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Grow your settlement in a charming world of lively forest critters in this elegant worker placement/tableau building board game.
Grow your settlement in a charming world of lively forest critters in this elegant worker placement/tableau building board game.
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Extra! Extra! Third Collector's Edition Bonus Card Pack Unlocked!

Posted by Game Salute (Creator)

Greetings Critters of Everdell,

With your support, we've unlocked a third Extra! Extra! card expansion pack for the Collector's Edition including the Carnival and the Juggler. We've also upgraded the Standard Edition to plastic pebbles at the same time.  

Our next stretch goals unlock at $200,000 which is not so far away, just a bit over 222 new Collector's Edition pledges.

 Thank you for helping us spread the word about Everdell. Please share this campaign with your friends, family, and acquaintances through Twitter, Facebook, BGG, etc.

We'd also like to hear from you in the comments about what additional types of animal meeples you'd like to see in Everdell. Right now we have the hedgehog, the squirrel, the turtle, and the mouse. Sound off on what you'd like to see. We're exploring options to add more content for the Collector's Edition without delaying the production and delivery schedule. We're also considering potential other new products we could create to expand the world of Everdell. 

We appreciate your feedback and support. Thank you!


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    1. Missing avatar

      JJ Lee

      Some kind of bird (owl, robin, woodpecker) and frog are the best choice IMHO. Very different from the existing shapes, easy to make a shape that is clearly identifiable, similar in size to the others. I like bat, too, if a good shape can be done.

      I like fox and rabbit, but the shape might be too close to the mouse or squirrel. Not sure a badger meeple would be clearly identifiable as a badger, and also might be too close to the existing ones. Basically, other small mammals all probably fall into this boat (except bat). The insect suggestions are interesting! But are there insects on the cards or elsewhere in the game?

    2. Missing avatar

      John Fraser


    3. Kalayna Nicole

      In excitement order:


    4. Missing avatar

      Manos on

      A fox, a badger, a bear and an otter!

    5. Mikkel Øberg

      +1 for Badger, +2 vs. elves... What?

    6. Christopher Wallace on

      I think a badger, fox or owl would be awesome!

    7. Andrew Ferreira on

      Turtle (not a tortoise)

    8. The Bearded Viking on

      I think an owl would be a great addition.

    9. Allan Meeks on

      Orange FOX! that is all.

    10. Chris Schreiber on

      So I'm at a stoplight and almost miss my light turning green because I'm thinking about the big meeples from Carcassonne counting as 2 when placed instead of 1—and then projecting that into Everdell onto a Mama Duck and her duckings or a Mother Hen and her chicks. Little yellow chicks. I stopped myself from the thinking if that could work for a larger animal like a fox if that counted as 2 and the kits were only 1 because I just don't know how enough cards work. That, and the car next to me started moving...

      So many good suggestions! #Fun

    11. Burtram Anton

      I would love to see an owl or generic bird shape with its wings held in by it’s body.

    12. Missing avatar

      Eileen on

      I’m thinking a rabbit, badger, or bat

    13. Missing avatar


      I would love to see a fox as well. Second to adding an Owl.

    14. Retha Knoetze on

      A fox would be cool!

    15. Missing avatar

      BobbyBaconHat on

      Fox or rabbit. Also an art book for collectors edition would be nice, or a 5 to 6 player expansion that can come later that way it doesn't slow current production. Thanks for asking and listening!

    16. Isi

      I'd like to see a rabbit, an owl and - a mole!

    17. Missing avatar

      Tom Niesen on

      I'm rooting for an owl and a deer!

    18. Missing avatar

      Ben Rippinl on

      Badger and a fox for me please!

    19. Missing avatar

      Scott Gronewold on

      Rabbits for sure. Like all the bird ideas and frogs. Skunks too

    20. Sarah Kalaitzidis

      would love to see a fox or a rabbit or both

    21. Paul Cohen

      Love all the other ideas. Two more to add to the mix: chipmunk (may be too close to a squirrel, though?) and dragonfly!

    22. Missing avatar

      Ann Millar on

      I’d love to see a bird... owl maybe or a frog!

    23. Missing avatar

      Mark Gamas on

      I know my daughter would love to see an owl.

    24. Missing avatar

      bible9230 on

      How about a frog or lizard to go with the turtle.

    25. Missing avatar

      Shawna LaDelpha

      Thank you for listening to my meeple idea!

    26. Missing avatar

      Shawna LaDelpha

      A badger, fox, bear, or skunk would be super cute!!

    27. Missing avatar


      bats, fox, raccoon and pidgeon

    28. Kim De Fooz on

      An owl, maybe a bit to big of an animal though. 😊

    29. Teresa @tlarraya

      +1 rabbit. It would be so cute ; )

    30. Missing avatar

      Randall Pillay on

      I’d love to see a badger! That’d be cool!

    31. Missing avatar

      Dana Rickle on

      I think that a cat, opossum, or bunny meeple would be great!!

    32. Missing avatar

      Jakob Bindslet on

      Almost running out of stretch goals ... that's bad :-D

    33. Chris Schreiber on

      +1 robins—that's a good one and I find myself liking the flyer suggestions. Especially since there are so many birds already in the game. if you can give the robins a red chest that would be great. Also, robins fit the idea of the "early bird" getting the Collector's Edition.

    34. Chris Schreiber on

      If I was using purple bats, I would put the meeples upside down when they weren't in use. (Because they'd be sleeping)

    35. Alan Brookland on

      Came here to say fox as I thought the current mouse was a fox and now I know it's not I need a fox :)

      Also like the bird suggestion, maybe a robin or crow / jackdaw.

    36. Chris Schreiber on

      A starling. Blue like the logo. Did you know starling could talk? I had no idea. I didn't know until I looked them up during this campaign when I was curious about the new logo and imprint.

    37. Missing avatar

      Couya on

      Fox, skunk and rabbit would bei awesome

    38. Lauren

      If the turtle was made green, maybe you could add a bluebird? Otherwise, maybe a bat or a rabbit? Foxes!

    39. Missing avatar

      Brian P. on

      A Fox, Weasel, Duck, Bat, or Spider :)

    40. AcesofDeath7

      I second the Badger nomination!

    41. Chris Schreiber on

      We have to focus on size. A lot of these suggestions are much bigger animals.

      Maybe make the hedgehog brown and go with little black moles? Mole are the right size. Moles are cute and could work as characters for the Rugwort player when you play solo. Or black rats?

    42. Missing avatar

      Kenstar on

      I think it would be really cool to have some kind of insect like a beetle or bee.

    43. Chris Schreiber on

      We have green, black, orange, and white... red cardinal? Would the squirrel need to be more brown then?

    44. Simone on

      A fox, skunk, little bird and a deer called Bambi!

    45. Sally Morrison on

      A badger please, it would make my day!

    46. Zachary Apps

      I second the idea of a bird one, but maybe a woodpecker?