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Building The Alien Frontiers 4th Edition Promo Pack. New Tech. New Agendas. New Asteroids. What? Asteroids? Keep reading...
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    1. Game Salute 87-time creator on

      Richard, I can safely say that won't be happening! Sorry, but there will only be the four lanes on the Hub.


    2. Missing avatar

      George Louie on

      @Richard - I'm not sure I want an overlay..I think the mechanics when playing with the 5th player, vying for space on the Colonist Hub is actually more interesting... IMO, less docking ports, means more conflict, which means more player interaction.

    3. Richard Riley on

      This sounds like an excellent opportunity to print a 5-player overlay that allows for all players to have their own advancement row, rather than the mildly confusing solution in the 5-player rules of playing leapfrog. (It's not a difficult rule, just confusing to new players).

    4. Game Salute 87-time creator on

      Hello all - I've posted an update that you may be interested in:

      Thank you!


    5. Will Baker on

      Got mine yesterday and like everyone has said it doesn't affect gameplay. That said, it's still hard for me to understand how you miss that, especially in a fourth edition. One of my die is also has a centering issue but not a big deal. This is the second game I have received from GS with board game errors. Whomever is doing the proof testing really needs to be looked at hard.

    6. Joseph Pilarski on

      is there any way you guys can a least put the graphics of the missing arrow online so the people with ODC can at least print it out on sticker paper?

    7. Tim 'thor0298' Thorson on

      I got mine yesterday. If that is the only error, that's pretty good. As a new player, I was hoping it wouldn't be an issue and after seeing it, there was nothing unclear about it. Really like the player tuck boxes.

    8. John Retzer

      Since I haven't seen my copy yet, nor ever played, are the arrows in the misprint supposed to go in the same direction as the ones above and below?

      Very disappointed that a fourth edition can't get it right. It'll make me think twice before plunging in on a Game Salute product again.

    9. Martin Gregory

      I've now seen photos of the misprint and it doesn't even require a sticker from my perspective. The other rows above and below it make it crystal clear what needs to be done. However Michael is right, it is the sort of glaring error that should've been picked up and fixed well before the sixth check. But they are posting it out now, rather than waiting until later in the year when everything else is ready. So I'm still appreciative on the whole.

    10. Joseph Pilarski on

      what do you intend to do about it? stickers?

    11. Jeff Woosley on

      My copy arrived today and it's no biggie. It's easily explained to a new player and I doubt an experienced player will even really notice once the game has started.

    12. Malkaiden on

      I will be the first to admit that I may have made a "gut reaction" post this morning right when I was rolling out of bed without learning details. I wasn't demanding anything, but thought that maybe an option should exist for those that felt this needed to be rectified. Hearing from people that have played the game (and know it well) that this error does not impact game play I feel that an apology is all that is necessary. Customer satisfaction should be #1 for any company and owning up to its mistakes should be #2. I feel that this apology addresses both. Like others have said, a sticker would be nice, but I won't demand it.

    13. GinjaNinja on

      Nope not a big deal, think of it like a rare misprinted coin. This one is special! Really could not give two flaying craps about this bug. Carry on and send me all the stuff when it's ready!

    14. Missing avatar

      Aron M. Bott on

      I laughed as I saw the "graphical error" is also on the board pictured on the back of the box. I don't even know how it plays but it's so obvious it has absolutely zero bearing on gameplay.

      I can imagine in whatever file the arrows could still be there, but suffered the fate of layers (a la photoshop) somehow getting shuffled into the wrong order.

    15. Missing avatar

      George Louie on

      It's not that big a deal, even to 1st Timers playing the game. Before Thus past Sunday, I had never played the game, other than the iPad app. Yet, I was able to teach my wife, my son and a friend how to play it. The missing arrows never even came up.

      Should it have happened on a 4th reprint. Absolutely not. Does it affect gameplay in any way? Absolutely not! If they send out stickers I'll use them, but if not, I'll still enjoy the game as much as I would've if the board was perfect. It's a great game, just play it and enjoy having fun with your friends...

    16. Jack Wei

      I personally would love to see what the problem with the board is. However, after I contacted GS to be part of the early shipping so I didn't have to wait for all of the components to come it, I was told they didn't have any record of me. I've offered to provide the code they sent me for my Factions of Prycon pledge, but I've gotten no response over the past week despite 3 separate e-mails I've sent them. I've supported a number of Kickstarter projects and have never had problems like this before. I'm wondering if GS is treating all of their backers like this.

    17. Geoff Hall ✯ on

      Demands for free, replacement boards is absolutely entitlement. An error like this shouldn't have been allowed to slip through, no arguments there. It's sloppy and shows GS need to up their QA process. It doesn't even vaguely require new boards though (which would cost serious cash to all replace). Not even close. Like I say, I could see them offering stickers as a solution (and from a customer goodwill perspective they probably should) but this doesn't actually make any difference to playing the game at all. I still have a 1st Ed board with none of the improvements that came afterwards. Funnily enough I can still play the game just fine...

      Now the delays I can see people getting annoyed about. Although for the promo pack and new faction packs that was always going to happen. The sheer number of new cards added as stretch goals that didn't have artwork prior to the campaign starting ensured that. That's the danger of adding new, unplanned for components as stretch goals though.

    18. Missing avatar

      Aaron Bartholomew on

      I don't think it is all entitlement. By fourth Edition, these basic bugs should be worked out. My frustration is purchasing this edition as an "upgrade" to what I had previously (I do not have or plan to use Rocket dice, but wanted it just in case...) only to find out I have upgraded my 2nd edition error-free board to a board with errors. We seem to be going backwards in quality here. No, it is not that big of a deal. Yes, you can play with it as is, but with these backwards steps in quality it starts to feel like we are paying top dollar to be quality control. First editions? It is expected that some stuff slips by. Fourth Editions? Shame on them... Do they have to replace the boards? No. Should they do something? Probably. If only to appease their loyal base, who will continue to kickstart future expansion for this same game.

    19. Missing avatar

      Ryan Shepherd on

      Going to have to disagree with the consensus here.

      A very minor printer error... should it have happened? No. It's an oversight, but if it affects your enjoyment of the game, sorry.

      For me, the game delay is the killer. The Outer Belt kickstarter has been pushed back so much. Hopefully GameSalute can provide a compelling reason to back this when it comes.

    20. Geoff Hall ✯ on

      Fairly silly error but it has no effect on how the game plays. Calling for replacement boards for free due to this is laughable kickstarter entitlement at it's finest. I could see GS offering stickers to fix the mistake but even that isn't actually necessary.

    21. George on

      I was very curious as to what it looked like. You can see it in a picture in Update #24.

    22. Missing avatar

      Peter Perry on

      I am now so glad I didn't spend money on getting the 4th edition updated board. You should offer replacement boards tot hose affected free of charge, not even charging them shipping.

    23. Will Baker on

      Yeah screw the stickers. I want a 4th edition board with no flaws. You've had , well 4 attempts at it. It should be replaced. This KS is really turning into a debacle. Delays for a flawed board? Where are the rocket dice? They had nothing to do with the promo art? Heck that KS happen before this one and we are talking DICE!

    24. Brijo76

      Stickers or new board. Wtf game salute? Make this right. I have backed enough of your games. Shall we talk about the wok star debacle with the timer? I will not back anymore games from you if this is not corrected and I will let people know how shady this has become with your company. Delays are expected. Errors on fourth edition no expected.

    25. Missing avatar

      Aron M. Bott on

      If it wasn't pointed out I might not have ever noticed. Sounds like an easy DIY fix though (time to bust out the crayons! lol).

      I've waited long enough to play the game (for the first time) that I refuse to send my board back for a few missing arrows. That being said, if it's at all confusing for new players, and stickers are an option, I'm all for it.

    26. Superstar G on

      I want a refund or a replacement. If not, I will never buy game salute ever again.

    27. Anthony Learned on

      @Micheal, I think I could live with a sticker. The error will have to be addressed somehow to maximize retail sales. Mebbe offer free board replacement to KS backers during Outer Belt campaign if there's a fiscal concern...

      Or, mebbe this was unintentionally subliminal as a way to get folks to invest in Rocket Dice to play on that side of the board? ;)

    28. Missing avatar

      Nathanael Green

      *Shrugs shoulders*

      "Sorry, guys!"

      Very disappointed in this weak response.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jeff Stolt on

      1. The arrows are helpful only for those people who have never played the game before. Does anybody else need to be reminded which way the Colonist tokens move? (not a big deal)
      2. The misprint is on the existing regular dice reprint side of the board, not the new rocket dice side? (buh...I'm almost speechless. That's ridiculous)
      3. Put all that aside, and what is really troubling is that we just aren't getting any positive updates. (Saying you'll split shipment for a game that was supposed to be delivered 4 months ago is not a positive update.)
      4. How about estimating what season we'll get the rest? (i.e. Summer 2014, Spring 2015, etc.)

    30. David Callahan

      Wow, delays, more delays, split shipment offer and I still haven't received the base game. Now it will have a basic flaw that is was introduced in this well seasoned, 4th edition game. Unbelievable! Why don't you go after the printer for a replacement board on their dime? If the mistake was on your submission, you should pay for the correction as Z-man did on their Pandemic printing error. You need to make this right!

    31. James McKane on

      I'm not one to complain, especially on missing ship dates, stuff happens, but this is ridiculous!

      You would think after the misprint on the Nothing Personal board, that they would pay extra attention to this one. Did they not check the pre-production copy?

      I think stickers are a short term solution, and that new boards should be made available. I would be willing to cover the shipping, but not the cost of a replacement board. They can make this right, since they have other parts of this project still to print. Otherwise, I'll stop backing any more Game Salute projects.

    32. Marshall

      I ordered the 4th edition board only as an add-on (not the entire game). Am I correct in assuming that this will be an issue on the "board only" people too?

    33. Tim09

      Very very weak. Bout the last disappointment I can handle from this campaign, its a shame especially on a fourth edition by a supposedly reputable company. Will seriously question from here on whether to support another game salute product.

    34. Missing avatar

      Aaron Bartholomew on

      So apparently i gave away my second edition copy prematurely? I agree that that on a 4th edition printing, errors such as this are unacceptable. Particularly given the delays in this kickstarter already. I am in agreeement that at the very least this update should have included a remedy, stickers at the very least, and replacement boards for those that request them. Please update your contributors with a solution, in addition to your apology.

    35. ANTFER3 on

      Please could anyone post an image of the mis-printed colonist hub on bgg? thx

    36. Missing avatar


      It's a shame it wasn't caught in time, but I do appreciate you guys letting us know about the issue. I opted to wait for a full shipment so I haven't seen it yet, but I don't suppose this is something we'll be able to fix with a sharpie?

    37. Dave Meyer on

      It should be perfect, we paid for it. Send new boards to those who would like error free repacements.

    38. Brandon Freels on

      This is SO TYPICAL of Clever Mojo Games. I am not surprised at this anymore. There have been constant stuff-ups like this since DAY ONE back in 2010. You would think after 4 years some lessons would be learned. Apparently not. It is a good thing they upped my medication or I would have been really pissed off about this. Good thing I was there to help keep Factions from being a piece of Derek...

    39. Nathan Michael

      Not an issue, this is a great game. I regret not getting the faction package. Cant' wait for the official release so i can grab it.

    40. Adam J Marquis on

      Last week I sent a message stating that my pledge which included two copies of fourth edition only included one. Any idea when that will get sorted out?

    41. Jeff

      I also would like a new fixed board or a sticker if your to cheap to fix your mistake. It really is something that should have been caught.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jake Kuska on

      Well, Since the promos aren't printed yet, stickers would be a reasonable compromise. Print a few thousand and send them out with the promos/new orders until the 5th edition comes out. Just don't pull a TMG and misprint the stickers somehow. (Looking at you, Eminent Domain)

    43. Will Baker on

      Still Josh has a point. It should be addressed, especially being the 4th printing. That's just absurd.

    44. Missing avatar

      Joshua on


      I agree with you in part. However, there is a glaring difference between the two situations. The error / mis-print on the Pandemic board adversely affected game play. The error / mis-print on the Alien Frontiers 4th edition board, while unfortunate, doesn't ultimately affect game play.

    45. Malkaiden on

      Not to rock the boat or anything, but when the 1st printing of the new edition of Pandemic boards had an error Z-Man sent out corrected replacement boards to those that wanted them. It may take GS longer to fulfill, but I believe the option should exist for those that want a replacement because that's what good companies do when an oversight has been made. They take responsibility even if it costs them in the short term. In the long term they will have happy, loyal customers which in this day and age is priceless.

    46. Ryan Graham on

      Sadly, this will drive me crazy enough that I'd consider purchasing a replacement board.

    47. Brijo76

      It sounds as though people have gotten their games? I know for a fact I filled out the pledge manager. I am confused.

    48. Tom on

      Wow, this is really disappointing. Personally, I haven't minded waiting while the expected ship date was pushed long beyond the originally promised ETA, because I believed I would be happy with the product I got in the end. Now we're learning that the quality of the product is also compromised. This is the fourth printing of the game, and quite simply, this should not have happened. I know that once I get my game, I'll still have a blast playing it, but this is inexcusable.