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A quick playing card & dice game for 2-5 alchemists. Build up a laboratory of exotic innovations and be the first to turn lead to gold!
A quick playing card & dice game for 2-5 alchemists. Build up a laboratory of exotic innovations and be the first to turn lead to gold!
1,066 backers pledged $40,761 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goals!

Hello, lovely Chaos & Alchemy Backers. Just thought I'd let you know about the plans for stretch goals...

We've already surpassed the first target of $8000, meaning that each box will come with an extra die. Our next step - $10,000 - will be for another die in the box. In fact, the more dice you have in Chaos & Alchemy the better the experience will be. With our base set you would have enough to play the game of course, but if this really takes off we'd love it for each player to have enough of their own so they don't have to go passing them around all the time! They can also be used for tracking points and other information too, so having them to hand will be most useful.

Just so you know, dice aren't the only things we're looking at adding to the set - we'll be revealing more every time we hit another level, so keep an eye out for further updates... There'll also be a stretch goal graphic on the front page shortly to keep track of what's already been achieved and what we're aiming for next.

Onwards and upwards!


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    1. Becky, Oracle of Valoria on

      Thanks for the peek at some more stretch goals! I look forward to see what add-ons you have in mind to give us an opportunity to help you achieve them.

    2. Sarah Reed

      Thanks for posting a few more of the stretch goals. I know there are pros and cons of doing so, but I personally think its got more pros than cons.

    3. Game Salute 86-time creator on

      A revelation has appeared on the front page! Plans up to $20,000. After that... well, we shall see.

      And Jeremy, no, you don't NEED another die. It's simply nice to have more of them to hand should they be required, especially if we announce custom designs later down the road...

    4. Jeremy Williams on

      *we DONT need another dice. 4 hour later correction, but still a big typo.

    5. Jeremy Williams on

      I'm fine with one at a time. I've checked them out. Most of their campaigns are a success. I just think for a turn based game we need another dice. Dice upgrade, sure. :P

    6. Becky, Oracle of Valoria on

      You don't have to reveal all of them, maybe just 6 or so in advance with the notice of More to Come!

    7. Becky, Oracle of Valoria on

      Another vote for getting stretch goals in advance. It helps to rev up excitement and build the campaign. People are willing to spread the word and pledge more when there are awesome goals to aim for. Also, as gamers we all have a lot of dice, so one more, while it may be nice to have more dice in the game, isn't a very inspiring incentive.

    8. Game Salute 86-time creator on

      I've mentioned a few things in the main comments thread - nothing concrete, for these things are fluid, but certainly there should be stuff there to whet your appetites.

    9. Smottz on

      Game Salute has done this Kickstarter thing before. There are pros and cons to releasing stretch goals all at once. Backers *think* it's a good idea to see everything from the start, but the longer I'm on Kickstarter, the more I wonder if that's really what's best for a campaign.

      Looking forward to seeing what you guys have in store!

    10. Phil Christiansen on

      I gotta agree, one at a time is odd and seems less effective. After all you want people to look at bigger ones and think that they really want the campaign to get there.

    11. Game Salute 86-time creator on

      @Sarah - We'll be posting them one by one - that's the plan for this campaign, at least.

      @MEdwards - maaaaaaybe.

      @Ultra - PnP is not your only option, you can order through the shop

    12. Sarah Reed

      It'd be really cool if you could post a couple of stretch goals at a time rather than one by one. It gives more incentive to people, especially for those who don't care too much for more dice. Plenty of games make you pass the dice around. It'd be nice to see what the next substantive addition/upgrade to the game will be.

    13. MEdwards777 on

      are they at least special dice?

    14. Ultra Bithalver

      Hmmm. There a lot of gamers (including me) who does not live in US, so PnP is the only option.
      What do you plan to add as a stretch goal which adds anything to PnP backers ?

    15. Jeremy Williams on

      Aw, c'mon! :P $10k is also another die... haha...ok.
      Game still looks fun...