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Gamers for Good unites Undertale fans across the world to battle for mental health.
Gamers for Good unites Undertale fans across the world to battle for mental health.
Gamers for Good unites Undertale fans across the world to battle for mental health.
1,180 backers pledged $66,563 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Trevor Holtz on

      I never received my book can someone please help me? Email

    2. Yoshimon1 on

      Alright, the letter with my formerly missing bookmarks just arrived. Thanks again for the quick reply and fixing that little problem!

      I can now officially say that I got all of my rewards and that all of them are awesome!

    3. Sonski on

      I just got my Undyne stuff and everything came in good condition. And I was surprised how big the book is! Thank you, I loved everything in this. ^^

    4. Hotarosui on

      Hi G4G I'm an Alphys backer and it's been a few weeks now, but I have only received my t-shirt/stickers/ bookmarks packages (two copies in fact), but no sign of the either books I ordered.

    5. Gamers for Good Creator on

      @Yoshimon1 please email so we can get corrected for you.

    6. Yoshimon1 on

      @Gamers for Good Yep, checked everywhere multiple times. Inside the package, inside the shirt, on the floor, under the couch. Also checked again inside the book and the package the book came in last week, but there's also nothing.

    7. Gamers for Good Creator on

      @Yoshimon1 Did you look inside your shirt? You should have bookmarks, they were distributed as labeled.

    8. Yoshimon1 on

      Undyne backer here. Already received the book a few days ago (Didn't have much time to look at everything yet, but the first 50 pages are amazing!) and today the second package with everything else arrived.
      The 3 big stickers, the sticker sheet and the shirt are great, but I can't seem to find the bookmarks that were supposed to be in there. (According to both the shipping label on the package and the separate shipping label sticker that was inside the package.)
      Are they going to arrive in a 3rd package for some reason or did someone slip up and forget to put them in?
      Any other Undyne backers here without bookmarks or is it just me?

    9. Gamers for Good Creator on

      @Spookypunpun Books are arriving separately than the other items, it was more cost effective that way. You will receive another package with your books.

    10. Missing avatar

      spookypunpun on

      I received the package but inside it there's only stickers. I'm supposed to have 2 physical artbook along with it but i cant find them. Anybody have the same problem as me?

    11. Missing avatar

      Alex Schlumbohm on

      Book arrived. Very nice work everyone.

    12. Missing avatar

      Christine Evans on

      I got my book yesterday and I love it! The spine is a little damaged/dinged up but the rest of the book is in good shape. The colors are really vibrant and the art is gorgeous! X3

    13. Gamers for Good Creator on

      @Fate they will be for sale, just watch here or our social media for the announcement when that starts.

    14. Missing avatar

      Fate on

      Picking up my book later today! :D

      Do you know if you'll be selling extra copies in the future? Any way to order the books now that the kickstarter is over?

    15. Missing avatar

      Mario Meo

      I just got the book. This thing is way bigger than I expected.

      I personally disagree with the inclusion of the bad apple artpiece but otherwise it's a great book.

    16. Gamers for Good Creator on

      @Subbycoon your name is at the top of page 258 listed as you requested: "DatBoar"

    17. Subbycoon on

      I just got my book and my name isn’t in the credits! D:

    18. Gamers for Good Creator on

      @Fate, goal is to have all the other goodies shipped by the end of next weekend, so before Mon 10/16.

    19. Missing avatar

      Fate on

      Super excited for the book to get here! Any chance you guys have an idea for when the t shirts will ship as well?

    20. Missing avatar

      Pomarico Giovanni on

      Just downloaded the digital version :-)

      But I'm sad there is a lot of artifacts, seem the conversion in .pdf did a lot of damages.

      Is it planned to release it in another format?

    21. Nathan Allison on

      When will I receive my digital copy of the book, seeing as the physical copies are being shipped?

    22. Gamers for Good Creator on

      @David All the books are in final stages before shipping, with exception to the books for my Europe and rest of the world, they have gotten held up in customs in Germany. we are working to resolve it. Everyone will receive an email upon the shipment of their book.

    23. Missing avatar

      David Matoushek on

      Will you give an update about when the books ship out? I’m curious because I’m getting the Undertale Collectors Edition soon and I don’t know if the book makes it before the game does.

    24. Gamers for Good Creator on

      Sonski, you can still change through Backerkit for next week. Will be sending out notice today :)

    25. Sonski on

      Is it still possible to change shipping address? I'm not living on the current one anymore.
      If it's not possible, that's okay. I can still get it from the old address (someday). :D

    26. Missing avatar

      David Matoushek on

      How do we save the wallpapers?

    27. Missing avatar

      David Matoushek on

      Are we getting these digital rewards weekly or biweekly?

    28. Gamers for Good Creator on

      There is no specific order, we figured you share your playlists with all of us.

    29. Zorveechu on

      Hey, the Album/Soundtack's tracks are for the most part not numbered, only 4 of insaneintherainmusic's are numbered of all the tracks, thus meaning it's hard to know what the order is actually meant to be.

    30. Gamers for Good Creator on

      @David, you can get soundtrack,
      1. Download Part 1 and Part 2 (
      2. Unzip or Extract Part 1 and Part 2
      3. Play
      4. Enjoy :)

    31. Gamers for Good Creator on

      @Michael We can't wait to see the playlists you as the community come up with. I think there are more than a few enjoyable ways through all these tracks.

    32. Michael A. Zekas on

      I appreciate the update regarding the soundtrack. It's exciting to see the project so close to the full release. If I may ask though, is there a recommended tracklist for enjoying the soundtrack?

    33. Missing avatar

      David Matoushek on

      How do we receive the digital rewards?

    34. Gamers for Good Creator on

      @Sam As we have stated all the delivery dates were shifted. We have stated we will deliver everything by the end of September unless we update further that remains the answer for delivery on all items.
      You will be updated through Kickstarter, Backerkit and all our social media channels will announce the releases as they happen. So please don't worry, you won't miss it <3

    35. Missing avatar

      David Matoushek on

      It's hard to believe that the book and the physical copies of the game are being released in the same month.

    36. Missing avatar

      Sam Nadelberg on

      When will we receive the Soundtrack

    37. Gamers for Good Creator on

      @Carats The Facebook page is back was only gone for about 3 weeks. updates go out through Kickstarter email system, on Kickstarter update page, and through our social media channels. You will also receive a direct email from Backerkit when each digital item has been made available.

    38. Carats Ritzy on

      Will there be a notification on kickstarter when the digital perk is released? I know about FB page being down for the last couple of months, and how crazy things get behind the scene.

    39. Missing avatar

      Sam Nadelberg on

      Will we receive the Soundtrack today?

    40. Missing avatar

      David Matoushek on

      I saw the Special Thanks page for the book. Did I just see Toby Fox's name pop up on the page? If so, I hope it's really him.

    41. Gamers for Good Creator on

      @Sam we have not yet posted it. When we do we will post an update.

    42. Missing avatar

      Sam Nadelberg on

      I am trying to find special thanks on your site but I can't find it. Can you point me in the right direction

    43. Missing avatar

      Aurora on

      Thank you so much!

    44. Gamers for Good Creator on

      @Aurora since you are in US, you can use PO Box since will becoming USPS.

    45. Missing avatar

      Aurora on

      Is this going to be shipped by USPS or UPS/Fed-Ex? I need to know if I can use a P.O. Box or not.

    46. Gamers for Good Creator on

      @Joshua, we locked down all items in Feb so those have already gone off to printer with sizing order.

    47. Missing avatar

      Joshua Katzman on


      Any chance I could change the t-shirt size on my order? My son has sprouted up from a small to a medium in the last year. Thanks!


    48. Missing avatar

      David Matoushek on

      OK, so that means we have to wait for the final product to see the rest of the book. I guess that is what you mean then?

    49. Gamers for Good Creator on

      @David, as stated we were doing the page previews until we completed layout. Now that has happened so we are back to updates when there is relevant information to share.

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