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Building The Alien Frontiers 4th Edition Promo Pack. New Tech. New Agendas. New Asteroids. What? Asteroids? Keep reading...
Building The Alien Frontiers 4th Edition Promo Pack. New Tech. New Agendas. New Asteroids. What? Asteroids? Keep reading...
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    1. Missing avatar

      Bruce G
      on April 4, 2015

      Should I have gotten my board by now?

    2. Nathan Bryan on March 26, 2015

      Getting this email after the project ended feels pretty cheap since the other campaign didn't have a box to hold the stuff that was in it.

    3. Missing avatar

      Gary Rumain
      on March 17, 2015

      Still waiting for some sort of response on the missing punchout piece...

    4. Eli Gingerich on March 15, 2015

      Thanks for the email.

    5. Wibble!
      on March 13, 2015

      Hopefully my rocket dice will not be too far off now...

    6. Eli Gingerich on March 12, 2015

      Plus Game Salute.... I asked a question about the rocket dice before I backed about getting numerical instead of the pips. The answer I got at the time was I would be asked before they got shipped. Is there a way I can get the numerical ones like I wanted?

    7. Eli Gingerich on March 11, 2015

      Dice came today to Ontario. I'm not super impressed like the others but they are ok.

    8. Anthony Perez
      on March 8, 2015

      It turns out that what I received was from their first campaign. I haven't received anything from this campaign. It's been so long that I got confused. So when are we supposed to receive the stuff from this campaign?

    9. Anthony Perez
      on March 8, 2015

      I backed at the $25 level and I received the Alien Frontiers Factions with a clear dice taped to it. Was I supposed to also receive a promo pack along with it? According to the pledge level I am supposed to receive a promo pack , but I have not received it.

    10. Missing avatar

      Vivienne Raper on March 7, 2015

      Rocket dice just arrived.

    11. Missing avatar

      Vivienne Raper on March 7, 2015

      My pledge included rocket dice. I'm in the UK and received my faction packs, etc. Are the rocket dice on the way? My local OLGS has rocket dice in stock!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Gary Rumain
      on March 5, 2015

      Is anyone monitoring the Email? I have written twice about a missing piece on the cardboard punchout with the rocket shapes. I checked the packing box and it is not there. It must have come out before packing.

      I have yet to get a response. There is no rush, but at least a response would be nice.

      Thanks in advance for your help...

    13. Eli Gingerich on March 2, 2015

      Come on shipping notice!!!!

    14. Rob Arber
      on February 28, 2015

      Got the board and dice today. Very happy with all and to finally click that got it box on my listing. LOL. Quite a bit late but Game Salute has come through again and again. Thanks Michael.

    15. Eli Gingerich on February 28, 2015

      I can't wait to get a shipping notice!!!!

    16. Rob Arber
      on February 26, 2015

      Yea, Got my shipping notice for the board and the dice.

    17. Game Salute 85-time creator on February 15, 2015

      Cliff, we've not received anything from you regarding your address. Can you email me ASAP? - give me your address and phone number so I can put your order together.

      Eli: maaaaaybe. Some of the eagle has landed, there's an update on the Rocket Dice campaign for more details. Essentially, we're still inventorying everything before we send things out, but we're getting close to delivery.

      Spetz - remember, Outer Belt isn't included in this KS. You need to buy it separately. If you need to, get in touch with me on the email above.


    18. Missing avatar

      cliff hutton on February 13, 2015

      Still have not received my KS or an email about shipping.

    19. Eli Gingerich on February 12, 2015

      Any news about Rocket Dice? I heard the ship might have landed.

    20. Mickski on February 6, 2015

      Yeah !!! At least, promo pack as well as Factions 2, 3 and 4 reached my home yesterday !

      Now it's time to play ! :-)

    21. Kon Stavrinos on February 5, 2015

      @ Ben Boersma & other Australian Backers, My pledge (Faction & expansion Packs) arrived this morning. My wait is over...Hopefully yours will be as well.

    22. Kon Stavrinos on February 3, 2015

      @ Ben Boersma, I have not received anything yet. Though I did get an email (9th Jan) saying that my order had been shipped and was heading to Australia. With no Tracking though, so It could be any where, I've already lost one kickstarter Item from last year. My fingers are crossed.

    23. Missing avatar

      Ken on February 1, 2015

      Have all the rewards shipped? I still have not received rewards or a shipping confirmation. Thanks.

    24. Missing avatar

      Mathias Desbois on February 1, 2015

      Hello game salute,
      I got my delivery couple of weeks ago, set thé game on the table, but i notice i dont havé the outer belt expansion, only 7 asteroids cards. Will it arrive separatly ? Or is it a mistake?


    25. Game Salute 85-time creator on January 30, 2015

      Jared - it looks like we never had a completed pledge manager from you. Drop your address and phone number to and I'll get your order sorted out.

      razzer and Rob - they've not shipped yet, but will be soon. We're waiting on the dice - still! - but expect to have them at the warehouse shortly. After that, it'll be a whirlwind of packing orders and getting them out to you guys.

      - Michael

    26. Jared Roswurm on January 30, 2015

      Why would I get outer belt, but none of my KS stuff?

    27. Missing avatar

      razzer99 on January 30, 2015

      Have the Rocket Dice and 4th Edition board add-ons shipped?

    28. Rob Arber
      on January 28, 2015

      Hi Michael, Any news on the boards and rocket dice yet?

    29. Game Salute 85-time creator on January 28, 2015

      Enjoy playing, Clement! Glad you got everything safely.

      Christopher - I've looked through our messages and can't see a thing from you! Would you be good enough to send me an email instead? is checked at least a couple of times a day by me, so I can help you out nice and speedily.

      Also, for those who are messaging me to ask about the arrow stickers - they're in your Expansion Pack #1!


    30. Missing avatar

      on January 28, 2015

      I just wanted to let everyone know I got all my stuff in the mail yesterday (Belgium). I ordered a 4th edition game board, and there doesn't seem to be a misprint on the board I got.

      Glad to have the rewards, looking forward to play the game with the new factions.

    31. Christopher Green on January 27, 2015

      I've sent Game Salute three messages via Kickstarter about an issue with my order. It's been a week and a half. Does anyone know how long Game Salute usually takes to get back to people? And is there a better way I could get a hold of them?

    32. Chris Schreiber on January 26, 2015

      Got all my stuff and it looks great! Thanks.

    33. Missing avatar

      secret squirrel on January 24, 2015

      Hey wait, where were the arrow stickers?

    34. Jez Overton
      on January 24, 2015

      My package arrived this moring and everything looks great. Thank you. I was also surprised at how effective the 'arrow' stickers work on the fourth edition board. It looks perfect now. Thanks also for correcting this small blip.

    35. Starfury on January 24, 2015

      A package was waiting for me when I got home from a lunch date with the wife. Inside was my map, faction packs, and Outer Belt game. Nice to see it finally arrive.

    36. Claude Tucker
      on January 23, 2015

      My THE FACTIONS OF ANTARES rewards arrived today in Vancouver, BC. Everything looks great! Look forward to playing with the new factions and expansion cards.

    37. Car Tag on January 23, 2015

      Nevermind, just reread the listing on the front page. Using the link provided since they're missing.

    38. Car Tag on January 23, 2015

      Will those of us who bought a new board from this KS and the Rocket Dice also get the dock covers in the rocket dice shapes? I just got my board, faction packs, and promo packs in the mail today and noticed no covers. Is this an oversight, something that wasn't thought of, or something that was ruled out?

    39. Missing avatar

      Tim Myers on January 23, 2015

      I got the Outer Belt expansion several weeks ago, which I pre-ordered from Game Salute but I have not gotten any of my KS backer rewards yet.

    40. Arturo R. Casey
      on January 22, 2015

      Thank you guys! It's all so... beautiful. (Wipes away tear.)

    41. Mickski on January 22, 2015


      I pledged the "THE FACTIONS OF ANTARES" level. This morning, I received only the Faction Pack collection.

      Where are the Promo Pack (Expansion packs #1 to #6) and the Relic Die ?


    42. Charles Dexter Ward
      on January 21, 2015

      Stuff came today. Awesome!

    43. Jez Overton
      on January 21, 2015

      Thanks Michael. It's just good to know it hasn't gone astray.

    44. Jeff Lozito on January 21, 2015

      Thanks, Michael - I submitted the request. So hopefully it can be resolved quickly.

    45. Darwin Games - Ben and Shae Boersma on January 21, 2015

      Michael have the Australian shipments gone out yet?

    46. Game Salute 85-time creator on January 21, 2015

      Jez, the package has to get from the US to the UK, go through Customs and get delivered to you by Royal Mail. This isn't a FedEx package that you could expect in a couple of days - it's more a couple of weeks. You don't get a tracking number with the international shipments either, sorry.


    47. Jez Overton
      on January 21, 2015

      Hi. I got the email saying my package was shipped on the 14 January. I live in the UK and haven't received anything yet. Lots of other people in the UK seem to have got theirs. Is there any way to track it?

    48. Game Salute 85-time creator on January 21, 2015

      Jeff (and anyone else who thinks they're missing something) - please head to this page and fill out your details:

      We'll then be able to process and order up items for you!

      - Michael

    49. Jason Wood on January 21, 2015

      Got my package yesterday....Missing the black dice inside Faction Pack 3. Sent a note and waiting for response.

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