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pledged of $20,000pledged of $20,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, February 26 2014 4:32 PM UTC +00:00

Final 2 Days

Posted by Chris Solis (Creator)
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Hello backers, 

We're nearing the end of the campaign. I've added a new pledge level and we have a cross-promotion with Grand Tactics.

New Pledge reward added - Excursive Producer

Now for $1,000 you can become a Terrene Odyssey card, get massive credit, and a ton of product. Here is what you can get for this reward level:

  • Terrene Odyssey Big Box x 4
  • Playmats x 8
  • Scouts T-Shirts x 4
  • Traveler T-Shirts x 4
  • Executive Producer Credit in the rulebook / overall game 
  • Yourself a a card + Framed art piece 

    We will work with you directly to make you into a card in the style of Terrene Odyssey. While the card is not legal for official play, it will be made with the exact same card and development cycle as every other Terrene Odyssey card. It will be made out of the same material and printers of official Terrene Odyssey cards. 

    We'll work together via Skype to determine your card's art direction. We'll also work with you design an ability / stats based on your personality that is within the balance and design of Terrene Odyssey. 

    You will also receive a framed piece of the artwork (with or without the card text /border - your choice).  11'' x 18'' approximately. Exact size is to be determined. It will also depend if you would like the framed piece to include the card border / elements or not. 

    This all includes free shipping for everything! It is also an option for international group buyers to forfeit the custom piece of art and simply double the product they are receiving

    We got this art idea because the team and I have been making ourselves into cards for the lawls to frame in our living room. We got a huge kick out of it. I'll show you some examples as the team as cards in a post later today.

    Cross Promotion - Grand Tactics 
    Our buddies over at Grand Tactics are in mid campaign. Their game is based of tactical RPG's. If you are a tabletop fan an an RPG fan we encourage you to check it out! 

 Check out their Kickstarter here:

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    1. Chris Solis 6-time creator on

      Yeah, I wish we thought of it sooner. We had to crunch some numbers and really think about if it's fair for the game for unique cards to be out there. We didn't want to have a sense of 'oh man, I don't have this card so I'm at an disadvantage' in the game. That's why we moved forward with the idea in the fashion we did.

    2. Alan Wilkinson on

      "Yourself as a card" sounds like it would have been a great add-on to an existing pledge... 5 days ago or so. As it is, I dunno if anyone's going to notice in time...and $1,000 is quite a bit of an ask.

      That said, I do want this Kickstarter to succeed, so lets hope the new pledge does what it needs to...