlement in a charming world of lively forest critters in this elegant worker placement/tableau building board game.
Grow your settlement in a charming world of lively forest critters in this elegant worker placement/tableau building board game.
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Custom Insert Unlocked, Expansions, and a Gameplay Video!

Posted by Game Salute (Creator)

Greetings Critters,

We were so excited to see that while we were sleeping, you unlocked the Custom Insert for both the Standard AND Collector's Editions! The insert still needs to be designed so we do not have mockups to share yet, but yes, but we are designing it so it will be able to hold sleeved cards.

The next unlock is Rugwort's Crew for the Collector's Edition, at $285,000! We're coming into the last days of Everdell's campaign, and are hopeful that we can blow past the last few stretch goals!

Based on the responses to our social media polls yesterday, it looks like we're going to begin preliminary development on the River Expansion! For all you Honeybee fans out there, don't despair — this doesn't mean we'll never do that expansion, just that we are tackling River first. 

We have another poll up on Twitter to right now to gauge what you'd like to see in the first expansion. Facebook is being a little stubborn at the moment and won't allow us to post a poll, so we'll update later if we're able to get that Facebook poll up.

Everdell's designer James Wilson has also created a gameplay video, which you can view on YouTube!

Thanks everybody!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Heffernan on

      Just wanted to advise that any future expansion should take a back seat to deliverables on this campaign. Still a lot of work to do on QA and fulfillment for this KS, no need to get carried away in the excitement.

    2. Angy on

      @Anion, regarding your 2nd point:

      I also had the impression that space could be a problem, but I realized that all the important information is in the bottom 1/3 of the cards. So you may overlap one on another. Similar as in Terraforming Mars, or 7 wonders Duel, with the difference that there you have the important information on the top of the cards but in everdell on the bottom.

      Personally I prefer to have the important information on the top, bescause the constructing flow is more natural.

      For everdell I probably will use 5 columns of 3 cards each.

    3. Rian Turner on

      Granted, by similar logic, not everyone is or wants to be on Twitter/other social media sites.

      For myself, while I would be more interested in seeing more meeple options and legendary cards, I lean towards the meeples (and possibly player powers) myself moreso than cards that might suffer from dilution into a larger deck.

    4. Missing avatar

      Anion on

      I'd love to see the following after seeing that video:

      1 - An insert that can cater to any expansions
      2 - A tableau construction similar to the great "tree" in your game - a multi-tiered 'city' layout for each player that allows them to place their cards where others can see and use if it's applicable. Maybe more visible or higher cards are where buildings that can be 'worked' where one-time use cards or travelers are in less visible locations. This would allow for people with more limited table space to play, which I see can become a massive problem with this game at 3 or 4 players.

      Even with your hands to yourself, most games with an up to 15 card tableau per player do not also have a giant game board as well. This is a huge space management issue I imagine many people will encounter. Building these other 'city' holders would help alleviate this issue and keep things more centralized, also reducing the amount of 'table wandering' I foresee in a larger player game, especially when nearing the end.

    5. Greg R

      Will the final version of the game be playable without the cardboard tree like in the gameplay video?

    6. Joan

      Sorry-Paul beat me to it, and I was responding to the email, which specified Facebook, and no mention of Twitter.

    7. Joan

      Just FYI- not everyone's on Facebook, for the purpose of polls and questionnaires.

    8. Missing avatar


      So a possible request for the insert since it has not been designed yet, since y'all are planning on expansions, can y'all maybe make it a little bigger than needed for the base game so the expansions can fit in the insert as well.

    9. Paul Boos

      Glad to see it on Twitter... I abhor and therefore am not on Facebook.