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So, it's a T-Rex, vs. Captain Hook vs. Bruce Lee -- Who wins? Find out in Clusterfight, the party game of hypothetical battles!
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Choose Your Weapon!

Posted by Game Salute (Creator)

Hey folks,

The final items have been chosen! The top seven picks were pulled from the poll and are headed into the Kickstarter Deck:

  • The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch (Thanks Robert Horsman and Philippe Goulet) 
  • The Opposite of That [This item is the exact opposite of the last item played] (Thanks Jared Golberg)
  • Portal Gun (Thanks Nathaniel Pahl and Stéphane Zussy)
  • A Dozen Screaming Babies (Thanks Christopher Clauss) 
  • Medusa’s Severed Head (Thanks Robert S. and Nathaniel Pahl)
  • ACME Rocket-Powered Rollerskates (Thanks Christopher Clauss) 
  • Iron Man Suit (Thanks Stéphane Zussy, Rob Pelletier, Nathanial Pahl)

Don't forget, leave a comment to make your submission for Statuses and Actions, and we'll have another poll up next week!



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