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You are one of five Tinkerers looking to prove your grit to the citizens of this Wild West town with an out-of-this-world twist!
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What's All This About?          

You are one of the area’s top five Tinkerers and you’re looking to prove your grit to the citizens of this Wild West town.  

Each turn players will have to deal with and negotiate random events in the area, then continue the turn under those circumstances, by drawing Tinker cards to fill their hand up to five cards, then rolling dice to determine their resources for that turn.  

Players then spend those resources to build new Gadgets or augment their existing Gadgets with Modifications. These Gadgets and Modifications can then be Delivered to the townsfolk for Reputation. In addition players can choose to scrap cards from their hand, and pull them out of circulation.  

To assist them in their endeavor to build the best contraptions in the land, players will utilize three Assistants, that they are granted one at a time as play progresses, and activate the Assistants providing bonuses to the player, from various locations around town.  

Players also have the opportunity to show their worthiness by picking up new Feat cards during their turn. Completing these Feats provide a nice boost in Reputation during, or even at the end of the game.  

Since it's hard to keep all your thoughts in one place as a tinker, players end the turn by passing their hands around the table to a neighbor.

The player that has earned the most Reputation from Delivering Gadgets and accomplishing Feats wins!

Phases Of Play

The game is played over 15 turns. Each turn is divided into six phases. 

The six phases occur in the following order:

  • 1. Event Phase
  • 2. Preparation Phase 
  • 3. Action Phase  
  • 4. Delivery Phase  
  • 5. Assistant Phase  
  • 6. Rotate Phase

Event Phase 

Reveal an Event card from the top of the Event deck, then perform the actions specified by the revealed card. 

Preparation Phase  

Players who have fewer than five cards in their hand must draw cards from the Tinker deck until they have a total of five cards, then all players roll all of their dice unless otherwise directed by a card or board location.

Action Phase

Each player receives 2 Action Points (APs) to spend during every Action phase. Some cards and board locations might occasionally give a player more or less than 2 APs. Using these points, each player may perform a number of actions. Some actions cost 1 Action Point to perform, some cost 0, and two of the actions also require a player to have a certain value on their dice in order to perform the action. 

Delivery Phase

During this phase, each player may deliver any number of their gadgets they have face-up on the table. 

Note: Gadgets do not need all of their sockets filled to be delivered. However, if a player has filled every modification socket on any of their gadgets, they must deliver that gadget.

When a gadget is delivered, the player gains reputation in the amount that is listed on both the gadget and on all the modifications they are delivering. Move the player’s score token forward on the Reputation track around the outside of the board a number of squares equal to the amount of reputation gained.

If a gadget has all of its modification sockets filled with modifications that are of the same faction as the gadget, then the reputation value of the gadget is doubled. The reputation value of the attached modifications is left unchanged.

There is no limit to how many gadgets a player may deliver in one turn, as long as they have gadgets on the table in front of them.

Place all delivered gadgets and modifications into the Tinker discard pile unless otherwise directed by a card or board location.

Assistant Phase

Each player takes all of their Assistants that they activated this turn and moves them back into the Idle Assistants zone of the same location each Assistant is already in. Each player may then move one of their Assistants on the board to a different location’s Idle Assistants zone.

Rotate Phase

As a tinkerer, ideas for new gadgets and modifications are always flying in and out of your brain, and you never seem to have enough time to make all the gadgets you’d like. To reflect this concept, during the Rotate Phase, each player passes their entire hand of Tinker cards to an adjacent player. 

Note: Players never pass Feat cards or cards in their scrap heaps.

The End

The game will come to an end when the final Event card, The End is drawn. As described on the The End card, the game ends immediately after the Assistant Phase of that turn.

Players reveal any end-of-game Feat cards and add the reputation points gained from them to their accumulated reputation. The player with the greatest reputation (the one who made it farthest around the score track) is designated Top Tinkerer and wins the game.

In the event of a tie, the tied players should use the following list from top to bottom to break the tie:

  • Lowest total reputation value of all cards in each player’s scrap heap. 
  • The player with the most completed feats.
  • The player whose age is closest to 42.

Game Salute Guaranteed is our promise that Area 1851 will be produced with quality components and that you will enjoy the time you spend with the game. If you're not satisfied with Area 1851, simply return it to our headquarters within 30 days of receiving it, and we'll refund your pledge. That's our no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

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Shipping is expensive. We've calculated the cost to ship this game to backers around the world and we're subsidizing that to help keep your costs down. The cost to ship this game to backers in the USA is $7.69. Game Salute is covering $7.69 of the shipping cost for ALL backers around the world. That means that the pledge level for US backers includes shipping. For international backers, we're passing along the same savings on shipping. Simply check the chart below, find your destination group, then follow the line to see you total pledge amount.

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We are pleased to offer access to our game designers and creative team for podcast, blog, newspaper, or television interviews. Team members can also be present for conventions and event appearances with a timely invitation and appropriate travel and lodging expense allowances. Please contact to discuss any of these media support opportunities.

If you have any questions while our campaign is running or following the conclusion of the campaign, feel free to post on the main comments thread or email Our service team strives to reply promptly to all questions and comments (except for when we're sleeping or eating or other basic bodily functions, and sometimes even then!)

When we announce that reward packages are shipping, you can direct your inquiries to or call 1-888-57-GAMES (examples: when packages have shipped, updating your address, reconciling payment).

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Thanks as always for your support!

Game Design: Justin Blaske        

Distributor/Publisher: Game Salute 

Producer: Justin Blaske 

Game Development: Five24 Labs 

Editing and Proofreading: Bryan Johnson 

Art Direction: Dann May

Art: Lucas Soriano

Graphic Design: Dann May 

Executive Producer: Dan Yarrington 

Kickstarter Campaign Manager: Jon Brunette 

Kickstarter Campaign Video and Graphic Design: R Jay McCarty

And a special thanks to all of our playtesters!

Risks and challenges

Every game project is subject to potential production delays, but we believe we've allowed enough wiggle-room for Area 1851. Should we finish ahead of schedule... we'll ship it right away!

The final challenge is getting the game and rewards out to the backers. Game Salute is well versed in Kickstarter reward fulfillment and we are prepared to meet this challenge for Area 1851.

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