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A dangerous, perplexing word game and dungeon delve where only those with the quickest wit and largest vocabulary survive.
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As sorcerers of the mystical art of Word Weaving, you and several other treasure hunters will descend into the Tomb of the Forgotten Consonant and quest for the Syllabus of the Lost Syllable. When the journey is complete, only the most heroic word smith will walk away with the win!  

Dungeon Scroll is a word game where players spell words (cast spells) to meet specific word challenges (dungeon encounters) to score points (gain gold).   

If the encounter is a "combat" encounter, typically the player that can play the highest point word will win the encounter and claim the highest gold reward on the dungeon card, with other players claiming the second and third reward - however that is not always true as each dungeon challenge provides twists and turns; to the sorts of words that can be played!

Game Overview

A layered dungeon of 9 cards is formed by randomly selecting cards from the Entrance (x1), 1st Floor (x3), 2nd Floor(x3), Dungeon Boss(x1) and Final Room (x1) dungeon cards and combining them into a face down stack. 

Each turn the top card will be flipped (starting with the Entrance) and players will face the specific encounter on the card. Thematically it could be anything from a Skeleton or Pit Trap to an Ancient Dragon.  

Dungeon Scroll is played over several challenges, with each card in the Dungeon Deck representing one challenge.  Each challenge has the following steps: 

Playing The Game

Step 1 - Draw A Dungeon Card:
To start the challenge, read the special rules on the top-most Dungeon Card aloud to the group.  Each card will have unique rules that change how the challenge must be played. 

Step 2 - Construct Words (a.k.a. Combat):
Once the challenge has started, all players may look at their Letter Cards and should attempt to form a single word.  A word must contain at least two letters.  A player must place the word face-up on the table to show it is being cast.   

When a player is done spelling a single word, the player must place his remaining cards face-down on the table.  This indicates that the player is officially done building a word.  If a player does not do this before the timer chimes in Step 3, the player is disqualified from winning the challenge.  

Step 3 - Start The Timer:
Once a player has completed his/her word, that player should begin the timer.  When the timer runs out, this player should call “Times Up” and all players who have not yet played a word face-up are disqualified from the challenge. 

Step 4 - Score Word Power:
Each player should read their word aloud and score their total word power.  A word’s power is calculated by adding up the values in each letter’s power icon, then multiplying the score for each “2x” Special Letter card in the word.  If a word has multiple “2x” bonuses in it, the multiplier applies multiple times. 

If a player does not believe that another player’s word is legal, the player may challenge the word.  See Word Challenges for more information on how to resolve this. 

Step 5 - Collect Gold:
Players earn gold based on their word power.  The player with the highest word power takes the top-most gold value shown on the card. The second place player takes the second gold value, and the third place player takes the third (and smallest) gold value.  All other players gain nothing. 

If two players tie for the same word value, add together the contested gold amounts, then divide it equally among them, discarding any remainder of gold. 

Example: Two players tie for 2nd and 3rd place on a card that awards 9/5/2 gold.  The contested gold (7) is divided between the two of them (3 gold each), and the remaining 1 gold is discarded.   

Step 6 - Redraw And Continue:
After the challenge is resolved, players must discard all of the Letter Cards they used to form their word into the discard pile. Players keep the cards they did not use, and then redraw back to a hand of 8 cards. Players may not look at the new cards they have drawn until the next challenge begins. 

If a player did not play a word, the player may look through their hand and discard whatever letters they like.   

If the Letter Card deck runs out of cards, simply shuffle the discard pile and form a new Letter Card deck. 

Ending The Game

The player with the most gold wins the game.  If there is a tie, the player with the most dungeon cards wins.  If there is still a tie, we recommend those two tie face off against a random Dungeon Card.  Whoever wins the challenge is considered the winner of the end-game tie!

Game Salute Guaranteed is our promise that Dungeon Scroll will be produced with quality components and that you will enjoy the time you spend with the game. If you're not satisfied with Dungeon Scroll, simply return it to our headquarters within 30 days of receiving it, and we'll refund your pledge. That's our no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

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Shipping is expensive. We've calculated the cost to ship this game to backers around the world and we're subsidizing that to help keep your costs down. The cost to ship this game to backers in the USA is $7.18. Game Salute is covering $7.18 of the shipping cost for ALL backers around the world. That means that the pledge level for US backers includes shipping. For international backers, we're passing along the same savings on shipping. Simply check the chart below, find your destination group, then follow the line to see you total pledge amount.

To keep the shipping costs as low as possible, we ship packages via a variety of shipping services depending on your specific location. We use USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL. You will be responsible for any import fees, brokerage or delivery surcharges, or applicable taxes that may be levied after we have shipped your package.

We are pleased to offer access to our game designers and creative team for podcast, blog, newspaper, or television interviews. Team members can also be present for conventions and event appearances with a timely invitation and appropriate travel and lodging expense allowances. Please contact to discuss any of these media support opportunities.

If you have any questions while our campaign is running or following the conclusion of the campaign, feel free to post on the main comments thread or email Our service team strives to reply promptly to all questions and comments (except for when we're sleeping or eating or other basic bodily functions, and sometimes even then!)

When we announce that reward packages are shipping, you can direct your inquiries to or call 1-888-57-GAMES (examples: when packages have shipped, updating your address, reconciling payment). Our service team is in the office from 9 AM - 5 PM Eastern Time and we always look forward to serving you!

We generally post updates every few days during an active campaign. Once the campaign concludes, we post updates every few weeks. You can follow us on Twitter @GameSalute, on Facebook ( and we invite you to join our Weekly Briefing email newsletter to keep abreast of all the Latest and Greatest in Games from Game Salute.

Thanks as always for your support!

Designer: Anthony Gill

Art and Graphic Design: Dann May

Executive Producer: Dan Yarrington

Kickstarter Campaign Manager: Jon Brunette

Kickstarter Campaign Video and Graphic Design: R Jay McCarty

Published By: Game Salute

And a special thanks to all of our playtesters!

The Dungeon Scroll Card Game was inspired by the classic Dungeon Scroll mobile game available for iOS, Android and Palm, created by Seth A. Robinson. If you'd like to get an early taste of monster slaying and word crafting, visit to download Dungeon Scroll today! 

Dungeon Scroll © Robinson Technologies

Risks and challenges

As we enter the crowdfunding phase, Dungeon Scroll is nearly "Print Ready," but we have set an extended delivery date to be on the safe side. Every game project is subject to potential production delays, but we believe we've allowed enough wiggle-room for Dungeon Scroll.

The final challenge is getting the game and rewards out to the backers. Game Salute is well versed in Kickstarter reward fulfillment and we are prepared to meet this challenge for Dungeon Scroll.

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