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Gamers for Good unites Undertale fans across the world to battle for mental health.
Gamers for Good unites Undertale fans across the world to battle for mental health.
1,180 backers pledged $66,563 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. CATSCHEMES on

      Acrylic charms! More stickers! Patches?? I love little doodads like this.

    2. Alexandry Chery on

      Maybe keychains of the undertale characters

    3. Missing avatar

      SoleStratego on

      Totally honest, I'd love if we got to have this book in hardcover. I want it to last a good long while and I definitely prefer me a hardcover!

    4. Youkai on

      maybe one more idea what is maybe a bit crazy but maybe some people would like it.

      How about getting some youtuber who already have make Undertale movies and let them do there most recognize characters voices of the game and let them read some famous undertale shorts/comics or ask them to do a special thanks saying /as there undertale characters) for the fans and put it online.

      The backers maybe can vote which people can play what character.

    5. Youkai on

      I also would find following ideas good:

      phone charms
      post cards

      for the motive you maybe can select a view and let the backer vote for it what there want.

      One more idea maybe get a special sketch from Toby Fox, Temmie Chang, JN Wiedle or Magnolia Porter for the book and place it inside the book at the frist or last page. Maybe with a special thanks under it.

    6. Nathan James Flannery on

      Bookmarks (nice and simple card ones)
      Donate money to a fourth charity like Special Effect.

    7. Thomas Haymes

      Two ideas:
      A choose your own adventure style novelization of the game.
      An album with original songs and covers of the game's score by indie bands.

    8. Missing avatar


      Poster Idea - Sans X Frisk
      Poster Idea - Sans X Toriel
      Poster Idea - Grillby w/ his daughter
      Poster Idea - Asriel, Chara, and Frisk sitting on a bed of Golden flowers with flower crowns

      Keychain idea - On one side it'll show Flowey saying "KiLl Or Be KiLlEd" and on the other side it shows Asriel saying "Don't kill, and don't be killed."
      Keychain idea - Mettaton smooching a ghost
      Keychain idea - Nabstablook listening to 'Uptown Funk' by Bruno Mars

    9. Blair Mueller

      Stretch goal ideas
      enamel pins
      Phone charms
      Small art prints

    10. Missing avatar

      David Matoushek on

      Can you ask Toby Fox to do a special foreword for the book?

    11. Quail on

      I have a number of ideas:

      - Buttons/pins/enamel badges
      - Stickers/decals
      - Bookmarks
      - Phone charms
      - Small art prints/postcards
      - Posters
      - Clothing/accessories (hats, scarves [would be nice since it's winter time now], necklaces, earrings, shirts or jackets, etc.)
      - Plushies/pillows/blankets
      - Physical soundtrack
      - Extra stuff in the book (concept art, drafts, creator notes, etc)

    12. Tibenoch on

      Button badges, Metal Coin/Token, Key-chains, Bookmarks, Prints/Posters, Lenticular Cards.

      Hope that helps! ^_^

    13. Gamers for Good Creator on

      Yup Kendra you got it, that would be 2 different printer runs each with different minimums.

    14. Kendra Northover on

      Then why not opening up other tiers that differentiate soft cover and hard cover? That way if International supporters want to save on shipping they could opt for a soft cover to save on weight, but if they choose for a hard cover they could upgrade to that? Or would that be more expensive to make two different batches at the printers?

    15. Josef Blom on

      Crazy idea: See if Toby Fox, Temmie Chang, and Magnolia Porter would be willing to contribute some of their original concept art.

      Not so crazy idea: Find another charity to donate to.

    16. rjung7

      small postcard sized prints? book plates with cool design and signatures? cool reflective paints used on some areas of the cover? book sleeve? book marks?

    17. Jaime Hawkins

      Not sure if they'd run cheap enough, but delta rune or annoying dog car vinyls/stickers? Light to ship too.

    18. Gamers for Good Creator on

      Stickers and Bookmarks are both on the consider list :)

    19. Gamers for Good Creator on

      Toby Fox has been super generous already in letting us do what we are doing. <3

    20. Gamers for Good Creator on

      Kendra, Hardcover is one we are considering. We are weighing against impact on INTL buyers shipping, but so far the numbers on INTL are much smaller so still considering.

    21. Kendra Northover on

      Will the books be hard cover or soft cover? I remember with your last book one of the stretches was hard covers and frankly that's all I really would like.

    22. Subbycoon on

      Have you tried reaching out to Toby Fox to see if he will donate anything to the cause? :)

    23. v0idless on

      I wouldn't mind if there are no stretch goals, as it's for a good cause as you said.
      But some Ideas, which I would like, were maybe a physical Soundtrack CD, because I love to have items physical instead of all digital, and maybe additional sticker designs to the 3 provided because they are all so great :)~