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So, it's a T-Rex, vs. Captain Hook vs. Bruce Lee -- Who wins? Find out in Clusterfight, the party game of hypothetical battles!
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Science Fiction Expansion Deck Revealed!

Posted by Game Salute (Creator)
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Announcing the Science Fiction Expansion! So for the past couple weeks, we've been off-handedly alluding to a major announcement. This is it. Behold in all its glory, the Sci-Fi Mini-Expansion!   

This 50-card expansion is available to our backers at an all-new premium pledge level. It draws from some of the best sources of science fiction across all mediums, pays homage to the greats, and expands the universe of Clusterfight into outer space and beyond.  

With the main Clusterfight deck, we're trying to create something that will appeal to just about anyone. But with specialized expansions like this one, we can delve into some slightly more niche characters and really please some fans. As certified sci-fi nerds, this expansion seemed like a good place to start.

Included in the 50-card expansion are...  

  • The Doctor
  • Han Solo 
  • Lt. Commander Worf 
  • River Tam 
  • Alien

And awesome battle cards like...

  • Reboot [Pick a fighter. His franchise has been rebooted and he is now played by the actor of your choice, with your own 'clever' twist].
  • Dog Fight [This fight takes place in space. All fighters are in appropriate star fighters.]
  • Sonic Screwdriver
  • The Infinite Improbability Drive

...and tons more.

So enjoy!

And may the Fight be with you.

-Kevin and Sam

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