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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, February 26 2014 4:32 PM UTC +00:00

Hobbyshop Tour, T-Shirts Add-on, and a look at hard and soft counters for character classes

Posted by Chris Solis (Creator)

Hello backers, 

Let's talk about our hobby shop tour, a new Add-on,  and take a look at some of the strategy you can find in Terrene Odyssey. 

Terrene Odyssey on Tour

Today we're beginning our hobby shop tour. On our Facebook page and social media, we'll be putting out a schedule of hobby shops we will be visiting with copies of Terrene Odyssey. Come check out the game and have a chance to win some Terrene Odyssey playmats. This is for the Washington, Seattle Area.  In the near future, we'll be posting for the San Francisco Bay Area as well.  Follow us on facebook and subscribe to our updates for more info! keep your eyes peeled!

Event #1:Terrene Odyssey at Uncles Games (Redmond) Tonight! (January 31st, 2014)

Win Terrene Odyssey playmats for giving the game a try.
Bring a friend to try out the double's format. 

New Add-on: Terrene Odyssey T-shirts 

We've removed these from our previous campaign but we have been asked several times now about what happened to the t-shirts so we are now bringing them back! You can now add them on to any pledge. Get your Terrene Odyssey t-shirts now!

Terrene Odyssey Assassin Class Characters
Assassin Class characters are very lethal if left unchecked. Normally, you can only recruit hidden characters on your turn. Assassin’s have any ability that allows them to be recruited any time. If they block an attack the turn they are recruited, they will deal devastating damage to the attacker before battle damage.

Assassin’s can 1 hit KO many Warrior class characters (Hard counter). Always keep any eye out if your opponent keeps a character in their party hidden and especially if they have 1 Action saved to use its ability. Watch out for Silence (soft counter: removes abilities from the Silenced character) and beast Class characters (hard counter: High HP - easily ignore DEF values), Their abilities and stats give them an advantage over Assassin class characters. 

Class Composition 
All the classes in Terrene Odyssey have a hard and soft counter. Don't over polarize yourself with a single class because you run the risk of having a single devastating weakness! Use the various classes in your party reduce weaknesses. 

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    1. Chris Solis 6-time creator on

      Sorry for that bolded wall of text in the update. Not sure how that happened.

    2. Chris Solis 6-time creator on

      Bonus Note: Everything hits DEF. Even the assassin's effect damage. That's why some Warriors are so vulnerable. They have 0 DEF.

    3. Chris Solis 6-time creator on

      Yeah, your right about Slow. Basically you need to pay 2 Actions to attack. If your attacking and you gain slow, then you have to pay that 2nd Action or your attack is cancelled.

      Notice that the Hooks in the Zephyr's ability gives Slow permanently. They will need to cure their Status condition with another card.

    4. ClanNatioy on

      I'm really liking Hooks in the Zephyr. He seems quite good. If I remember correctly if a character gets slowed during an attack they have to pay the extra action and if they don't have the extra action then the attack fails right?