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Battle wicked monsters, build up the legend of your party and face insurmountable odds as you strive to achieve an Epic Death!
613 backers pledged $27,800 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. HWBadger on

      I Changed Pledge..Missed The Part About Indicating It Here...TheDiceTower Looks Awesome.

    2. Suman on

      I'll have an EPIC dice tower please!

    3. Missing avatar

      Daniel Campos

      20 more for dice roll laziness

    4. Missing avatar

      MIchael King on

      added $20 for a dice tower

    5. Aaron Thomas on

      Added $20 for a dice tower.

    6. Missing avatar

      Leonardo Zilio on

      Added $20 for a dice tower.

    7. Missing avatar

      Steven Watkins

      I have also added $20 for a dice tower.

    8. Michael Moore

      Added $20 for a tower.

    9. Texas Stu on

      Added $20 for dice tower.

    10. Sam Murray on

      I've added $20 to my pledge :)

    11. Devious on

      I'm in @ $20

    12. Missing avatar

      Sam Brown on

      $20 added for a tower, sign me up! ^_^

    13. Ruud2009 on

      Also added $20..

    14. Joseph Danial Mason on

      Count me in as well! I have added $20 for a dice tower.

    15. Missing avatar

      Rhodri Matthews on

      I've added on another $20 Beth, count me in for the lazy dice roller :D

    16. Daniel Brown on

      $20 added, please put me down for an epic dice tower too :)

    17. Game Salute 87-time creator on

      OK, I think we can safely say that there's enough interest to warrant the dice towers at $20! Thank you all once again!

      Of course, all this is helping us get ever closer to the $20,000 mark which means that those custom dice are getting tantalisingly near. We're putting together plans for stretch goals past the $20k mark, but if we have a day or so of delay in putting things together, please accept our apologies in advance!

    18. Mavyllos on

      +1, $20 added

    19. Owen Robertson on

      Threw another $20 into my pledge. MEEEEEEAAAD!

    20. Mikko Karjalainen on

      Just added 20$ to get myself one of these. Nice! :)

    21. William Theriault

      Moved my pledge back to +20. You should come out with another epic add-on at the $5 level so we can leave our pledges at +25...

    22. Sam Mellor

      I count 20 "yes"es below me! Nice work guys. I've added $20.00, so one for me please! :)

    23. Kevin Smith on

      Added $20 for a Dice Tower. Pretty sure there are 20 people interested.

    24. Robert T.

      I am in at $25

    25. Hawk Fangor on

      I'm also in. I only put +$20 as I am fairly confident that we will hit 20 people easily, but if we end up stagnating at 18 for some reason, I'll add the extra $5.

    26. Orris on

      Pledge changed. Look too cool not to have one

    27. Dan Starr

      Sweet.... IM IN! Pledge upped

    28. Son Do

      I'm definitely in for this, the dice tower looks great. And seeing as this will be the first ever dice tower, might as well make it an Epic Death dice tower.

      Pledged had been increased :)

    29. Patrick Gray on

      Changed my pledge to include the dice tower as well.

    30. Kris Woods on

      Well Im in for a dice tower as well now. Updated my pledge as Its the only way to be sure it will be EPIC!

    31. Game Salute 87-time creator on

      Oh, and we aim to get them out at the same time as your game is sent out, and shipping costs are included! (Sorry Dan and Timo!)

    32. Game Salute 87-time creator on

      Great to see such interest in the dice tower - thank you everyone! In answer to questions:

      - it's about 8" high
      - it's made of wood
      - it's used for properly randomising your dice rolls

      (Curse you Sam for being so speedy!)

    33. JG on

      BTW, what is the size of it?

    34. JG on

      I am in on the dice tower

    35. Missing avatar

      John on

      Dice Towers Rule. 1 for me please.

    36. Sam Lamont on

      Hey all, the dice tower will be made from wood!

      @ Dheyrdre: You drop your dice down it and they roll down the tower. Its basically a neat and tidy way of rolling lots of dice.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jesse Hallmark on

      I am in for the dice tower

    38. Johan Karlsson on

      What material is the tower made of?

    39. james on

      I'm in for 1

    40. Lorraine Glover on

      Plus 1 for me thanks

    41. Dan Starr

      Will it be delivered at the same time? No extra postage costs?

    42. William Theriault

      In for 1. Im certain we can sell at LEAST 20 of these!

    43. Dheyrdre Machado on

      Sorry my ignorance, but can someone tell me what a dice tower is?

    44. Gonetotheedge

      That looks great. I'm in.

    45. Missing avatar

      Richard Bisson on

      I'm also in for this.

    46. Timo Honold

      Which material is it made of and for shipping to Europe, additional shipping costs?

    47. AntHover