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Marriage of Gameplay and Art Direction

Posted by Chris Solis (Creator)
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Good morning Backers, 

We're entering the 3rd week of our campaign. Here's a little you can do to move Terrene Odyssey along. Also, let's take a look at some new cards from Terrene Odyssey.

Assassin class characters and gameplay reflected in the art direction
A while ago we talked about Assassins in Terrene Odyssey. Assassins are characters you can keep hidden and recruit at any time (including your opponent's turn) for some well timed damage and status effects. Assassins can 1 Hit KO offensive warrior characters and this is reflected in the art of the game. 

Bellicose is a high ATK 1 supply character. He can make up a good amount of your parties' damage output and when he hits a player's HP, he'll draw you card. He's a solid addition to any party.  He needs to watch out for hidden assassin characters though because...

Assassins all have effects that can deal 20 damage to attacking characters. This damage will resolve before combat and characters like Bellicose will be defeated before they got to do any damage. Again, assassins hard counter these warriors. This is reflected in the art, poor Bellicose has no idea he's about to get taken out. Other assassins in the game can be seen taking out warriors like this in their art. 

So how do you deal with assassins? Attacking with characters that can survive the assassin's effect damage is very strong. If they decide to still use their assassin on you, yes you will take the damage but your character won't die and then you can simply defeat that assassin and get an easy 1 XP. More than likely, most players won't use their assassin unless it's going to be a KO. 

 Zowie is a hero interdimensional character. She's got the stats to easily take out an assassin even though the assassin's effect damage will still hurt her.

That's why in this assassin art work, Zowie is aware of the assassin's attack instead of oblivious like the Warrior class characters. She can deal with this even though she will leave the battle a little hurt. 

Jin is Zowie's brother and he's very powerful. He also has the stats to deal with an assassin's ability but he doesn't need to worry because he's immune to character abilities. 

An Assassin makes an attempt on Jin! Jin spot dodges the attack. Nope. Not today. 

There are other minor story details that marry the games mechanics all throughout the art in Terrene Odyssey. This kind of consistency in flavor is extremely important to us. We want you to know what 20 ATK in Terrene Odyssey looks and feels like. we want you to imagine the character's interactions when you play the game.

Zowie patches up after 'Blades up Above' made an attempt on Zowie. She meets a new friend, Mr. White, that lets her patch up. He's intrigued by her will power and her ingenuity. 

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Facebook Icons
Show your support with Facebook sized Icons. Click the link and make it your profile pic for the duration of the campaign! It's also a neat way to take a look at some unreleased character art. 

                                     Get your FB Icons here 

Terrene Odyssey in ComicshopTV.

Terrene Odyssey had a chance to demo for Youtuber ComicShopTV. Check out what he has to say about Terrene Odyssey in the video below. Leave a Youtube comment for a chance to win a Terrene Odyssey playmat.


Bonus: Buddies Kickstarter - President Wars

If you got the time, check out my buddies' Kickstarter.
It has fighting U.S Presidents and that's kinda cool. 

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    1. Duane Crago "Skyrek"

      Love the stories within the cards artwork. :)