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Grow your settlement in a charming world of lively forest critters in this elegant worker placement/tableau building board game.
Grow your settlement in a charming world of lively forest critters in this elegant worker placement/tableau building board game.
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$200k Stretch Goals Unlocked!

Posted by Game Salute (Creator)

Greetings Critters,

   You did it! We've blown through all the announced stretch goals and beyond our wildest dreams for this Everdell campaign! The Standard Edition has unlocked the plastic resin tokens (no more punchboard resources for either version). The Collector's Edition has unlocked awesome Metal Point Tokens available in this direct-only edition of the game. 

We've been listening to your comments and feedback messages and running costing analysis on various options for upgrades. We've come up with an awesome concept for a Gallery Slipcase that will be on the outside of every copy of the game. We look forward to debuting the look of that in a future update once the art is done but suffice to say our creative team will make it look awesome! So the Collector's Edition will have a unique box design and a unique Gallery Slipcase to really make your box look awesome on your shelf and show the world that you were a part of helping bring Everdell to life.

We're looking into options for a custom insert (for both editions) and an upgrade to add gold foiling to the slipcase for the Collector's Edition. We're awaiting final pricing and impact on production (and thereby delivery) schedule before we know when they'd unlock - we'll provide an update once we know for certain. 

 We've had a ton of interest in additional meeple designs and other accessories to highlight the art (sleeves, playmats, etc). Those could be used for other games as well, featuring the amazing Andrew Bosley art for Everdell. We're running the numbers on the add-on options now to see  if we could do those as part of this campaign or if they'd have to be part of a separate campaign. Once we know for sure, we'll post an update with the details.

Thank you all again for your unfailing excitement about Everdell. We sincerely appreciate your support!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Del Merritt on

      Ditto @Kevin B: a good internal storage compartment that is designed to it accepts sleeved cards is a wonderful idea.

    2. Missing avatar

      JJ Lee

      Slip covers are nice for folks who store games vertically. Keeps the box top on tightly, which is important for keeping components from moving around too much, even with a custom insert. So I like the slip cover idea. The metal tokens are very nice and premium (and expensive to produce) so that's appreciated also. Another suggestion for the collector's edition might be an art book, since the art is a big draw. I also like the special extra meeple shape idea so we have more choices when we play, if that doesn't make production too complicated.

    3. Missing avatar

      Alex Pinedo on

      I also don’t feel as if the slipcase is it either, feel like it’s more of a hinderance than an actual bonus. Sorry to be a bit of a drag, but I just wanna make sure my money is being put to something awesome and unique for this collectors edition.

    4. Missing avatar

      Alex Pinedo on

      Kind of agree with some of the posters. There needs to be something awesome differentiating the collectors edition from the standard, especially if were paying $15 more. So far we have 16 cards and metal tokens. If the plastic stuff had been collectors only, then it woulda been fine. There just needs to be one more stretch goal that separates the two, otherwise I may just have to downgrade my edition.

    5. Game Salute 87-time creator on

      Thanks for the notes, all.

    6. GamerCoon on

      I have to say, I'm not really interested in a slip case or gold foiling. Metal tokens, ok that's probably good. I'd rather see more cards and/or meeples, personally. How are there no raccoons in this!

    7. Daniel Riles

      Also, does that mean that the only difference right now between the levels is 30 metal coins and 10 cards (or 20 cards)? Is that a $15 value?

    8. Daniel Riles

      Totally excited to see this game come to fruition. On the extras, I have found that slip covers end up in my recycling. They hinder getting the game in play. More playable material is always good.

    9. Scott Stanley

      If you do an insert then please make sure it fits sleeved cards..

    10. Missing avatar

      bible9230 on

      I have a suggestion for a stretch goal.

      I would like to see a companion app for phones to create an immersive experience. There could be a unique and soothing musical score to listen to while playing the game. Random animal noises can sound off in the back ground too.

      There can be buttons to press to trigger various event sounds just for fun:
      Resource gathering
      Specific animal chatter

    11. Matthew Bower on

      I honestly don’t understand people obsession with slip covers! They are a waste of money imo. The custom plastic insert that actually has a function should have been a stretch goal first before the cover.

    12. Chris Schreiber on

      They are so pro sleeves—they're even sleeving the whole box with the slipcase! :)

    13. Missing avatar


      I 3rd the making the insert fit sleeves cards when/if it gets unlocked

    14. Palleon on

      Great, well done!!
      If you do a custom insert can you make it big enough to fit sleeves cards? Thanks!

    15. Missing avatar

      Kevin B on

      Awesome news. Can't wait for this to come out.

      Just a side note though. If you do choose to have a custom insert done please make sure it will fit sleeved cards.

    16. Missing avatar

      Anders Pihl Kofoed

      You guys are spoiling us !

    17. Missing avatar

      Daniel Morrow on

      Fantastic news! Can't wait for our Collector's Edition to hit our shelves. Keep up the good work, and thanks for keeping a special focus on delivery times. :) I would LOVE some mats, sleeves, meeples, etc. but am happy to pledge for them in another campaign or whatever works best in your opinion.

    18. Burtram Anton

      A few more Extra Extra cards for the Collectors Edition would be great!!